Synnova Walker

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Synnnova Walker is the daughter of Leine Walker and a slave of the Selva, Samuel del Mar. A hybrid with a tragic past that perpetually haunts her vividly, she left her home in western Mexico for a different world, unlike her own. Despite her love for family, she chose to leave home as seeing more family members die was more than she could handle.





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  • Date of Birth: January 12th, 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence:
  • Mate: -
  • Pack: -
  • Rank: Loner
    • Co-Rank: -
  • cNPC:
    • None
  • Companion Animals:

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Forms

Lupus & Secui

Though she is nearly a half-blooded coyote, her dog heritage gives her a very fluffy looking appearance in the winter, and a slimmer coat in the summer. Her scars are readily seen in both forms, though they are sometimes hidden during wither months if her pelt is shaggy enough. The last one or two vertebrae of her tail are missing, making her tail seem a little stunted but not absurdly short.

She has a relatively narrow snout and noticeably longer ears that are definitely coyote. Her coloration also strongly signals her bloodlines, with red earthy tones, despite the doggish facial markings. One would not assume she is a full-blood coyote, but it is clear there is a good portion of coyote blood within her.


While it is difficult to describe Synnova as dainty, she is by no means brawny or muscular looking. She has a leanness to her with a general tendency toward wiry muscle versus sheer bulk. That is not to say to underestimate her physical ability as her childhood was quite a lot of training to fight. Were she untrained, she would be an incredibly thin woman.

She often keeps her hair bake in a braid with ribbon, as long as it is out of her face. Frequently it's a tighter braid and often slung over her shoulder. Her clothing is simple if she bothers with it, as she greatly prefers to be without clothes. However, she does like scarves and bandannas to tie around her neck and may sometimes be seen with them.


Bossanova (#5c265f)
Pearl Bush (#e9e0d5)
Cameo (#dcc3a3)
Muesli (#ae8c62)
Cape Palliser (#947447)
Potter's Clay (#946134)
Korma (#823e0d)
Kilimanjaro (#1e1202)


Preference: Optime
Height: 5'10" (1.8 m)
Weight: 160 lbs (72.6 kg)



  • Three claw marks down her left thigh
  • Three claw marks across her lower back
  • Large bite mark on right wrist

Accessories / Clothes

  • Bandannas and scarves may often be seen across her neck in any form if not wearing other clothes
  • Her few clothes are a long bland grey dress, darker grey long sleeved midriff shirt, and a pair of dark gray pants
  • Ribbons are her colorful "accessories" since jewelry was considered extravagant

2.  Personality

  • Withdrawn, and yet quite blunt and open with her criticism, it is clear that she chooses not to be tactful. She is decidedly honest, though, and unlikely to lie.
  • Seems cold and unfeeling, though it is more to protect herself than anything else.
  • Organized to a fault, she likes things the way she has them.


  • Expression: Dominant, Condescending, Cold
  • Sociability: Not talkative but enjoys being in groups
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • "You shall follow the law."
    • "You shall not kill the innocent."
    • "You shall honor all oaths."


  • Survival
    • A stable home, a stable life is what she strives to find
  • Familial success
    • A happy life for her siblings at her own expense will always be welcome


  • Fighting
    • While capable, it has become a difficult thing to do emotionally
  • Blood
    • She will completely shut down in the presence of blood, making her unwelcome among healers and the sick
  • Closeness
    • Having lost those closest to her, Synnova has a deep rooted fear of losing anyone else. She strove to give her younger siblings a chance and now refuses to let anyone else in.


  • Coyote: Perceived to be better than the rest, a long suffering species in due of a boosted standing in the world.
  • Dog/Wolf: Perceived to be inferior despite their domineering personalities, mostly drawn from her life's experiences.
  • Non-Luperci: No bias
  • Gender: No bias


  • Kinsey 1 - Predominantly heterosexual and only incidentally homosexual.
    • While she craves intimacy, she also balks from it. Likewise, she fears connections with people and losing them


  • Likes: Calmness, organization, Smoke Smell
  • Dislikes: Blood, chaos, florals


  • Has a fondness for tequila, but otherwise does not often drink
  • Has tried weed, finds it soothing


  • The psuedo-Catholic faith of the Selva
    • Believes in a god, sin, and heaven. However, it is more of a guideline for her than to be strictly obeyed to the letter
    • Her faith is decidedly rattled and fraying

3.  Abilities



  • Hand-to-Hand (Journeyman)
  • Daggers (Journeyman)
  • Feral (Journeyman)


  • Reading/Writing (Journeyman)


  • Weaving (Novice)
  • Jewelry Craft (Novice)



  • While Synnova has no preference for form, she has a limited range of experience with weapons. This leaves her uncomfortable with things outside of her range of training.
  • She is built more for speed, agility, and dexterity, rather than sheer strength. She may take longer to tire but her strikes will not be the most damaging if against a larger opponent.
  • Unfortunately, Nova suffers from mild nearsightedness from a young age. While it has not gotten worse with time, it does mean she is less likely to see quite as far as others so is not a good scout or long-ranged fighter. She can see well, just not as well as those with 20/20 vision.


  • She does not strive to be well-liked, preferring that she be emotionally intact to being polite. This may put her at odds with the more sensitive souls in the world.


  • Though she trained extensively as a fighter, she has some domestic ability though it is of beginner quality and lacks refinement.
  • Somehow, Synnova has an allergy to certain flowers like daisies, dandelions, and goldenrod, leaving her miserable during their blooming seasons

4.  Relationships


  • Mother: Leine Walker
  • Father: Samuel del Mar
  • Littermates: Hyperion Walker
  • Younger (half) Siblings: Andromeda Walker, Dawn Walker, Vega Walker
  • Extended: She is connected to the small Walker family, part of which is distributed in Cancun, and the other half which remains in the Fissure pack in Nebraska.
  • Children: None

Key Relations

  • Andromeda, Dawn, & Vega: Her younger siblings, whom she was forced to raise after her brother and mother died. She loves them unconditionally and always prioritizes them before herself.
  • Name Guy: Her friend and lacking a name because i'm tired.

Pack Relations

Non-Pack Relations

Former Relations

  • Hyperion Walker: Her brother, her littermate, her full-blooded sibling. He was her light, her joy, her companion in life through the life that was the Selva clan. His death during a raid from the Paradiso shattered her world and left her feeling cold, lost, and forced to care for her younger siblings on her own when all she wanted was to run.
  • Leine Walker: Her mother, who she cared for greatly since she had no father to raise her. Her death added to the misery of her brother's, leaving her desolate, moody, and withdrawn.
  • Maria de Selva: The clan leader of the Selva, Synnova liked her enough to remember her fondly, but the woman was not close. She would recommend anyone who also liked the leader.

5.  History

Her family came from a short line of Walker coyotes from the Nebraska region of the former States. They traveled nearly a decade and a half from the region, away from the variable seasons to warmer climes, drawn by the idea of year-round sunshine and a coyote dominated landscape. They eventually made it to Cancun, once a developing and prosperous human resort city, now a land divided by coyote and dog war. Despite this, they joined and the lineage remained among the Selva clan of coyotes and coyote-dominant hybrids.

Synnova's mother, born into a family used to the struggle against the dog Paradiso gang, secretly engaged in a illicit relationship with the clan slave, a young man former of Paradiso himself. While they maintained it quietly despite the rank difference and decidedly different mindsets. While the man suggested they run, Leine refused. They distanced themselves and Leine reinforced the mindset against the slaves, and therefore the dogs. The distance meant that there was no hint of parentage when Synnova and her brother Hyperion were born.

Right off the bat, once they were weaned, training begun. Normally, children that young were free to play and be children. However, due to an increasing frequency of encounters with Paradisos, the Selva clan was forced to begin training everyone viable to fight. Before they could even shift, Leine's first litter were learning how to fight on four legs, regardless of how well the lessons were retained and how much the young complained. When they properly shifted, they were trained in other arms, though Synnova showed more skill in close-range weapons and limited success with any ranged things. Her eyesight shortcomings made her less likely to scout and more likely to be a full warrior.

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