Everest was born in a pack fairly distant from the rest of the outside world. She very much encompasses the Shrinking Violet trope that desperately wants to make friends as she ages. Life is too short for her to remain in the shadows for long. While most others admire Everest for her natural beauty, her interest in how the world works as well as her place in it can often set the wrong first impression, so she's often very quiet when first meeting someone. However, if someone were to understand her thought process and accept her for who she is, they will find one of the most loyal companions they could ever have that refuses to leave anyone behind.

Anyone that has the pleasure of making her acquaintance will find that she carries herself quietly with reduced confidence out of the want for approval from others. During the early stages of her life, Everest was criticized because of the level of expectation her parents had for Everest in her rather high role in the pack. It especially shows when Everest needs to make an important decision, or is suddenly introduced to some sort of conflict. Her level of self-confidence is low, and something that she truly needs is the permission and blessing to allow herself forgiveness, to love herself, and to know that she is in full control of her life. It will take more than words for her to discover this, so only time will tell when she finally sheds the cocoon of shyness and takes off toward the sky with colorful wings.

Most of the time, Everest is in her Lupus form since she ran away from home with practically nothing, and her home pack focused more on remaining "wild and free" and staying connected to the earth in their more feral forms. Shifting to Optime was often reserved for moments when it was absolutely necessary, such as helping someone with an injury, or repairing someone's den. While everyone wanted to remain connected to their feral side, Everest feels that being in her Optime form helps her expand her consciousness, making the walk with her spirituality that much more enjoyable and immersive.


Basic Info

Date of Birth14th January, 2022
BirthplaceCascade Mountains



  • Nickname: N/A
  • Pronunciation: EHV-ə-rist
  • Etymology: English, "Dweller On The Eure River"
  • Epithet: "The Timorous"


  • Family: Snagtooth Mountain Pack
  • Birthplace: Cascade Range
  • Species: Timber Wolf
  • Subspecies: N/A

Plot Opportunity

  • Needing to be with someone that challenges her in a good way, presenting opportunities where she must make decisions for herself, and to seek self-approval, knowing she can do amazing things herself.


  • cNPC: ---
  • yNPC: ---
  • NPCs:
    • TBD

OOC Assumptions

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • May assume that Everest was sheltered throughout her childhood development, which impacts her adult life. This results in some distancing and caution when meeting new individuals, and can take time to fully trust someone and open up. Although, nervousness tends to make her blabber and open up unintentional flood gates, so those not accustomed should be prepared.



  • Speech: Has a slight Scottish tone to her tongue, including the vocal pitches, but her accent is easily understandable. See "Robyn from Wolfwalkers" sample.
  • Scent: Thunderstorms, lilac, and sweet grass
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: When nervous, shy, or unsure, Everest's fingers tend to fidget. Either they will play with her braid, or she will hold one of her fingers tightly in the other hand. Eye contact is also minimal though she does make an effort to try and maintain it. When she's focused on the conversation or on alert, her eyes tend to be observant on many things, from body language to lip movements as if to read them to absorb what is being said in addition to hearing it.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Everest has some confidence in herself, though she doesn't carry herself completely upright. She's often on alert so as to expect the unexpected and remain prepared for anything as much as she can. She tries not to look like it, but her fake smile tends to hide her sadness and guilt about leaving home. A nervous laugh during conversation may sometimes confirm that she's not doing super well.


Color Palette


Cream (#f3e5d3)


Silverfish (#cbcbcb)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Obsidian (#1c1c1c)
Eggshell White (#fffdfb)

Physical Appearance


Everest's coat has shades of tawny, light cream, and soft off-whites creating a soft blanket of a seemingly moonlit kiss that covered her from nose to tail. Bright silver eyes glisten in brighter lighting situations. When the sun hit shines just right, it's easy to see a dark gray weaving through the crisp silver like a river delta along a sandy bank. The thickness of her coat changes in the seasons, as well as subtly in color. During the wintertime, it has more of a luminous like white color, similar to the moon. During the summer, it has much more cream. It is almost as if the wintertime is when she steps into her "goddess mode" in terms of beauty and general appearance.

One unique feature in Everest's appearance is a small, tawny colored spot on the right side of her muzzle, no bigger than a two-inch diameter stone plucked from a riverbed. It was perfectly set under her right eye and just in front of her cheek. Everest calls it her birthmark and while initially she is very shy and embarrassed because she doesn't look "perfect", she appreciates that it's there since she's not like anyone else. In addition to her birth mark, black claws are often trimmed and kept clean, as well as her black paw pads. She cared very much about her hands and feet, and it showed.

Long fur flows from the top of her head and down just past her shoulders down to the middle of her chest. Occasionally, her hair is braided or adorned with wooden beads, or even plant-based items like leaves or flowers, depending on the mood. Most of the time, Everest would French braid her hair and drape it over a shoulder unless she felt like keeping it down long because she was lazy.

Standing at 37 inches tall when on all four paws in her Lupus form, Everest seems bigger than most female wolves of her age, but she blames it on genetics. The height of her Secui form is 48 inches tall, and Optime is seven feet tall.

Most of her larger height Everest says is inherited from her father, Ryusk. While not exactly looking like someone focused on their muscular build, Everest had the strength and ability to hold her own, should it become necessary. On the opposite end of the pendulum, much of her physical beauty and attraction came from her mother. Everest is very feminine even though her body may seem more masculine presenting, outwardly.


94 lbs (42.6 kg)
36 in (91.44 cm)
Everest tends to stay in her lupus form most of the time. She doesn't have any possessions to worry about anyway. Though, there are times that she will shift to Optime form at night. In the meantime, though until she settles into a new home, at some point, she remains in Lupus form. It helps provide a sense of comfort and stability that calms her nervousness. The Lupus form is what she grew up with anyhow, as her family pack often discouraged the use of Optime form.


162 lbs (73.4 kg)
50 in (127 cm)
Everest hardly ever goes into her Secui form unless she truly wanted to connect to a more feral side, or if she was defending herself. While she can run faster and go farther in this form, she would prefer to take the easy route rather than waste a lot of energy if it wouldn't be put to good use.


263 lbs (119.29 kg)
7 ft 0 in (84 in / 213.36 cm)
This is a form not often used, or appreciated, as she hasn't learned to accept and love herself for the way she is. This form was discouraged often by her previous family, so much of her thoughts on the Optime form don't originate from her. The times that she has shifted into Optime form, however, have been times where Everest is in a truly good mood, and she wants to braid her hair. Times where she truly feels free and her nervousness doesn't get the best of her.



Everest was never popular and was instead kicked around like a rock in the pathway. Considered nothing more than an annoyance to most, Everest spends most of her days alone and by herself since no one really wants to be around her anyway, in her mind. She hates herself and her insecurities, but she's not without independence and an understanding that she must take care of herself - period. While she is the type to look for approval from others, there are moments of success that boosts her self-confidence even if they're fleeting. For example, when she can successfully hunt for herself and not have to rely on someone else to catch prey for her. Rabbits and squirrels are mostly what she challenges herself on.

When Everest is not feeling shy and quiet, her more explorative and adventurous side comes out. Everest likes to go to places she's never been or talk to someone who has similar interests and hobbies. Her personality tends to shine brightly when she can talk about something she is knowledgeable in and has a passion for. One such topic is the weather. She likes to watch the skies and try to predict the weather. Over time, her confidence has grown as her predictions prove true more frequently. Everest thrives on experiencing something new and developing an emotional attachment to that moment. That's her way of confirming that she is a living, breathing thing in this existence and not some deadweight unworthy of life, as her previous "companions" have told her before.

A massive secret that Everest keeps to herself is that she has a fascination with nature and how things work on a spiritual level. Everest is a Shrinking Violet because of this reverence to nature and her place in it. Many of the wolves she's encountered in her history thought it weird or "evil" for her to gather plant related things together in different shapes and meditate. Everest called it "respecting nature and paying homage" while others called it "casting spells". Different seasons carried different energies in Everests mind, and so she lived and behaved in different ways to match the elements during some of her plant-based crafting. Occasionally, these crafts included animal parts. All of this practice resulted in Everest becoming easily intimidated after mounding peer pressure broke her down. As a result, her former companions were able to know what plant was the most toxic and used it against someone she cared about. Everest has ever since carried that weight of guilt with her and has yet to rid herself of it.

When she can, and when no one is watching, Everest likes to live in her own imagination. Weird creatures, fantastical places to live, or even just disappearing into a fit of daydreaming for a while. It's a way to help break from the normal daily routine, allowing herself to mentally and physically recharge after a tiring day. Sometimes also, in this mindset, she will pick up a new hobby or craft. Regardless of whether or not she finishes it, Everest is usually satisfied with the effort of doing something new. Doing new things is something that she truly benefits on, especially if it can challenge her a little. The success is always worth it in the end.


  • Dependable: Give her a task that is suited for her, Everest will see it done, no matter the challenge. If someone shares the level of trust they have in her ability to do something, this will only further her desire to do the job right the first time, and perhaps take a little pride in her efforts too.
  • Passionate: There are things that Everest truly cares about or loves, and as such, she likes to talk about them a lot more than others probably expect her to. She has strong feelings regarding the things she's learned overtime as well as her place in the world. Everything is involved in a large circle of life and even the Universe has a say in her future.
  • Honest: Everest has learned over time that there is no sense in lying or not sharing the whole truth. There's a time and a place, of course, but not telling the truth is not part of her personality. Even if it hurts, Everest would rather tell the truth as much as she can, lest she never speak at all in protest of being told to lie.


  • Shy: Because Everest was sheltered, she can be quite shy when meeting new people. Because of her shyness, Everest is also quiet unless she must speak as she dislikes awkward silences as much as the next person. Her shyness also prevents her from completely opening up to others to get to know her. As much as Everest wants friends, her shyness tends to prevent making any.
  • Naive: Being nothing more than a fragile item for her family to protect, Everest's sheltered life made it, so she doesn't have a lot of life experience. While she can hunt on all fours on her own just fine, doing other things such as building or repairing structures, tanning leather, or preserving food is something she has yet to learn. Everest is self-sufficient in the bare minimum, but she wants to change that.
  • Insecure: Everest has yet to find herself. She lacks self-confidence from a life of gaslighting and experiencing toxic relationships. Everest seeks approval from others rather than herself.



  • Emotional Disposition: Relatively happy when by herself, even though she's lonely. A desire to make new friends and find her forever family is often at the back of her mind.
  • Sociability: Fairly social, once she warms up to someone.
  • Alignment: Neutral
    • Remains observant about a situation or environment she's watching before acting.
    • Tends to be comfortable traveling the most balanced road over the path of least resistance.
    • Acts without prejudice or compulsion.
    • Suffers a lack of conviction due to her childhood.
    • Prefers to follow rules that align with her own agenda, is convenient to her, or thinks is necessary.
  • Tropes:


  • Packs: TBD
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: None
  • Gender: Prefers females, cautious with some males
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: Cautious around those older than her.


Demiromantic & Demisexual. It doesn't matter the gender or what someone looks like, or where they came from. If there is a strong emotional attachment and she can completely trust and/or open herself up to someone, typically romantic feelings will tend to follow. Developing this level of relationship tends to take a very long time as Everest likes to take things slow.


What causes the butterfly to change from a caterpillar? What causes the tides in the ocean? What causes forest fires? What drives Everest forward is answering life's great questions and expanding her knowledge. Not just on the world around her, but the greatest questions she has of herself.


Everest has a belief system that is Pagan in flavor. While it doesn't line quite up to one particular belief system in general, more often than not, Everest is considered a "green witch" that focuses on her connection with the natural world rather than connecting with any specific deity. While she would pay reverence to a particular God or Goddess should she be called to follow one, Everest's primary focus is establishing her connection to the natural world before turning her focus to the Divine.



  • Herbalism: Knows how to make certain medicines on a basic level. Would like to expand her knowledge.
  • Weather: Has some familiarity with watching the weather and predicting when it may rain or become sunny.


  • Herbalism: Practice is limited. She cannot make tinctures or salves utilizing beeswax yet.
  • Weather: Knowledge is limited to potential rainstorms or thunderstorms.

Familial Relationships


  • Mother: Avana
  • Father: Ryusk
  • Siblings: Rolan (m)
  • Extended: N/A


  • Parents:
    • Both parents viewed her as a bargaining chip for future pack relations. Since she wasn't respected, Everest doesn't respect them either.
  • Siblings:
    • Rolan wanted nothing more than his father's approval - even if it meant the choices he made were very wrong.

Other Relations


  • TBD


  • TBD

Minor Relations

  • Sex:
  • Friendly:
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances:
  • Enemies:
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


Everest lives where she can that feels the safest. She does not have a home to call her own, or a building to take shelter in.


She left home with nothing, traveling on all fours and providing for herself the best that she could.

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Duration: 20/01/2024 – Present
Residence: Roaming
Ranks: Loner (20/01/2024 - Present)
Duration: 14/01/2022 - 20/01/2024
Residence: Cascade Mountain Range
Ranks: Lady (Heir)
  • (14/01/2022 to 20/01/2024)

Everest was born into a pack that had pretty dogmatic views on their place in the world. Anything that didn't fit into their views was cast out like a disease. You either fit into the mold or you didn't. Being a rather important Alpha's daughter meant that any expectation the alpha had of their pack members was then multiplied ten-fold. If you let him down, you may as well sacrifice yourself in ritual seppuku. The first year of Everest's life was uneventful, though she never was as important as her brother Rolan. Being the spectacle and heir of the family, Rolan had massive shoes to fill and weight on his shoulders. He dared not disappoint his father in <i>any</i> capacity should he expect to remain at home and in his father's good graces.

Everest's mother, Avana, was mated to her father, Ryusk, and had much more patience for her daughter than Ryusk had. While Ryusk lacked the emotional intelligence to be a fairly decent father, he at least had a strong amount of protection and loyalty to his family. Even with his extreme expectations of performance and behavior. Avana was much more forgiving because of her relaxed upbringing. Ryusk was raised in a more militant style of childhood, which resulted in him acting more like an army commander than a father.

Most of Everest's life was surrounded by constant "ladyship" training and education. Everything from mannerisms to speech was taught, ridiculed, corrected, and taught again until she could be a breathing representation of the noble queen her mother was. Even with all of her mother's patience, Everest was still not good enough. When Avana's patience ran out, her coldness was like winter's bitter kiss. Avana became cold, sharp tongued, and demeaning. Perhaps it was her mate's sharp expectations that changed her overtime. Whatever the case may be, the family home was not as nurturing or warm as it should have been.

This level of dysfunction forced Everest to look for happiness elsewhere, outside of the pack boundaries even. When she was released from her education and ladyship duties, Everest sought solitude out in nature. The world outside of pack boundaries was different, new, and it engaged her mind. All of her bad memories seemingly faded away, and her inner child could exist and roam freely. In the quietest of spaces in the forest, Everest was able to teach herself about meditation and would gather plant items as "offerings" to the spaces she frequented most as a thank you gift, paying homage to the fleeting moments of peace she was able to collect for herself. These fleeting moments made it possible for Everest to live another wretched day, praying for her eventual freedom.

After she came of age around a year and a half old, Ryusk began turning his attention to Everest's sexual maturity to prepare her to become a mate to a nearby pack, establishing positive relations between the two. The coldness of her mother had continued to grow, eventually leaving no room for warmth and nurturing now that Everest was of age. Whispers of her meditation and ritual practices had spread itself through the pack, making her subject to extreme bullying and harassment by almost everyone in the pack. She was not like the others, and questions began to rise against Ryusk about the raising of his strange daughter, and why she was acting so odd. Even her brother Roland, who held her in high regard, was turning face for his father's favor and to avoid having a target on his back. The harassment slowly began to turn into moments of domination, resulting in submission from Everest and her very being beginning to fracture. Ryusk even assigned someone to be her escort and monitor all of her activities. This escort took pity and would find special moments to allow her a brief escape so she could be alone. To make things worse for Ryusk, the escort happened to be an unknowingly "bad influence" by teaching her about weather and deepening her connection to the natural world spiritually. He also was a great mentor, a sounding board, and would often provide insight into her situation and helpful advice. Eventually, his influence stirred within her the confidence to leave in the middle of the night, and to not look back.

Everest couldn't tell how far she had been running, or in what direction she traveled. All she knew was that she ran until she couldn't run anymore. The number of suns she saw pass in the sky was way over ten, and it would take just as many for any of her pack to find her. Coming to stop in an open valley, Everest felt that it was safe enough to rest, even if it was just for an hour. Perhaps this new land she was in, with the vastly new smells, would be something more welcoming and nurturing than what she left behind. A sense of guilt remained with her, however, that she could just abandon her duties like that, let alone her family. Had she made the right choice? Was she a horrible person? A quick glance looking back in the direction she came from made her realize just how far she potentially had traveled. Well, there's no going back now is there?


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