Yuki Miyako

Yuki Miyako

Yuki, by Yuki?
Name MeaningYuki: blessing, snow
Miyako: beautiful night child
Name OriginJapanese
Date of BirthSeptember 9, 2009
Age> 1 year
SubspeciesDominant wolf, part husky
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeUnknown
Current packLoner

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Current Pack


DateMay 27, 2010[1] — April 2011

Yuki Miyako was a former Loner.


Yuki's life consisted of twisted lies and death. Some thing that most pups at her age wouldn't of even known about. Her mother(Kina) was a bittersweet abusive bitch. She had convinced Yuki's brothers and sisters that they were the mistake, when Kina had been the one to ruin every thing. She had mated with a dog outside of their pack, just as she was supposed to be earning back her rank from a earlier incident that the pups had never even heard about. Her mother had been excluded from the pack even before the pups were born, as soon as it was known that she had betrayed the pack, she was chased off from their lands, leaving her to raise the pups alone. Kina was completely un-affectionate towards them, rarely even brushing past them. The only home they had ever known was a small den under rotted, tangled, roots. It wasn't very safe, any day the loose dirt could fall in and crush them. But that was not the only problem, the den was subject to intruders of all sorts.

Yuki had only known one friend in her lifetime, her brother(Kurotsuki). He was brave and strong, she was convinced that he could take on the whole damn world any day. His coat was as dark as the night; shining under light like a million stars. They would some times play in the meadow near their home, then chase the fireflies as a blanket of black was pulled over the pink evening sky. Kuro was always some one she looked up to with amazement in her eyes, every thing she wished she could be.

A old dame had a hut not far from the meadow. The dame was a carrier of luperci and much intelligence, especially on the topic of birds. She had a whole book about them, her favorite being the red tailed hawk. She would read to them about one of their choosing every time they visited her.

When the cool Fall turned to Winter, December finally rolled around. The pups were still young; the warmth of their mother's fur still very much needed. But on the crisp night of the third of December, Yuki and her siblings were left to die of hypothermia as they waited for their mother to return from her hunt. Kina was producing little milk at this time, the pups were finally just learning to eat meat. But most of Kina's hunts, had been unsuccessful. When she finally returned home, she retreated to the corner farthest away from her young, her body curled into a tight ball and her face hidden by darkness. The moon shined through the creases between the roots, but even with the beautiful orb of light making the ground sparkle, an uneasy feeling was left in the air. Yuki moved to her brothers side, snuggling close to him for comfort and warmth. He was fast asleep, his face glowing from the moonlight. She tried her best to keep herself from falling into the black behind her eye lids, but eventually drifted off. Her rest was filled with a mixture of reality and dreams, the spine tingling sound of screaming echoed through her ears. When her eyes shot open she searched through in the dark, searching for a clue of who was in pain. A sudden realization stabbed her like a knife, Kuro had left her. The smell of her mother's blood and the four other pups from her litter was heavy in the air. A dark figure blocked the path of the Earth's satellite, the muzzle of the creature close to her face as he spoke in a deep, raspy voice, "Where is he?" a mixture of a growl and howl made up his words as he panted heavily over her. The smell of crimson burned her nose, threatening to make her sick. "I- I don't know..!" Her words were blurred together, her voice trembling because she was speaking the truth. She didn't know where he had gone, all she knew was that he didn't care enough to take her with him. Before she had to scramble away, some thing that felt like a knife dragged down her stomach, piercing her skin with a scar that would forever hold the mark of her history. But before she even had time to scream, the black silence filled her mouth, leaving her at a loss for words and smothering her with a cloud of nothing.


Yuki usually tends to avoid touching strangers, as if her paws were dipped in toxic-ins. She can be violent and quite aggressive if approached the wrong way; often becomes angry at the wrong mixture of words. She tends to come off strong to protect herself, trust is something she has to learn all over again. She is sly and coy at times, which some times helps her slip away from getting in trouble. Though sometimes she may act as if she doesn't need others, she is a big lump of cuddles when she warms up to you. She is submissive most of the time, but shes never afraid to speak her mind on a topic she thinks highly of. She is protective and rarely ever lets her guard down. More then any thing else, Miyako is usually more easily intimidated by wolves of the same sex, where as with males she almost never hesitates to stand her ground; or at least put them in extremely awkward positions.



  • Parents — Kina ♀ and Unknown ♂
  • Siblings — Kurotsuki ♂


Yuki is a thin built wolf, weighing only about 65 pounds and about 5.6 feet in length. She has bi-coloured eyes, her right burns a rusty gold while her left is a stunning icy blue. The natural black eye liner that traces the outside of her eyes is especially thick on both. She has coal black lips that stand out against her creamy white fur; always seeming to hold a trace of a smug grin. Her long canines are sharp and blade like, slightly turned inwards, adding to her percentage of sucessfully penetrating flesh. The upper half of her body is coated in silky black fur, starting at her ears and draping over to the very tip of her tail. The bottom part of her body is white, starting at her face and following through to her paws.

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