Alger Clan

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Classification: Request. Players must request permission to create a character originating from the area or spent a sizable period of time in the area, but they may play a character that passed through the area or their character has heard of the area.

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A description of the territory goes here. Don't get into too much detail--remember, people aren't playing these territores. Information about the climate and general area willsuffice. For example, one might say that 'Souls is mostly deciduous forest in a temperate climate zone, with low mountains and a lot of coastline. If your area is a city, you can include particularly important areas that most citizens of the area would know--like Halifax in 'Souls. Not many canines live there, but pretty much everyone knows the human ruins, right? :)


The southwest Ireland has reverted to the lives of the clans of old, a little barbaric and filled with mystery and 'magic.' Lots of boasting of strength, cattle raids and bloodfeuds because men will be men.

Significant Occurrences & Characters

If there was a massive war or other large scale occurrence here, you may include it here, however, please keep in mind that these events don't have a lot of meaning for characters who did not originate from the place during that time, so detail this part very sparingly. :) You can also list any characters that originated from the area, like so:

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