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  • I am usually off work on Sundays but work long, irregular hours during the rest of the week.
  • I check Discord multiple times a day, even if I don't have time to respond. Important messages should be DMed to me!
  • Email is a very unreliable method of contact if you are trying to reach me. Let me know of you've needed to email me so I can check it before my junkmail finder has time to kill the letter.

Discord IM — Zoingishly#9230

  • Discord is preferred for chatting, questions, reminders and finalizing adoptions.
  • I have desktop and mobile Discord and will get back to you asap.
  • If I haven't replied within a day, bump the DM with to refresh my notification.

PM — Shaamah

  • PM communication is strongly preferred for commissions.
  • Titled Dark Arts or the word Commission if sending Commission information.
  • Sometimes I don't receive my PM's and sometimes my PM's don't send out. Let me know if you're waiting for me to respond.

by Dark!!





Salsola The Confidant
♂ - 100% Wolf
cNPC: Zetsubou


  • Future character
  • cNPC: ???

  • Future character
  • cNPC: ???


Retired Characters

Future Characters

  • Decommissioned
    • None


  • Debir
  • Loner
  • ♂ - 100% Wolf
  • Available in the Future!! Created by: Dark

RP Info

Plot & Thread Requests

  • Feel free to ask for threads any time!
  • Prefer to plot over DM but PM's to Shaamah work, as well.
  • I use flexible thread dating -- you don't have to check with me to date a thread!


  • I am rarely opposed to OOC endings, pre-thread assumptions, long-term assumptions, etc. Discuss this with me!

Replies and Speeds

  • Due to Sosu, I'm a little backed up! I am trying to whittle down on threads in order to reply in a more timely manner. :3
  • Gentle, polite reminders or "pokes" to reply to or start a thread are okay after a week has passed.
  • Contact me if you need me to prioritize a thread (e.g., rank or plot threads).
  • I am not open for sprees usually, but asking doesn't hurt. <3
  • I am usually off work on Sundays but work long, irregular hours during the rest of the week.


  • I have no issue with archiving threads as long as an ooc agreement to the end of a thread is discussed.
  • I have no preference for how long a thread takes.
  • I don't mind grave digging and I'm not opposed to backdating threads by quite a bit as long as the IC consequences can be worked around.

Other Preferences

  • I usually write posts from 500 - 1000 words; If you don't want something this involved, I can certainly write less by request.
  • Minor PP to move a thread along (walking to follow someone, nonviolent touches, etc., within the grounds of realism and reason) is always acceptable. Other forms of PP may be allowed on a case by case basis. If you're unsure, contact me!
  • I am fine with mature threads and plots. However, for sexually explicit threads, I always prefer to fade to black.
  • I will play LASKY, canon threads with NPCs, but when I bracket they will not be a priority. However, I am notoriously bad about remembering LASKY threads and might need poked.


  • Dark is a beautiful creature <3 - Kitty
  • - Raze
  • Who's my favorite artist?!? - Hilli
  • *rolls around on Dark's page* - Salena
  • Best chars ever! And beautiful art! Ilu ♡ - Silverfrost
  • ...man-off? - Rat


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