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1.  2006

  • January 4th - Check out our Featured New Affiliate for January, Requiem Rhapsody!
  • January 2nd - Also, give a shout out to Zorish for becoming Gamma of Aremys!
  • December 30th - Everyone give a congrats to Phasma, who was promoted to Senior Moderator today!
  • December 29th - Check out the Souls Yearbook '06!
  • December 20th - The Secret Santa Sets partners have been sent out. Get to set-making!
  • December 17th - Chimera and Syemv have completed their merger into the new pack, Aremys. Aremys wolves will inhabit the old Syemv packland; Chimerans can visit their old homeland as a neutral territory, the Moaning Wood.
  • December 16th - New layout, yay?
  • December 10th - Ho ho ho and a bottle of... set?
  • December 7th - Congratulations to Reb for becoming a Junior Moderator, and congrats to Phoenix for winning this month's Spotlight Soul!

2.  2007

  • March 20 - Check out our Featured New Affiliate for the month of March, Feast! Also, please remember to reply to your Matchmaker Threads. NTFSC 2 will end on March 25th, so please submit any last-minute entries. The AWTC will also close on March 25th, so finish up your threads!
  • March 1 - A double congratulations to Soran for this month's spotlight soul and for becoming Aremys' new gamma! Also, congrats to Tammi for becoming a pack moderator!
  • February 25 - There be young'uns underfoot. Remember to mark your naughty posts [m] for mature, ja?
  • February 20 - Check out our informal IPB Update. And also, our not-quite-open-yet but still awesome Featured New Affiliate for February, Greywalk.
  • February 19 - Our Advertisements have been updated.. go advertise for Souls!
  • February 17 - The Yearbook 2006 has finally been released! Rejoice! And, uh, you! Hey! Yeah, you. Take our survey and play our game! Now!
  • February 17 - New layout. And yes, it's dark. :]
  • February 9th - I went through everyone's title on a witch hunt for broken images. If you still have broken images (or anything wrong with your title, for that matter), post in Maintenance.
  • February - 1st Give a hand to Razekiel Lykoi of Inferni, Spotlight Soul for January!
  • January 22nd - Hilli made the layout. :o
  • January 15th - Congrats to Piper! The new gamma of Clouded Tears. :D
  • January 12th - The Yearbook has been closed to voting and new profile submissions. If you have a late submission, email sie.