Aliyah, by Tessa
Name MeaningExalted, to ascend, go up
Name OriginHebrew
Date of BirthOctober 18th, 2015
Age3 years
Subspecies33% Coyote, Northeastern Coyote
100% Wolf, Gray Wolf
Birth placeConcrete Jungle
Current packInferni
'Souls Profile



Joining dateMarch 25th, 2018
Joining RankTirones
Most Recent RankSciens

Solstice Pack

Solstice Pack

Joining dateUnknown

Aliyah was a coywolf who was born in Concrete Jungle and raised in the clutches of an abusive and mental father. She soon joined Inferni and became a Sciens, only to end up having to give up her bobcat Max soon later after an accident, and she fell in depression. During Inferni's downfall, thanks to the mosquitoes and depression, Aliyah fell ill and was soon mercy-killed by Briarblack.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Joining Inferni
    2.   1.2  Life in the pack
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Initially
    2.   2.2  Later
    3.   2.3  Currently
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Dalia
    2.   3.2  Merari
    3.   3.3  Ichabod
    4.   3.4  All Friends
    5.   3.5  All enemies
    6.   3.6  Love Interests
  4.   4.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1.   4.1  Strengths
    2.   4.2  Weaknesses
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   5.2  Stature
    3.   5.3  Eyes
    4.   5.4  Scars
  6.   6.  Notable Threads
    1.   6.1  'Souls threads

1.  History

Aliyah was a former loner who had heard about Inferni, a pack for those with coyote blood. She had been raised by an amazing mother and an abusive and mental father who had given her a scar, but that didn't really bother Aliyah. She had also rescued her companions Kinko and Max, and grew very close to Max the most. Aliyah had been known for her special fur color, which reminded her parents of myths about a wolf or coywolf that looked very similar to her. Slate and Cobalt began bragging about their apparently special daughter, and she became famous thanks to both her parents and others, wolves and coywolves alike, who claimed they had never seen such a hybrid like her before. Aliyah developed the "spoiled rich kid" type of personality, becoming bossy and all. Being treated like a queen was something she liked, since she had other things that weren't so good happen to her.

One day, a black wolf with red eyes killed Aliyah's sister Lily, and soon killed King, her brother. Aliyah was alone when her parents were "thought" to be killed, and she had to start living her life alone. She made her own den and tried to find food to fill her up and water to quench her thirst, and eventually she did join a pack, but she was kicked out after breaking one of the pack rules which was eating last, and the alphas had chased her out. One day Aliyah found a bobcat named Max, and quickly decided to befriend him, finding food for him and bonding with him here and there. Then, she found a finch with a broken wing whom she named Kinko, who had tried to escape from a spider web, and the two became friends, Kinko joining Aliyah's 'squad' of friends.

Then, as time passed, Aliyah found the pack called Inferni, and managed to be able to join by giving their Aquila, Vicira, a gift. She was a Tirone and often faced suspicions because of her harboring a bobcat, but she managed to become a Sciens one day. When she had been a Tirone, Aliyah came across Dalia, and the two became best friends and then love interests. However, while meeting an Infernian and fellow Sciens named Ichabod Bertram, Max attacked him when Aliyah was becoming traumatized by the ravens which she thought of as a deathbringer or some kind of bad omen or bad sign, and Max had gotten hurt as well. Aliyah had to face the consequences and had a discussion with Vicira which resulted in Aliyah releasing Max out into the wild, but with her often visiting him. Aliyah began falling into depression and would neglect herself, and as Inferni began to disband and deteriorate, Aliyah did to. Sick and tired of her suffering, she went to Briarblack to seek help, and when nothing was able to be done, Aliyah was soon mercy-killed by the Sanitas, going to the afterlife to see her dead mother(who had died from unknown reasons) and siblings again, hoping her soon-revealed alive father Cobalt will join her one day.

1.1  Joining Inferni

When Aliyah had started on her path to Inferni, she had brought a flower with her to give Vicira. The two began talking with each other and soon Aliyah was accepted into Inferni and became a real member.

1.2  Life in the pack

Aliyah usually faced raised eyebrows during her stay in Inferni due to Infernians suspicious of her bobcat. One of those Infernians who were suspicious was Vicira's daughter Merari, and the one who was the most suspicious was Ichabod Bertram. Aliyah didn't really care and managed to find love and a friend in Dalia. She didn't get to really know anyone that well, but she soon became depressed after abandoning Max, ill during Inferni's disbanding, and eventually...dead.

2.  Personality

2.1  Initially

Aliyah was very brave around her packmates and protective of her friends and loved ones, always trying to prove herself. She was judgmental of those not from her pack, and was shy around strangers and especially potential crushes, mates, etc. Aliyah was also usually calm and content, but she'd sometimes become dilusional and also have 'mental' outbursts sometimes and have anger issues but also be kind sometimes. She was also very entitled to her beliefs and opinions, and would not be afraid to argue.

2.2  Later

After abandoning Max, Aliyah then became melancholy and neglectful, often not taking care of herself, including starving herself. She'd only be kind to her friends and opening, but would get easily offended, afraid, and nervous around others. Aliyah was basically completely depressed.

2.3  Currently

Since her death, Aliyah has become kind, comforting, and brave. She looks out for especially Dalia and sees her the most, and she tries to help those who are mourning over her and miss her deeply. Aliyah cares about her former packmates, and makes sure they're okay.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Dalia

Dalia is Aliyah's love interest and mate, and is basically the only one Aliyah can trust and look to when she is having trouble or is upset. Since her death, Aliyah usually visits Dalia as a spirit and tries to comfort her.

3.2  Merari

Merari and Aliyah didn't really seem to be friends and they never really knew each other that well. Merari was one of the Infernians who had suspicions of Max.

3.3  Ichabod

Ichabod and Aliyah were basically complete enemies because of Aliyah being part-wolf, being afraid of ravens, and having a bobcat whom he called a "hellbeast". They became complete enemies once Max had attacked Ichabod.

3.4  All Friends

A strikethrough implies death

  • Dalia
  • Max(Bobcat)
  • Kinko(Finch)
  • Red(Fox)
  • Boone Lykoi(slightly)

3.5  All enemies

A strikethrough implies death

  • Ichabod Bertram
  • Vicira Tears(slightly)
  • Merari Tears(slightly)
  • Cobalt, Aliyah's father

3.6  Love Interests


4.  Abilities, talents and skills


4.1  Strengths

  • Fast
  • Strong
  • Swift

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Cares about her friends too much
  • Self-neglect
  • Afraid of ravens

5.  Appearance

Aliyah is a gray-and-black coywolf with vibrant heterochromatic eyes and slight coyote-like ears. She has a long tail with a few black flecks, and her torso is dark gray. Aliyah's left eye is blue, while the other is green. She has a scar on one of her paws, and her left paw has a small scar. Her legs are black with some light gray specks, and she has black eye markings mixed with gray. Aliyah also has a black marking on her head, and her entire face is black, but with some hints of gray as well. Her underbelly is gray with some dark gray patches, and her legs have black and gray on them. She has black and gray markings on her tail and the back of her ears are of a dark gray color. She has some fluff inside her ears and on her tail, and her pawpads are of a gray color. She also has a scar on her legs from spars with other wolves, and her tail-tip is white and gray. Her fur also contains a small hint of dark gray, but it is nearly the same color as her black fur, so it's generally hard to see. Sometimes wolves are afraid of her fur color, but to Aliyah it's special, and makes her unique. She's mostly notable and distinctive for her eyes and appearance. The area where Aliyah's scar is torn up and patched, always leading up to a haunting story she generally refuses to bring up, but only to those she trusts.

5.1  Luperci Forms


5.2  Stature

Aliyah is kind of small, but she stands very straight, but after losing Max, she has some kind of saggy, hunchy stature.

5.3  Eyes

Aliyah's most notable feature is her heterochromia. She has one blue and one green eye.

5.4  Scars

Aliyah has a scar on one of her paws and scars on her legs caused by other wolves and her father. Her right leg contains a patched-up and odd-looking scar caused by her father.

6.  Notable Threads

6.1  'Souls threads

All Good Things Must Come To an End After suffering for so long, Aliyah is mercy-killed by Briarblack the Sanitas.

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