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Itheral Karr

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January, 2011






Itheral Karr is, at first glance, an utter brute of a wolf. A member of the Hudson Bay sub species (or so he would tell you, in an attempt to sound special), his body weight was a staggering 170 pounds. His large body is covered in a short, usually well kept coat of black fur, with the exception of his chest, belly, and rump, which are is a lighter shade of grey. Thick limbs and large paws help the large brute move his large weight, more often then not stopping for a 'quick breather' (read: nap).

While Itheral would like to say his weight is all muscle, it becomes rather clear upon closer inspection that his bulk is mostly a result of overeating. His belly sways to and fro rather comically on the rare occasion he has to run, and the naturally wide body of the Hudson Bay wolf is even wider on Itheral. Unseen under his fur, the rotund wolf's rump and lower thighs had a series of minor scars, a small tuff patch of fur missing halfway down his tail, as well as a rather....private injury to his 'manly' region he never mentions; rather tellingly, though, there wasn't a single scar on his front half.

Overall, Itheral's hulking form could prove a deterrent to any potential adversaries with weak eyesight, but it didn't take much of a closer look to see the overweight brute for what he really was...physically, at least.


Itheral can be, for the most part, a total asshole. The kind of asshole that thinks he is totally amazing. The 'shit'. The bee's knees. All that and a bag of chips. He'll often act tough (especially in front of pretty females) and cocky. This will more often then not lead to him biting off more than he can chew, and often leads to him running off with his tail literally between his legs. How the oversized lardball has managed to not get himself killed in some pathetic, cowardly way is one of life's great mysteries. Its never his fault, however, for running away. Besides eating, Itheral is a master at rationalization: he can always pin the blame for his failures at someone, or something, else.

Besides being a cocky bastard, there is one thing Itheral loves above all else: food. He is a glutton, which is obvious by glancing at his waist. He is by no means obese, but it's a funny sight to see the pudgy wolf running; a furred lava lamp, if you will. He's particularly fond of rabbit. Beware if you're eating some; turn your head for a second, and Itheral will practically inhale your meal, and act like nothing happened.

He isn't always that irritating, mind you. He can be a loyal friend if you can put up with his delusions of grandeur, and is often a rather fun guy to be around. He is rather touchy about his past though; any sort of question about the reason for his wandering stage is met with a snarky remark about minding one's business, then usually a few hours sulking under a tree.


Born to the alpha wolves of a small pack of nomadic wolves who, at the time, resided in what was northeastern Ontario, Itheral was the only pup of five that lived past the first day of birth. Devastated at the lost of nearly all of their pups, Itheral's mother and father coddled him, spoiling him utterly. A bit of a runt at birth, he quickly grew plump and healthy, not having to share with any siblings. For its benefits, however, being the only child would make things difficult for him later on.

As he grew, his mother kept him in the den, worried sick he'd go off and get himself hurt. A total mama's boy, Itheral lazed about in the the den, not socializing with any of the other pups, instead being coddled by his mother, told how he was such a good son and complimented on for everything he did, which wasn't much. He began to grow cocky, thinking he was better then the other wolves his age, and while he was trained to hunt small game rather effectively, he spent most of his time lazing about sleeping. He wasn't allowed to explore, after all, so what else was there to do? As time went on, he continued to grow, and Itheral's fellow pups did as well. He knew they spoke behind his back, making fun of his rather large paunch he was growing from days doing nothing, but he didn't care. He was, after all, a super awesome guy...his mom said so!

It wasn't until his parents perished in a terrible accident while crossing a frozen river that Itheral understood the extent of his colleges hatred for him. Torn up about the loss of his mother and father, Itheral nonetheless turned to his pack-mates, addressing them as their new alpha male. Assuming they would all accept him as their leader (after all, he was so awesome), Itheral was rather shocked when instead, they ran him out of the pack, nearly killing him. This event is a rather touchy subject with Itheral, and he gets very, very agitated when/if anyone ever asks or tries to bring it up. Needless to say, the rotund canine found himself a loner, and made his way westward, hoping he might find somewhere else to call home.


ParentsHersent Karr & Fenrir Karr

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