Oleastro Reyes

by Lin

Oleastro is the youngest of his slew of siblings and half-siblings, born into one of the numerous litters between a gypsy woman, Carmela Reyes, and her various paramours.

His childhood was tumultuous at best; Carmela's wanderlust was notorious amongst those who knew her — a trait she passed on to her children. Much of Oleastro’s early life was spent on the road, biting at the heels of the rest of the Reyes clan; and at his mother’s in particular, battling fruitlessly for her attention.

Nevertheless, things changed once he had undergone his first shift. As he became more and more independent, Oleastro grew tired of living in his family’s shadows. Ultimately, he resolved to strike out on his own, and for many months he made his trade out of scavenging and thievery — occasionally banding together with other vagrants to pull off greater endeavors.

Inevitably, his luck soured after he, alongside a party of fellow highwaymen, was embroiled in a plot to steal livestock — culminating in the inadvertent death of a ranch hand and forcing him to flee. From then on, travel lost its leisure; with the victim's vengeful family at his back, he fled further north in hopes of finding refuge.

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  1. my statue, sinking
    Oleastro sets camp and invites an amiable loner to join him by the fire.
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