Sakuya Radu

Sakuya Radu

Date of BirthOct, 2006
Subspeciescoyote, canis latrans.

'Souls Profile

Sakuya is an androgynous fairy. He and Monet had a one night stand and ended up making babies, but nobody knows this, not even Sakuya, because she lied and said the babies [Empusa Lykoi and Stark Radu] belonged to Vitium Lykoi. Then she died. And now her secret is buried. How sad.


Virtually nothing is known about Sakuya's past. In reality, Radu is actually his given name, while if he ever had a surname only he knows it and he's been acting as though it doesn't exist for a very long time. Sakuya is just something he picked up one day and began calling himself because it sounded nice. He's a free spirit, wandering about without ever tying himself to anything and shirking any and all obligation.




Sakuya has awesomely secret descendants that he knows nothing about. There's probably more out there as well, but he doesn't care and remains oblivious for the most part.


Sakuya is the epitome of a pretty-boy. Effeminate and vain, his fur color is naturally a dull, average shade, but he dyes his hair a brilliant auburn using henna and allows it to grow beyond his waist. He is very clean and well-groomed at all times. His features are delicate and thin and his body naturally follows suit. Overall he's an average tawny overlain with ash. His underside is lighter, with a darker saddle across his back and shoulders. His eyes are blood-red. Across his back, stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip is a thin, deep scar and on the inside of his thigh a small tattoo of a butterfly.

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