Elphaba's Soundtrack

Character:  Elphaba Revlis
Date:  2015 - present
Producer:  Alaine

A Many-Faced Moon


As many of you would likely agree, sometimes music really is the soul of a person; A single song can take us on as much of a journey as any book or movie, if it hits the right notes and plucks the right strings. In the interest of trying to better connect with my muse for Elphaba, I've compiled a number of eclectic songs that have helped me to write for her, and that I personally feel embody a particular spirit or encapsulate a certain mood that portrays her well. For the most part, these songs have little to no tangible link between them but for the feelings they inspire; As such, I've curated them into Acts grouped per Elphaba's ever-changing and ever-growing character to better organize and present them. I hope they might similarly inspire you!

Note: The listed songs are property of their creators, and I claim no ownership of them. Please listen respectfully.

ACT I - It Started with a Little Fire

This segment covers Elphaba's childhood and tumultuous adolescence, culminating with the catalytic exile of her father. It explores themes of privilege and uncertainty, along with darker hints of burgeoning moral bankruptcy brought on by feelings of isolation, abandonment and heavy expectation. Beneath this we might discover smaller, softer moments of joy or sorrow, sweet and simple but always fleeting before wrath and conflict rise again.

Soldier on the road
Did they promise you gold?
Do you think that you’re aiming
That gun that you hold?
Watch them bombs bursting in air,
Long live the billionaire!
Ashes fall down on my hair,
Long live the billionaire!
I can tell that you love me so clearly,
And I can hear that it's you when you're near me!
So let's not play any games, do not fear me
I want you to give me a call when you hear this
It’s clear you think that I’m inferior;
Whatever helps you sleep at night,
Whatever helps you keep it tight
To burn it like cedar
I request another dream;
I need a forest fire
I'm saved by nature,
But it always forgets what I need;
I hope you'll stop me before I build a wall around me!
We need a forest fire
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If I was poetic,
Beaten regularly
Just to feed your habits
Beaten regularly;
I get carried away,
The day is gone;
I want you to stay with me
Just stay with me!
It keeps me up at night thinking 'bout what you're thinking 'bout
Subjects in my mind, running wild, images of a parallel life;
You don't even have a clue
Of all the things I'm doing to you...
What's wrong in reality feels so right in my fantasy!
What's wrong in reality feels so right in my fantasy!
I just wanna make you feel good
I've got your boyfriend on my mind
I think you know she stayed with me last night;
I held his world in my hands,
I threw it out to see where it would land,
You came to me for entropy and I gave you all I had;
He makes a better man than me,
So I know he won't feel bad
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He holds my body in his arms;
He didn't mean to do no harm
And he holds me tight,
Oh, he did it all to spare me from the awful things in life that comes,
And he cries and cries!
I know he knows that he’s killing me for mercy
Tell me why you'd want my love when I give you none?
Both your eyes are on my heart after all I've done;
But I did what I did and it's alright,
To tell me that you think it's not right
But you woke the lion, the lion,
You woke the lion,
You wanted fire, now I'm alight,
You woke the lion, oh
I'll set fire to the whole place,
I don't even care about our house;
It's not the same in here since he left anyways
Burn it down, burn it down, burn it down, burn it down
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ACT II - Wintertime in Purgatory Village

A chapter devoted to depicting Elphaba's unstable personal/political rise post-usurpation of her father's rank. Undergoing rapid growth physically, mentally, and emotionally, we find some parts of her begin to warp irreconcilably; Her moods are stretched ghastly and disproportionate, and her appetite grows ravenous to meet the needs of a starved emotional void. In spite of this - or perhaps due to it - Elphaba finds a strength and purpose in the occult, and begins to coalesce a formidable reputation of her own.

Let me at it,
I'm tired of it pestering me;
I can't get rid of it
Cause killin' it's like my pulling my own teeth!
One, two, three, I stop
Because it's bleeding and I realize
My nervous mind is stuck inside of
Ooh paranoia
I can't avoid you!
Burn the witch!
Burn the witch!
We know where you live,
Red crosses on wooden doors;
If you float you’ll burn,
Loose tongue around tables
Abandon All Reason
And I'm not like you'da thought,
Forget the nail you're hanging from;
What's a nipple and a laugh?
She's in your head...
No I'm not like you'da thought,
Forget the name you call me on;
Was it as simple as it served,
The memory?
We both know that you wanna love her,
Skies are open crying, please don't believe her;
'Cause she'll tell you lies and then say it doesn't matter,
And you're pleased to see her calling them non-believers
But maybe she loves you and I'm just a preacher;
Those burning skies and all who don't believe her,
Non-believers, no
Don't believe her, no
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But you're a beautiful killer
Bound to your chains, I cling desperately;
Irredeemable sinner,
Telling tales like an innocent beast
I feel it coming around, I feel it coming around,
But you're a beautiful killer
Stole a taste but you're oh so sweet
But why can't we just talk about it?
We used to be such good friends,
Oh we used to be such good friends?
Now all we do is fight,
And all I wanna do is talk all night!
Baby talk all night Baby talk all night
Baby talk all night Baby talk all night
Baby talk all night Baby talk all
Why can't we just talk about it?
Surely the shore will steal our love,
Surely the shore will steal our love,
When the last man chokes on his great rotting concrete tower,
Red earth is penetration;
Flowers will crown the tower
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Everything I do the way I wear my noose,
Like a necklace;
I wanna make 'em scared like I could be anywhere,
Like I'm wreck-less
I lost my mind,
I don't mind!
Where's my mind?
Where's my mind?
I heard the news today;
That you’re not mine to keep.
Don’t struggle too much now
While I kill you in your sleep.
What is lust if it’s not being by yourself?
I won’t be gentle to the body on the shelf
Bad; And it's creeping it's way through my windows,
And it's slithering under my door,
And it's in my peripheral vision,
And it's burrowing up under my floor,
And it's whispering into my eardrums,
And it's telling me that I want more...
But I'm coming alive, I'm happening now;
I'm coming alive, I'm happening now
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