Pasha Kozlov

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NamePasha Kozlov
Date of Birth20/04/2019


SubspeciesMostly Borzoi with hints of spaniel




Very much a current WIP. Will add intro here eventually >.>

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Pasha looks very obviously Borzoi, though his slightly smoother coat and longer floppier ears hints at either his father being part spaniel or setter. He assumes he gets his pure black coat from his father as well but he doesn’t know. His coat is fairly smooth and silky but does have a little bit of wave to it and he has light feathering on his tail and hindlegs. He has very dark brown, almost black, eyes.

In all all his forms, he is long and lanky, and tends to look almost starved, or even skeletal, even if he isn’t actually (though he tends to forget to eat and generally has a high metabolism). But he does have a decent amount muscle though it is lean and not very bulky. His preferred form is Optime and he has little use for his other forms, though he occasionally uses his Secui form when he needs to run quickly short distances. He has some scarring across his muzzle and his knuckles on both hands from injuring himself during a drunken rage and a network of scars on his back from being whipped as a punishment.

In his Optime form, he tends to be more humanized, standing straighter and flatter on his legs. His hair is kept about shoulder-length and has a very slight hint of wave, especially when its recently clean. He generally keeps it loose and often hanging in his face but will pull it back when he needs it out of his way. He wears a pair of simple pants and simple shirt, both black, though he does very occasionally wear another color, though always darker hues.

  • Speech: His voice is a soft and silky baritone and he speaks carefully and methodically, enjoying use of dramatic pauses and stretching out his syllables.
  • Scent: Packs Pasha generally smells fairly herbal with notes of earthiness due to his work with medicine and his personal preference.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He uses his hair to hide his expression when he needs to. He also tends to pace a lot for various reasons.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Pasha tries to keep himself upright though he usually is fairly submissive in his posture, especially around women. But he still is fairly sure of himself and doesn't shrink away in fear or nervousness.


Color Palette


Onyx (#353839)


Walnut Brown (#5C5248)

Nose, Paw Pads

Charcoal (#36454F)


Piggy Pink (#FDDDE6)


71 lbs (32 kg)
33 in (84 cm)
Pasha is very rarely in this form, not being terribly comfortable in it and also not finding it terribly useful. He rather likes having opposable thumbs.


135 lbs (61 kg)
44 in (112 cm)
He is also not often in this form, though definitely in it more than his lupus form. He usually is uses it when he needs bursts of speed across short distances.


160 lbs (72.5 kg)
6 ft 7 in (79 in / 201 cm)



by somebody, probably

An odd mix of aloof disinterest and sneering surliness, Pasha tends to keep most of his emotions behind a well-crafted mask of cold indifference, sometimes bordering on derision depending on the circumstances. He likes very few people but mostly because there are few he trusts, and it is very difficult for him to trust people. He’d much rather be prickly and have people dislike him, or at least be indifferent to him, than let someone in only for them to betray him in some way.

He can be a very dark canine, having an at times nasty hair-trigger temper along with a tendency to bear a grudge that he lets simmer and fester and can be petty and vindictive. He is snarky and uses his often harsh words to keep people away from him and his humor can be rather morbid and he can be downright rude. He tends to get obsessed over things, ideas, and even people and also rather possessive and jealous. He sometimes enjoys pressing people’s buttons and is willing to use whatever means necessary to do so, even if it means airing someone’s dirty secrets, or blackmailing them into silence. He can be power-hungry and is willing to do almost anything to gain knowledge, power, and recognition, even if he also wants to be simply left alone at the same time. He is rather secretive and doesn’t like to talk about his history. He has no patience for idiocy and tends to get annoyed by too many questions.

Yet underneath the seemingly cold, sometimes angry façade, Pasha is a deeply passionate canine who is extremely loyal and highly intelligent with an analytical mindset and cares deeply for those that gain his trust and admiration. He enjoys debates but can get a little too heated and argumentative and they can often devolve into true arguments, causing his temper to flare. He can be charming when he wants to but he never uses it as a weapon. He is surprisingly very submissive, especially towards strong, bossy women. He has a slight distrust of other men, tending to assume they only want to hurt him. He also has a soft spot for animals, especially birds.

He is highly skilled at preparing medicine and gathering plants as well as tending to injuries (but generally has a very poor bedside manner), though he doesn’t have much of a green thumb. He also is not terrible at fighting, though generally only hand-to-hand or with knives/daggers. He speaks Russian fluently thanks to his mother as well as Irish from the old gypsy lady and has picked a smattering of a few other languages, finding he has an ear for learning them. He also can read and write. He has some skill working with leather and rudimentary jewelry making skill. He also enjoys carving wood but is not exactly good at it.


  • Intelligent: Words here
  • Passionate: Words here
  • Loyal: Words here
  • Charming: Words here
  • Perfectionist: Words here


  • Sarcastic: Words here
  • Paraniod: Words here
  • Surly: Words here
  • Aloof: Words here
  • Shifting Morality: Words here



  • Emotional Disposition: Surly, Intelligent, Submissive
  • Sociability: Surprisingly introverted
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (though shades of both Lawful Neutral and Neutral Evil)
    • Gives respect to those that deserve it or have earned it.
    • Loyal to those he is close to but willing to turn on them for the right price.
    • Has strong moral code but his morality is based on what is best for him not necessarily what benefits others.
    • Will not forgive those that personally offend or betray him.
  • Tropes:
    • Consummate Liar; Deadpan Snarker; Soft-Spoken Sadist; Stepford Snarker; Tall, Dark, and Snarky; Jerkass (mild form); Master Poisoner; Foul Medicine; Healing Herb


  • Packs: No opinions yet
  • Species: Has no real strong opinions regarding species
  • Non-Luperci: Thinks non-Luperci are weak and honestly a bit stupid
  • Gender: Is more likely to be respectful towards women, especially strong-willed women
  • Color: No opinion
  • Sexuality: No opinions
  • Age: Elders are to be respected for their knowledge and thinks most children are annoying


Pasha is attracted to women but generally needs some sort of attachment, even simple companionship or respect, to feel much attraction towards anyone. That's not to say he is against meaningless sex, just needs something for it to mean more to him. He is oddly but submissive and dominant in relationship to sex and is unlikely to be the one to initiate beyond letting his partner know he's interested.


His main motivations are power, respect, and knowledge.


He has vague knowledge of Druidism but does not necessarily believes most of it. He is vaguely agnostic towards magic and spirits and reliegion but is open to learning about them.



  • Medicine (Master): Maybe your character is a skilled sailor?
  • Herbalism (Master): Maybe your character is a skilled sailor?
  • Jewelry-making (Journeymen): Maybe your character is a skilled sailor?
  • Poisoner (Expert): Maybe your character is a skilled sailor?
  • Hand-to-hand Fighting (Expert): Maybe your character is a skilled sailor?


  • Wood-Carving: Alternatively, maybe your character gets spectacularly seasick.
  • 'Cooking: Alternatively, maybe your character gets spectacularly seasick.
  • Drawing: Alternatively, maybe your character gets spectacularly seasick.

Familial Relationships


  • Mother: Svetlana Kozlova
  • Father: Unknown
  • Siblings: None he is aware of
  • Extended:

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.


  • Parents:
    • He never met or knew anything about his father, mostly because his mother did even know who he was.
    • As for his mother, he has fond memories of her, between her caring for him as an ill young child and starting to teach him about medicine and herbalism. Yet he also is a little resentful towards her for abandoning him before he was a year old and getting them previously kicked out of their home, though he is very aware that it is not her fault she died and has mostly forgiven her for getting kicked out of the gypsy group, along with his guilt for not saving her.
  • Siblings:
    • No siblings that he knows of

Other Relations



Minor Relations

  • Sex:
  • Friendly: Salsola
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


Where does your character live? What does it look like in there?


He wears a pair of simple pants and simple shirt, both black, though he does very occasionally wear another color, though always darker hues. He also has a leather belt with a knife sheath and several pouches where he keeps things he needs easy access to. He also has a leather messenger-style bag that he usually has that keeps most of his herbs and plants, as well as tools for creating medicines and his leather-working hobby, though only his current project if he has one. He can often also be found wearing a fairly simple leather necklace with an interesting rock on it (which necklace depends on his mood).

Items Available for Trade:

  • Medicine (limited supply)
  • Poisons (usually needs advanced notice)
  • Medicinal Herbs (limited supply)
  • Leather (somewhat limited)
  • Simple Jewelry

Always Accepted as Payment:

  • Rare herbs and plants (even seeds)
  • Raw materials for jewelry making (especially stones and other ornaments)
  • Knowledge
  • Favors

Animal NPCs


by somebody, probably


  • Name: Bran
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Pronunciation: Nothing special
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Common Raven
  • D.O.B.: 2021
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Looks like most Common Ravens
  • Personality: Can be snarky but is often Pasha conscience
  • Skills: Has some limited High Speech ability


  • Pasha found him injured when Bran was young and after being nursed back to health, he stayed with Pasha

Can be Referenced

  • Bran is usually found somewhere near Pasha, often on his shoulder but also on a nearby branch or ledge


by somebody, probably


  • Name: Maggie (technically short for Margaret)
    • Meaning: Pearl
    • Pronunciation: Nothing special
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Morgan horse
  • D.O.B.: 2018
  • Onboard?: Yes


  • Appearance: Bay colored - reddish-brown coat with black tail and mane, with black points
  • Personality: Slightly bossy but even-tempered and easy-going
  • Skills: None


  • Traded for her when he arrived in Portland

Can be Referenced

  • While traveling, Maggie is likely to be kept near Pasha



Duration: DAY MONTH YEAR – Present
Residence: Packs
Ranks: Current Rank (DAY MONTH YEAR - Present)
  • Corank 1
  • Corank 2

Born to a Russian born Gypsy somewhere in the English countryside, Pasha never learned who is father was, mostly because his mother said she had no clue who he was. He was born a little early and on the small side, and was often sickly as a young child. His mother had done something to upset the gypsy band she was currently with and so they were often the last to eat and she had to find and prepare any medicine he needed on her own, teaching him those skills along the way. Once he was healthier, they ended up kicking her out of the group and she took him with her.

They traveled towards Liverpool but before they could get very far towards it, she had an accident and despite his attempts to save her, she passed away a few days later from an infection. He wasn’t quite a year old and was left alone in the world. So he wandered aimlessly at first but then towards London, having learned it had a larger population than Liverpool. Once there, he honed his skills at gather medicinal herbs and plants and turning them into medicines, eventually finding a group of mostly wolves that traded his medicine for their protection and he ended up learning about leather-making from one of their elders as well as how to read and write. He also started to learn how to make simple jewelry.

That elder had a very pretty granddaughter about a year older than him, whom he soon became infatuated with and began to get to know her. It was obvious to the rest of the group that his crush was not reciprocated but he was blind to it. He also ignored the signs that she was interested in one of the guardians of the group, whom never liked him. Things came to a head when at the age of two, he had made a necklace out of a leather cord he had cured and some pretty rocks. He went to give it to her, only for him to find her with his supposed rival.

They both laughed at him and his gift, which first made him go into a flying rage where he pretty much destroyed most of his possessions and then fell into a drunken stupor for days, getting to the point where he didn’t care nor was really aware when the pair of them ran off into the sunset. He fluctuated between rages and drinking everything in sight, and often drunken rages where he still destroyed everything in sight, and it got bad enough that they decided to forcibly remove him from the property when he lashed out at a pup who he always found annoying when he was sober and not angry, nearly murdering the child. They first gave him a severe lashing before they tossed him out.

He fled into the night, taking his few remaining possessions and took to wandering. He ironically found the gypsy band that kicked his mother out, and since they had no grudge against him, let him stick with them for awhile. He secretly enjoyed the mothering that one of the older females gave him, she claimed she had mystic powers and she taught him her druidic beliefs but hinted that he would leave England some day. It was during his time with the gypsies that he came across an injured raven that he nursed back to health and the bird decided to stick with him.

Two years later, and he grew restless and in need of something more, and so when he learns of a place called Souls, he is intrigued and decides to head that way and see if he can make a new life for himself.


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