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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  History

Sound is currently a Loner







  • Date of Birth: 01 Feb 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: —
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Subspecies:
    • ??
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

It is evident from his appearance that Sound is not a purely bred wolf. There is, in fact, a very faint trace of German Shepherd in him as a result of his ancestry. His grandfather being one half German Shepherd made his mother one fourth German Shepherd, his father and grandmother both being full blood wolves. It is only really present in one isolated spot on his pelt.

Over all, his pelt is a light brown save for his lower back where it fads into a very dark brown that runs all the way to half way down the upper side of his tail, the underside remaining lighter in shade, and down the outside of his thighs. Again, the underside retaining it's lighter color. It is also the same with his ears, being a darker shade of brown than the rest of him. Now, it should be noted that even though he doesn't boast a full blooded pedigree, he still comes from very good genes, standing 36 inches at the shoulder in his lupus state. He walks on powerful legs with broad shoulders. But again, a note should be made, as Sound prefers his Optime state.

In his Optime state, Sound once again stands tall. At 6 feet 11 inches, he is what you would consider Tall. Not out right huge, but he is no shrimp. His body has been made strong and sturdy by the fair amount of beating it has seen. This is evident in the numerous scars that adorn his body. Starting at the top of his head, the most noticeable being that the top half of his left ear is gone. It had once been a jagged tear, but he's sense had it clipped to make it perfectly level and more clean. Next would be a diagonal scar about an inch and a half long right above his left brow. On the tip of his nose there is a very small scar, little more than a nick, above his right nostril. Then we get to his torso. On his back, right below his right shoulder, there is a road rash scar five inches across and two inches wide from sliding across concrete where fur no longer grows. Another similar scar can be found just above his left hip on his side only about two and a half inches across and an inch wide. Same cause, different fall.

Next we have his arms. Sound has a worker's arms. There is an obvious amount muscle in his arms, but they aren't out right huge. He is strong, but this is more to hard work then physical training in an attempt to make himself buff. The most noticable scars would be on his right hand, but his left has a few good nicks on it too, particularly a line down the pad of his left thumb where it had once been sliced wide open. But, returning to his right hand, keen and quick eyes would notice a series of jagged nicks across his right knuckles where his fist made contact with another's exposed teeth, in what is commonly known as a Fight Bite. And on his right elbow is yet another road rash scar where fur doesn't grow, roughly the size of a Canadian two dollar coin.

And finally, we arrive at his legs. There are too many nicks and cuts on his feet to cover all of. The two center most toes of his right foot are just barely leaned to the right from having be broken, more than once, from being stubbed badly. Every time though they have been painstakingly set so that they could heal.

Sound has had no real body modification done, as he's earned plenty of scars easy enough just living, save for his right ear, the one he still has all of. Tattooed in all capital letters on the inside of his ear in black ink, are the words NEVER SAY DIE.

Spending most of his time in his Optime state, he has become accustom to clothing, but doesn't personally have very much of it. Normally he is wearing a pair of a shorts made from a hymned pair of old jeans, with a thick leather work belt, stained dark brown from being dipped in oil more than once over the many many years to keep it leathery. And he can almost always be seen carrying a weathered and faded olive drab satchel.

In all, Sound is a very fit and capable creature. His whole body is one sturdy and well put together machine. Despite the many scars that adorn his body, hygiene is something he puts effort into. He keeps himself clean and well groomed, not attempting to hide of cover up any of the blemishes along his body that he has earned over the years, but simply trying to take care of what he does have to work with.

2.  Personality

Sound is an all around very calm and quiet natured creature. He is very level headed and thoughtful, and most of all, analytical. The state of him being a genius or not is a thought he has toyed with once or twice, but for the most part he just uses his mind to the best of his ability and let people think of him what they will. He learns quickly and adapts quickly and has an excellent memory. But these are all just traits. What makes Sound who he is, is the fact that he is a loving and caring individual. It just takes some getting to know him to find it. It's locked away under a few layers. Of his many aspects, one of the most notable is that he, very literally, has no side in concerns such as politics. He is on the side of one thing.

What. Is. FAIR.

An example of this would be something like a decision from a rank high above him in a healthy and strong pack to move in and take territory from a weaker pack struggling to get by without provocation. Sound would be against this and call it dead wrong. Even if it meant more for the pack he was in. Even if it meant more safety and stability for his pack mates. It was still wrong. But now, one must remember. Fairness is unbiased. It cuts both ways and takes just as much as it gives.

Another example, say a pack mate of his went out and committed sins of a particular nature against a female of another pack, and made it back to his own in time. Sound would expect that wolf to be handed over to the rival pack, no matter how poor the relationship status, for punishment. But on the other hand, repeat the first scenario, but now say that this struggling pack had been conducting raids against his pack before the scarcity had set in. And in one of these raids a young pup was accidentally killed. Under those circumstances, the idea of taking land from them might very well likely been an idea spawned from his own head.

Existing this way isn't easy. It truly is a double edged sword that can make it very hard to make friends. But it is a choice that Sound made. You can ether seek to serve yourself and have your riches here in this life, or you can live with a good soul and do what is right and leave this world with a clean conscience. And seeing as he has reason to believe that the world can be a absolutely mad and eccentric place, he has come to the conclusion that in order to survive you must be equally so. Living by this state of fairness has also driven much of his ability to pass judgment on others based on stupid reasons such as sexuality, religion, and species away. It's not fair to look down on someone just because his husband's better looking than you. Especially when they've done no wrong against you.

In fact, that is the core and central idea of Sound's personality. Action. Actions are the only thing you can fairly and justly judge someone by. But again, such a mindset has it's drawbacks. It's hard for Sound to let others in. Not giving out his trust and respect until it has been earned. And this can be said because respect, personal respect, and acknowledgment of Rank, are two entirely different things. Another great drawback is that you sacrifice honor. That is the hardest aspect of it to explain, some may be smart enough to understand, but for the most part it is something you have to witness to understand. But now, underneath all these layers, we finally arrive at the loving and caring individual that he is.

Sound is an optimistic person, believing that hell always comes to a close, you just have to survive the walk through. He is a pack creature without a doubt, being loyal to the proud few he does call Friend to a fault. Breaking even the most sacred of his ethics and morals knowingly and willingly without a moment's hesitation in their preservation, and always willing to share what he has. The reason for this being all of the mentioned morals and ethics. Friend isn't a word he uses lightly. Friend to him is a word that is given to someone who has come to an understanding of the way he lives and develops a state of tolerance and acceptance of it. All of these things that make him who he is, all these morals and ethics. The fact that he lives in the bitter and straightforward facts of fairness, and respects it enough to put at least some effort into avoiding a situation where he would have to break these things. These are the kinds of people that he clings fiercely to. They are the ones he will go to great lengths for, because at the end of it all, he just wants everyone to make it back home, in what ever way that the word home takes meaning to them.

In closing, attention should be drawn to the fact that he considers himself a wolf. The fact that his grandfather was one half German Shepherd, and his mother one fourth, means that by this point there's too little of it in his blood for him to concern himself with anymore.

3.  History

The earliest part of Sound's life was spent among the ruins of a city in New Hampshire. There's more than enough material to make stuff in those cities and plenty of scrap and loot to go around, but the problem is the fact that everything's fallen in on itself. And the one thing that the young Luperci craved more than anything in their environment was knowledge. So digging through ruins became a pass-time among them ever since they were old enough to sneak away from their snoozing mothers. Because the pack that claimed them being a merry band of misfits, everything sort of fell in line on it's own for them. Most of their parents, Sound's mother in particular, being more Nature than Nurture helped too. It's why he adores the memories of his mother and father. They were merely the framework, the givers of information. And from there they allowed the boy to feel out for himself who he was.

Growing up this way was amazing, and it made him tough. It made all of them tough. Going out every single day and coming home with fresh scraps and bruises. It taught something extremely valuable. It taught Common Sense. And the value of common sense is judged by it's ability to keep you alive. Things like the age old saying of Look before you Leap, and even a thing or two about the dangers of pride. Fighting serves no purpose and is something you should resort to only when you have no other choice. Fighting gets you all kinds of messed up. Turning tail and taking off running keeps you from getting messed up and gets you back home in time for supper with much less injury to explain. It was a fun up bringing, for the most part anyways.

But any experienced person will tell you that you don't get good at staying alive without it nearly costing your life a time or two. Among the first mistakes made occurred during training to use a bow. One of the other children accidentally lost his grip and loosened an arrow at Sound's head. The poorly made arrowhead arched the arrow upward just a tad and not being sharp enough to cut, it tore the top half of his ear off. They had just been playing around, and so it had served as a lesson for both of them. But this is just one such accident that occurred in the course of his upbringing, a fair number of his other scars coming from horseback training.

But finally we arrive at the close of these humble beginnings. Thanks to some destabilized issues with a much stronger neighboring pack, it was finally time for the little merry band of Misfits to uproot and beat feet out of that place. Sound and his three closest friends where given their mothers' permission to go and find their own way in the world. Go and do something incredible. So while the rest of the pack returned to deeper in country, The four hooligans set off up the coast. And when they set off, they set off at full tilt. These four small town boys took off, running for their lives. What they were running from exactly, they didn't know. And what they were running to, they didn't know that ether. But they knew they were going to find it. So they road. They road long and hard off into the windless night, heading up into Maine. In Maine, they stopped and plundered and explored when they could, but for the most part they just ran hard and fast, trying to put as much ground behind them as they could. After a fair amount of time, they came across a town built in the ruins of a place called Machias. A few nights were spent here, as it was right on the water, recharging the batteries so to speak. It was also here that they decided to split their separate ways, figuring they'd had a good run.

Each of them took off in a different direction, Sound boarding a boat with a handful of other Luperaci, and made his way to Nova Scotia, hitting ground north of Yarmouth.