'Souls Staff Bulletin October 2008

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  1.   1.  Staff Bulletin (2008 October)
    1.   1.1  Auxiliary Characters
    2.   1.2  Banner Submissions
    3.   1.3  Boardwide and mini plots
    4.   1.4  Board Analysis
    5.   1.5  Create a Territory V
    6.   1.6  Graphics Theft
    7.   1.7  Hermaphrodite Character
    8.   1.8  Hosting Issues
    9.   1.9  Information Revamp
    10.   1.10  Keep Your Profiles Updated
    11.   1.11  NPC Question
    12.   1.12  Paid Titles
    13.   1.13  Puppy Request
    14.   1.14  Super Exciting OOC Game!
    15.   1.15  Wolf Specie Guide

1.  Staff Bulletin (2008 October)

1.1  Auxiliary Characters

A bunch of second and third characters were approved.

1.2  Banner Submissions

Two banners were submitted by a member, and one is currently in the works as a future skin. It was decided that all future banner submissions should only use documented free stock photos, etc.

1.3  Boardwide and mini plots

A number of suggestions for boardwide plots and mini plots were made. These are still in progress.

1.4  Board Analysis

A proposal was put forward suggesting that an Administrator submit 'Souls to a board analysis forum to have non-members evaluate the site. This is still in progress.

1.5  Create a Territory V

The fifth territory and sub-territory creation contest came to a close, with 2 contest entries added as territories, 7 contest entries added as sub-territories, and 1 non-content entry added as well. The areas were reorganized, and a number of territories were relocated to adjust the number of territories per area.

1.6  Graphics Theft

A member was put on a 3-week ban for graphics theft.

1.7  Hermaphrodite Character

A request for a hermaphrodite character was turned down.

1.8  Hosting Issues

'Souls experienced some unexpected downtime on October 7-9 because the hosting site was having problems with an abusive site on the shared server. These problems seemed to have corrected themselves. Just a note that in case of future unexpected downtimes, the 'Souls LJ community will be the official means of communication and news.

1.9  Information Revamp

A number of threads and topics were cleaned up, including the rules and joining pages of the website, as well as the history and packs pages. Work was done to increase the usability of the pages, and hopefully to make it more understandable. The Character Adoption section of the ranks page was moved to RR as its own topic to remove the clutter from the ranks page.

1.10  Keep Your Profiles Updated

A question was raised regarding members profiles. It was decided that although filled profiles are not mandatory, an announcement would be issued asking members to update their current characters profiles, and to take more steps to ensure that profiles were completed.

1.11  NPC Question

A question regarding the play of NPC characters was brought up and addressed.

1.12  Paid Titles

After months without them, paid titles have returned! In fact, you can now purchase titles, icons and avatars to support 'Souls here.

1.13  Puppy Request

One puppy request was turned down.

1.14  Super Exciting OOC Game!

An OOC game is in the works, what. O:

1.15  Wolf Specie Guide

A suggestion to have a guide of all the playable species and subspecies of wolves and coyotes was proposed, and is still in the planning stage. It is unknown whether other canines will be included as well.