Leo Shepard

Leo Shepard is the son of Monty Shepard and Bella Field, born in North America. He is currently in the Agriculture pathway of Aniwaya.

Leo Shepard

by Nat



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Date of Birth

1 July 2013




Birth place

North America


Wolf-Dog Hybrid 25% Dingo, 25% Australian Shepherd, 50% Great Plains Wolf

50% Canis lupus nubilus (Wolf)
25% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
25% Canis lupus dingo (Dingo)


50% Great Plains Wolf
25% Australian Shepherd
25% Dingo




Mate None
Pack Aniwaya
Rank Tsulvwisdanehi

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1.  Appearance

Leo's looks seemed to show much of the Australian Shepherd side of his inheritance. His face is marked with typical dog coat patterns. From the lighter beige spots over his eyebrows, to the white mask that covers part of his muzzle, and travels down from his jaw to his lower belly. Much akin to Leo's name, and the reason he was given it, Leo also has a different coloured coat around his neck and head like a mane. Leo's ears are pointed, though usually remain back against his head.

As of 12 August 2015 Leo has a large, claw shaped scar over his stomach. There are also smaller, dotted and random scars around his hands and forearms.

1.1  Build and Species

Leo has the thin build of a Dingo, with only the essence of his Wolf-dog genes appearing through the thicker fur around his head, neck, forearms and legs and tail. Leo is thin, and isn't muscular or strong in general appearance. However, Leo's legs are long and strong, hardened from a life of constant walking and herding sheep.

1.2  Coloration

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  • Optime Hair: Judge Gray (#574236)
  • Eyes: Left is Lima (#3FC022), Right is Elm (#228874).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Santa Fe (#BB7A53).
    • Wafer (#E3D9D3) around muzzle, and extending in a line to forehead. Around jaw, and continues down over underbelly. Underside of forearms, and over lower legs.
    • Apricot (#E89C6F) as small spots above eyes on brow.
    • Judge Gray (#574236) as small freckles around muzzle and bridge.

1.3  Forms




71 lbs (32 kg)
30 in (72 cm)

140 lbs (64 kg)
41 in (104 cm)

148 lbs (67 kg)
6ft 00in (183 cm)

Slim and short furred like a Dingo. His dark mane exists only as fur over his head and neck. Is thin but still healthy with strong muscles especially in legs. Due to his flock, Leo tends to not use this or his Secui form often. However, he does enjoy sleeping in Lupus, which as a loner he never got the chance to do often.

His mane is thicker, but still exists as simply darker, raised fur behind his neck. Fur around his head, neck, legs and tail begins to grow, but there is little muscular change. Leo is more leggy, however, in this form. Isn't used often, for the same reason as Lupus form.

Average height, fur remains short apart from in specific areas. Is thin and long limbed. His mane grows out into long, straight hair. Around his forehead, it extends up and away from his face due to his pair of goggles. This is the form Leo uses the most. The scars across his arms and stomach are more obvious in this form.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Across stomach, a thick and large claw wounds received from a fight with a violent lone wolf attacking his flock.
    • Small, littered scars around forearms and hands, also received from the violent lone wolf.


  • Leo wears a small, wooden flute around his neck. It is used to command his flock via simple noise commands, and Leo often clings to it when talking to others.
  • Leo wears a pair of black, swimming goggles around his head and tucked around his ears. They are always present on his head, and are used to keep his long hair out of his face.


  • Leo doesn't normally wear clothing. However, as his life in a pack continues, Leo may find the time to make his own clothing, or find a new need to wear them.

2.  Personality

Leo is nothing like the majestic beasts that link to his name. He is a coward, and shows it in almost everything he does. He is very tense around meeting others, and is always looking for an escape from conversations. He doesn't like being nervous. Leo is actually a really friendly guy, who only longs for friendship. And so is always frustrated with himself every time he cowers away from an interaction with another. To add to his fragile demeanour, Leo suffers from a genetic form of Stuttering. Passed down from his fathers side, it runs through Leo's blood. Which only makes it hard to attempt to talk to others. Even when Leo isn't nervous, his shaky voice and uncontrollable shivers make it seem like he is.

But there is one hope to Leo, one topic he can talk about the easiest, his sheep. Leo has a family bond to his 6 sheep and one goat. They were the last things left to him by his mother and father, and his little goat has grown with Leo from his birth, sharing the same birthday as the Luperci. Leo talks to them, tells them apart by their personalities, and takes care of them. In return, the sheep do what sheep do best, they follow Leo wherever he goes.

What goals in life Leo has at the moment is to look after his inheritance, being his sheep and goat. And he follows the Shepard family tradition of being travelling farmers, constantly moving and looking for places to stay for a short while, before moving on again. Leo doesn't know if he should settle down to a pack, his father never told him to in his talks with the boy, and Leo himself doesn't know if he'd cope in such a social place.

Amongst Leo's many phobias, he hates water with a passion. Drinking it is as far as he goes, and even that is done with caution. As strange as the phobia may seem, Leo's past reflects a perfect reason for it.

2.1  Demeanor

Leo shakes like a leaf, usually no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable he is with a conversation. It is a symptom of his mental issues, but Leo has got used to them. He remains almost always closed off, and only begins to show signs of comfort and relaxation when around close friends or his flock.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Sheep, domestic animals, Dawn, having friends, kindness, peace, easy roads, pleasing others.
  • Dislikes: Being in crowds, violence, pain, danger to his flock, being scared, water in all forms (excluding rain), storms.


Anxious, Timid, Friendly, Caring.


  • Losing his family, Water, Heights, Death, Failing, Losing his Flock, Others, Social interactions, Being attacked.


  • To keep up the Shepard flock, to repay Aniwaya for saving him, as well as Galilani, to give his flock a happy life, to make a life for himself.


  • Packs: Prior to joining Aniwaya, Leo had a fear of packs. He still fears them, but the Tribe is a special exception, and may get Leo to change his mind over packs in general.
  • Species: Leo doesn't have bias against species, he fears them all equally.
  • Non-Luperci: Leo can find those who cannot shift with less fear, but it is very minimal, as in any form they can still bite, so he still fears them.
  • Gender: Leo's sister taught him that females can be just as tough as males, so he fears both.
  • Color: There's no bias to colour.
  • Sexuality: No Bias.
  • Age: Leo doesn't meet many pups, but he feels a lot calmer around them. They can cause him less harm, so the only fear he feels is of social pressures when talking to them.


Kinsey Scale 3 - Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual

Leo hasn't had any experience in his sexuality. His parents taught him what they could of the Birds and the Bees, but Leo remains rather nervous about the idea. It sounds like a lot of pressure, and until recently, Leo hasn't felt any close connection to anyone before. Leo knows more about his feelings now, but after a negative reaction to them, he's become even more insecure about love. He often feels bad for feeling that way about someone, when in truth, Leo just wants to know what it's like to be loved, and supported.


Leo's father once let the children try alcohol. Leo didn't mind the taste, and wouldn't turn down a drink, but he doesn't like the effect it has on one's body, and so wouldn't indulge in very much.


Leo is very open to the idea of a Spiritual existence. He likes to hope there is something beyond death, and that those he's lost in his life so far are at peace, and watch him from above somewhere. He's willing to learn about religious views, and accepts what others believe on most occasions.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Galilani Adahy: Leo considered Galilani his closest friend. She's, in Leo's opinion, saved Dawn's life twice, along with Leo's. He'd do anything for Galilani, and longs to repay her for her kind deeds and spend more time with her.
  • Joy Uwatie: Joy was the one to care for Leo when he was getting over his wounds. In her opinion, their relationship is simply professional, as he is just a patient. However, even knowing that, Leo trusts Joy like a friend.
  • Fenrir Lupercus: A warrior of Aniwaya, and one of the first members Leo met. After helping to rescue his son, and conquer his fear of water, Leo became closer to Fenrir, enough to see him as a trustworthy friend and brother. Fenrir has also taken time to help Leo learn how to defend himself, which makes the shepherd all the more grateful.

3.2  Family: Shepard?

  • Mother: Bella Field
  • Father: Monty Shepard
  • Siblings: Marie Shepard and Tucker Shepard
  • Extended: Many of the Shepard bloodline still live in Europe, as Monty was the only one as he knows of to travel to North America.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • August Cormier: Assisted Leo when the shepherd first arrived in 'Souls, feels a need to repay the man one day.
  • Bear: A friend Leo made when exploring the lands.
  • Lobo: Another friend Leo made, this time from their similar speech problems, that allowed Leo for once to speak his mind without too much worry.

3.4  Former Relations

  • Dead and inactive characters should go here.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Leo stutters constantly, as it is a speech defect that is genetically passed down from his father's side. It's hard to tell what Leo's voice would sound like beyond the shaking voice, though he does usually speak quietly and mumbles a lot.
  • Scent: Sheep and Goats, crop, dirt, slight smell of Balsam as well as wood.

4.1  Residence

  • A very simple hut that Leo stashes his valuables in. He usually sleeps amongst his sheep, who tend to hang around the door to the hut when they can't get in.

4.2  NPCs

Dawn the Goat

  • Species: Kiko Goat
  • Age: 2 years old.
  • Description:
  • Personality: Dawn is a confident little goat, and is very tame and friendly. She is comfortable around others, having grown up with Leo as his lifetime companion. The two are inseparable, and even through her blank face, it is obvious that Dawn cares as much for Leo as he does for her.


  • Species: California Red Sheep
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Description:
  • Personality: She's the oldest of the two California Red Sheep Leo has, and mother to Rose. Being the only sheep to reach motherhood from the group, Phoebe is a calm lady, and doesn't take much nonsense. Because of it, she can be rather stubborn.


  • Species: California Red Sheep
  • Age: 3 months
  • Description:
  • Personality: Phoebe's daughter, and youngest sheep of the small flock, Rose is an adventurous one, however always thinks with her stomach. The others can rely on Rose to find good pasture when they need it. She's very docile, and is used to being handled as Leo often cuddles her for comfort.


  • Species: Merino Sheep
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Description:
  • Personality: Theo was until now, rather simple and quiet. He still is simple, but as head Ram of the flock now, Theo shows a lot more bravado and bulk, though doesn't cause Leo too much trouble.


  • Species: Merino Sheep
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Description:
  • Personality: Sam and Theo were received together, and are assumed to be siblings. Sam doesn't cause much fuss, and chooses to follow her brother who in turn, follows Leo.


  • Species: Lincoln Longwool Sheep
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Description:
  • Personality: Queen is easy going, and a rare breed indeed. She cannot handle the travelling as well as the others, but has survived so far. Leo recently discovered that Queen is pregnant to Theo's lambs, and the shepherd has predicted she'd be expecting in Winter.

4.3  Abilities


  • Sheep Handling (Master): A skill any shepherd can handle, though the Shepard family have a personal way of going about it. They create connections to their flock like a family, and that attachment plus special training leads the flock to be as loyal as they appear.
  • Music (Apprentice): Leo's flute is usually only for commanding his sheep. However, Leo's taught himself some simple tunes using the instrument as well.
  • Farming (Journeyman): There was a time where the family stopped for a while, in which Leo was taught about farming by his mother. He hasn't relied on these skills for a while, but still remembers some tricks of the trade from his mothers teachings. As he continues on his path in Aniwaya, this skill will no doubt improve.
  • Sewing and Handling Wool (Journeyman): Leo knows how to turn wool into a yarn, and has basic skills in sewing certain items, and making repairs as well.
  • Spear fighting (Apprentice): Over the fall, Leo was given lessons in how to fight with a spear. He is usually seen carrying one, using it to lean on, but is confident that he at least knows how to defend himself with the weapon. He isn't quite comfortable in calling himself 'skilled' with the spear, but is far more confident than he used to be about the idea of self-defence and combat.


  • Fear: Leo is scared of a lot, and comfortable with very little. His fear and panic can sometimes cloud his decisions, or cause Leo to freeze in terror. He struggles to get over this, as it makes him useless as defending anything.
  • Water: Leo fears water more than anything, so much that even stepping into a shallow pool terrifies him. Drinking water is taken incredibly cautiously, and if Leo was to fall into deeper waters, he may well pass out from the overloading fear of the situation.
  • Stuttering: Whilst stuttering, it makes it obvious to others, no matter how confident Leo is, that he might be a weaker target.

4.4  Inventory


Leo is open to all sorts of small time trade for his goods. In the past, his father would simply trade milk and wool to others to get hay or grain, things to feed the flock with. Leo doesn't have much skills or ways with words, so he can be brought easily into unfair deals and go along with them.

  • Offering: Milk and Wool.
  • Accepting: Hay, grain, carrots, shears, small knives, pieces of cloth or bags.

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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6.  History

History begins with the large Shepard family. Monty Shepard, Leo's father, was a traveller at most. His long family line over the ages had journeyed slowly from Australia to Europe. For a long while, the Shepard family lived in the Alps, there earning their last name as they raised and farmed all sorts of Sheep. The family was so large, including uncles and cousins and grandparents, that alone the Shepard's were their own pack. They were primarily lead by Monty's father, who kept the family safe from outsiders. But sickness took over the large family, carried from their flocks to the Shepards themselves. Many of the elderly members died, as did Monty's father after a year of struggling. So Monty took charge of the group, although it was now weakened. And worse was still to come for the family pack. Monty was strong like his father, but never as skilled. So numerous times, the pack was raided by others. Sheep taken, stock taken. Even moving to different areas of the Alps, Monty and his family still found themselves in trouble. Monty took it to heart each time he failed to keep the family, including their precious sheep, safe. And so he came to a decision, the family was safest on the road, constantly moving with small flocks. Others thought it was a ridiculous choice, but with all the years of tragedy, no one else had a better idea. Plus, the family knew they couldn't remain together forever. So they split, Monty's younger siblings taking shares of the flock and going off in different directions. One north, a few back to the east. And Monty, he decided to take his portion of the family overseas to the continent of America. He'd given much of his portion of the flock to his siblings, and traded off the few Sheep and supplies he'd been given off to sailors to gain access across the ocean. Monty didn't like the seas very much, it was nothing like the green fields he'd known in his life. But he stayed strong with his decision to leave to America, and was glad he stuck to it. Because not half a year into finding a life in North America, did Monty meet Bella Field, a farmer she-wolf living in a nearby pack. Monty didn't want to join the pack, stubborn in his decision to not settle down like that again after a life of failures. But he did bond to Bella when they met in neutral lands. The two sparked a romance, the only issue was Bella's pack. They didn't approve of outsiders, and so demanded that either Monty joined, or Bella left. And the bold Luperci woman bid farewell to her family, who reluctantly accepted her decision. She was given two sheep from the pack's farm, since they'd belonged to Bella anyway, as a parting gift. And like that, Monty Shepard had a flock to look after again, be it a small one. Though quite soon their numbers would increase, as Bella became pregnant with the pair's first litter together. And thus, Leo Shepard was welcomed into the world, with his tiny brother Tucker, and bulky sister, Marie. The family were happy, if always on the move, and for Leo and his siblings, movement was all they knew. Tucker was the most active, tiny guy around. And it made Monty proud to see someone of his line not only accept constant travel, but also enjoy and bask in it. But there was one thing in travelling that was always a risk. The unknown. The Shepards never knew what was ahead of them, only more land. And one day poor Tucker proved that to his parents and siblings, and changed Leo's life for good. Surveying at the top of a waterfall, looking for a way down, Tucker rushed closer to the edge, whilst the others remained further back. The weight of Leo's small brother was all it took, and a chunk of the cliff, carrying both parents, Leo and Tucker, broke loose, and dropped the family down to the unforgiving waters below. Leo couldn't remember anything but the fall, the crushing impact of water, and then being chucked around in the currents until passing out. When he woke up, he was laying on the shore, just far enough out of the river to escape it's power. Coming to, Leo looked up to find a familiar gaze of rectangular pupils. Dawn, his goat, standing and waiting for Leo to wake up. And with her, the six other Sheep the family currently owned. All of them had found their own way down the cliff and followed the river until they located Leo. Leo remained by that river for a long time, sore and disorientated. And very scared. Everything happened so fast, and for a boy only just turned his first year, Leo had no clue on what to do. Despite his pain, Leo was lucky to retain no serious injury. However, searching for his parents and brother, and finding nothing, Leo could only assume they weren't as lucky. Probably dragged much further than Leo by the river. So far he couldn't even pick up a scent. So Leo returned to the waterfall, getting back to the top of the cliff carefully, followed by the small flock of course. He carefully made his way to the spot where they'd fallen, finding the family's cart, stocked with hay and other supplies that had fortunately not been looted yet. But that was all Leo found. No family. Even Marie, who was searching elsewhere when the others had fallen, was no where to be found. This was Leo's first time alone... well, not quite alone. Perhaps confused, the sheep stuck to the only person they recognised, being Leo, just as they'd been trained to. Out of hope, Leo remained by that waterfall for days, praying the others were alright and would probably think to meet here. But for days there was nothing. And so Leo reluctantly decided to move on. With a heavy heart, the boy took the spare wooden flute from the cart, and commanded the sheep to continue following him, remembering from what his father had taught him on how to herd the sheep using it. And with his flock on his heels, Leo moved onwards to northern lands. Travelling for a whole year before reaching the lands of Nova Scotia, and perhaps even finding a reason to finally stop moving there.

After entering 'Souls, by a violent encounter that lost him one of his flock, Leo decided to finally join a pack, and headed to Aniwaya.

6.1  Timeline


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