Rahab's Soundtrack

First ReleaseJanuary 2018


She came to me in rows of white,
In the corner of my room,
A specter of the night.
What you got to live for,
Now you got the whole of the world at your feet,
And how much more can you pass yourself round?
Hand in hand, walking down the isle searching for new land,
All mighty God,
You alone have set the tone for new start.
’Cause I like the way you’re calling to me,
Your spell upon me,
You’re something out of a dream,
And I like it, though I fight it.
Before I knew you, I lived in the rearview,
To wish back an image of myself I thought was true,
So now when colors fade and on that day of days,
I needed you to say it wasn't one to rue.
They're lining up the prisoners,
And the guards are taking aim,
I struggled with some demons,
They were middle class and tame.