'Souls Acronyms & Thread Tags

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  1.   1.  Group & Pack Synonyms
    1.   1.1  Active Packs
    2.   1.2  Inactive Packs
    3.   1.3  Non-Packs
  2.   2.  Thread Tags
  3.   3.  Out of Character Acronyms

1.  Group & Pack Synonyms

1.1  Active Packs

Acronym Full Phrase
CdC Casa di Cavalieri
SL Salsola
MV Mistfell Vale
DCG Del Cenere Gang

1.2  Inactive Packs

Acronym Full Phrase
AW AniWaya
AR Aremys
AT Anathema
CD Crimson Dreams
CdM Cour des Miracles
CH Celestial Hollow
CdA Cercatori D'Arte
CM Chimera
CT Clouded Tears
DdM / DDM Dahlia de Mai
EH Esper Hollow
G7 Gamma7
IF Inferni
IN Insieme
InH Ichika no Ho-en
LG Labyrinth Glen
JS Jaded Shadows
KR Krokar
MS Midnight Shores
ND New Dawn
PV Phoenix Valley
SK Sangilak
SP Sapient
SS Shadowed Sun
ST Storm
TV Twilight Vale
VN Vinátta

1.3  Non-Packs

Acronym Full Phrase
CR Creatures
LN Loners
LW Deprecated, Lone Wolf

2.  Thread Tags

Thread tags are pretty important at 'Souls. >_>

Acronym Full Phrase Meaning
AW All welcome / Open Denotes that anyone ("all") is welcome to post in an IC thread. An "open" thread. Please note that you should not join a thread if it has progressed more than a few replies in without asking all participants even if it marked all welcome. Also, please pay attention to the OOC information preceding the In Character post! Oftentimes, people will desire a member of a specific group or they want to call attention to a specific type of character. Please note that most players will assume an unmarked thread to be private. Use the all welcome thread tag if you want random participants and roleplay!
DND / DNA Do not delete / Do not archive Denotes that a thread may be progressing slowly or is delayed, but that it should not be archived yet. This is how you keep us pesky moderators from cleaning up your old threads early. ;)
M / R Mature / adult / rated R Thread is intended for mature audiences only. May contain graphic content, including cursing, sexual themes, violence and/or gore. Sometimes, when people tag their mature threads, they will add extra reasons as to why in the thread subtitle— "s" for sex, "v" for violence, "d" for drugs. '''Make sure you also use the Mature Thread Warning Tags in the first post of your thread. Please also note that some OOC threads may bear a mature warning. This is the only thread tag you will find in the OOC areas (albeit rarely).
P Private Denotes that only a specified member may reply to an IC thread. Do not reply to private threads unless they are marked for you; this is considered very rude behavior, as people are typically very respectful of thread markers here (to the point of assuming unmarked threads are private).
Attn Attention Denotes that the thread is intended for a specific member, but it does not "demand" their presence as a private thread would. Considered polite for threads that are not pre-planned because this gives the member in question the option to reply. However, some roleplayers will still feel obligated to reply even with an attention tag, so it's a good idea to discuss your threads before you post them. The attention tag is most often used when players vaguely discussed a thread, or a thread was discussed a long time ago -- generally, the player posting the thread isn't completely sure the other player wants the thread, and so they leave it generally all welcome for other players. It is courteous for other players to wait a few days for the intended recipient to reply even if the thread is marked "attn" rather than "p."
Arc Archive Denotes that the thread is ready to be archived. This isn't used too often at 'Souls thanks to the existence of the Maintenance Thread, where you should be posting archival requests.

3.  Out of Character Acronyms

Acronym Full Phrase Meaning
BS Bleeding Souls Deprecated; synonym for the previous board name.
SA, 'SA 'Souls Assemblage The administration team.
SS Spotlight Soul Member of the Month (IC).
CS Community Soul Member of the Month (OOC).