Species Gypsy Vanner
Date of Birth 2008
Gender Female


Vitani can often be found around the Temple of Helios in Anathema but when storms and winter comes, Panda often will put Vitani in stall 20 in Anathema Stables.


Vitani is a paint with a base of white and only a few splotches of black here and there on her body. She is quite large, and she has feathered hooves.


Vitani in temperament is overall a really calm being, and she likes to joke and play as well. She is a young-spirited mare and always is ready to take on a challenge. She is not scared of any luperci, but she is apprehensive about following just anyone's orders. She is extremely devoted to Panda and it would take a lot for the horse to abandon her.


  • She was born in Nove Scotia, and always was under the care of Luperci, first just a band of random Luperci.
  • When Anathema was formed, a group of Luperci ransacked the camp that she lived at (later to be discovered that it was Anathema members) and from there she communial Mare for the cave-dwelling pack.
  • Panda becomes interested in the horses, and eventually finds and names Vitani.
  • The two converse and make a pact with each other, to never leave the other in the way of harm.
  • Panda and Vitani become best friends, and rider and steed.
  • Panda breeds Vitani with Zera'im's horse, Korosk.
  • Vitani bares twins by the names of Dosage and Addiction.
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