Whinifred, by Syd
Date of BirthJuly 8 or August 7, 2008
Age> 2 years

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Previous Pack

Phoenix Valley

DateFebruary 7, 2009[1]—April 13, 2009

Whinifred, by Kiri

Whinifred was briefly a member of Phoenix Valley from February until April in 2009 before disappearing suddenly. She spoke with a noticeable French accent, and could speak and read French and English.[2]


Whinnie is a strawberry blonde color over her back and around her eyes and ears; Her underbelly and legs are white. Her left eye is an ice blue white her right eye is split between blue and green. She is a thick built wolf with a soft coat that always looks well groomed. Her coat gives her the illusion of a soft fluffy bear. Whinnie is very attractive in her face, she has soft and hard features, such as her pink nose and two gold small hoop earrings around the top of her left ear. She has a small amount of husky in her from her mothers side, which is the reason for her coloring.

When Shifted Whinnie has long blonde hair a more yellow tint then her actual strawberry blonde coat. She is lean and soft looking in her body type. Her long blonde hair is usually seen held in a loose pony tail and her bangs drifting in and out of her vision.


She was romantically involved with Lysander.[3]

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