Forum Guide

Forum features make your life easier! It's great to know how to operate a forum, and this is a list of tips, tricks, and other "secrets" that members have discovered that make 'Souls easier to navigate!

We use phpBB, so most tips applicable to phpBB work with our forum!

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  1.   1.  Quote Button
  2.   2.  Subscriptions
  3.   3.  Outbox
  4.   4.  bbCode and HTML
    1.   4.1  HTML-Enabled
    2.   4.2  Using HTML
    3.   4.3  HTML Resources
    4.   4.4  bbCode Enabled
    5.   4.5  Using bbCode
    6.   4.6  bbCode Resources
    7.   4.7  HTML
    8.   4.8  bbCode
  5.   5.  Special bbCodes
  6.   6.  Member Tips
  7.   7.  More Information and Resources

1.  Quote Button

When you want to grab something from a post, look below the post and to the right -- there's a button called QUOTE there. You can click that and copy exactly what the other person's posted, allowing you to grab whatever it is you need from their post.

2.  Subscriptions

You can subscribe to individual topics as well as entire forums to receive e-mail notification of replies. This can circumvent a need for a post log, if you only subscribe to your In Character threads, or it can help you stay on top of news and updates posted to the Roleplay Aides forum, and any number of other things! You can alter your settings for topics here, and you can alter your settings for forums here.

3.  Outbox

You can check whether or not someone has read a PM yet and edit Private Messages you've sent that are unread by visiting your Outbox.

The Outbox is useful for figuring out if people are still around 'Souls -- chances are, if your thread has ground to a halt and you PM'ed a person three weeks ago about it, you can have the thread archived! They probably aren't coming back, unfortunately.

Editing PMs is also useful because we are all silly and we make mistakes!

4.  bbCode and HTML

Using bbCode and HTML is somewhat important to roleplaying. It can help you display your posts in different ways and it is a huge help for if you want to create a post log! It's also important to know when to use one over the other.

4.1  HTML-Enabled

  • In your signature
  • In posts on the forum with the use of a [html] tag

4.2  Using HTML

Before we begin, remember that to use HTML on the forum, you must use HTML tags. This means any HTML you post must be surrounded by the following tags: [html] [/html]

4.3  HTML Resources

4.4  bbCode Enabled

4.5  Using bbCode

You don't have to do anything special to use bbCode. It works anywhere it is listed above as enabled.

4.6  bbCode Resources

4.7  HTML


  • <b>Bold</b> or <strong>Bold</strong>
  • Looks like: Bold
  • <i>Italic</i> or <em>Italic</em>
  • Looks like: Italic
  • <u>Underline</u>
  • Looks like: Underline


  • <a href="Link here">Text here</a>
  • <a href="">'Souls RPG</a>
  • Looks like: 'Souls RPG


  • <img src="URL" />
  • <img src="" />
  • Looks like:

Linked Image

  • <a href="URL"><img src="Image URL" /></a>
  • <a href=""><img src="" /></a>
  • Looks like:


<ul> <li>List item</li> <li>List item</li> </ul>

  • Looks like:
  • List Item
  • List Item

<ol> <li>List item</li> <li>List item</li> </ol>

  • Looks like:
  1. List Item
  2. List Item

Resize an Image

  • <img src="Image URL goes here" style="width:WIDTH" />
  • <img src="" style="width:200px" />
  • Looks like:

4.8  bbCode


  • [b]Bold[/b]
  • Looks like: Bold or Bold
  • [i]Italic[/i]
  • Looks like: Italic
  • [u]Underline[/u]
  • Looks like: Underline



  • [img]Image URL goes here[/img]
  • [img][/img]
  • Looks like:

Linked Images

  • [url=Link URL goes here][img]Image URL goes here[/img][/url]
  • [url=]'Souls RPG[/url] * Looks like: [[http://soulsr[img][/img][/url]
  • Looks like:


  • [list][*]List Item [*]List Item[/list]
  • Looks like:
  • List Item
  • List Item
  • [list=1][*]List Item [*]List Item[/list]
  • Looks like:
  1. List Item
  2. List Item

Resize an Image

  • [smimg=WIDTH]Image URL goes here[/smimg]
  • [smimg=200px][/smimg]
  • Looks like:

5.  Special bbCodes

  • There are two ways you can add a mature warning -- the first is for mature content and can be added by doing [mwarn][/mwarn]. The second is for mature images and can be added by doing [mwarn-img][/mwarn-img]. This is the only way to mark your forum profile as mature.
  • [floatright]Stuff[/floatright] and [floatleft]Stuff[/floatleft] wrap content inside <span>s that either float left or right. You can use [clear][/clear] to clear floats as well.
  • There's a code for character sizing dimensions for your forum profile.

6.  Member Tips

Members: Feel free to add your own tips, however brief, here! Remember, you can sign your tip with four tildes (~)

  • Hello I am a tip!

7.  More Information and Resources