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I'm 32, enjoy my keyboard and Banjolele instruments, working on my artwork and writing skills.


Self-Employed Commission Artist

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MX-5 Miata

Metal Gear and Red Dead Redemption 1&2

Borzoi, Sighthounds and Spitz

Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Banana and Coffee


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This table was created by Dark

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Ezra VahnZetsubou Shaamah Pushok Hushhowl
Waynescott Wyatt Eusebia Manitou


Sole Owned


Dawn Hushhowl
Day Hushhowl
Borya Hushhowl
Mithra Blacksun


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NPC Characters

Npc Companions

Head of Clan

Dusk Hushhowl

Living Active Family

² Dusk Hushhowl

² Dawn Hushhowl

² Day Hushhowl

² Pushok Hushhowl

² Temnota Hushhowl

³ Orion Knight

³ Borya Hushhowl

Lords by Blood

Ohja and Shaamah

Living Active Blood

¹ Shaamah

² Zetsubou

² Kaimu

³ Borya Hushhowl

Arrow Lee

Roleplay Info

Plotting and Requests

Speed and Content

  • I prefer to pre-plot threads and do not appreciate deviation without notification. Contact for plots in Discord DM's or Ezra Vahn's PM's.
  • I like to have a strong idea of what's going to happen in a thread before hand. The end should be figured out before it's start, so that timelines don't get messed up and we have an agreement as to what is going to happen in the event of a thread dying.
  • Please feel free to contact me and ask to have priority on a thread if you need it. Usually, it doesn't disrupt me much to bump something to the front.
  • I do not mind violence, gore, or mentions of sexual themes, but will not play out graphic or even vague sexual scenes. I prefer to fade to black.
  • I am currently trying to improve my reply speed, so I do not have a usual predicted speed at the moment. 2 weeks+ is not uncommon for me in the past, however.



  • If you do not want to continue a thread, let me know. No harm, no foul; it happens to all of us! We can archive and ensure an OOC ending has been agreed on.
  • I have been known to revive threads that, sometimes, other's aren't interested in keeping. Hit me up and let me know you'd like it to stay archived and I'll return it to archive.
  • If a thread of ours that you wanted has been archived, I will grab you the link so you may fetch it, but I'm not going to revive a thread that wasn't answered to. You may revive the thread at your convenience, to ensure that you can get a post in before it Auto-DND's after too long of a wait.
  • DM on Discord is the fastest way to get access to me. If you have an important question, that is the best way to go.


Feel free to leave a message! <3

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