'Souls Staff Bulletin April 2011

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    1.   1.1  Mysterious Icon Hunt 2011 LOL TROLLED
    2.   1.2  New RP Guide... Guides
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1.  Staff Bulletin

1.1  Mysterious Icon Hunt 2011 LOL TROLLED

The Icon Hunt is all finished up! Congratulations to Kiki, who somehow managed to find all the INVISIBLE ICONS (KIRI IS ACTUALLY PRETTY MAD THAT KIKI FOUND THEM ALL. AND ALSO NOELLE AND MEGHANN FOUND A FEW TOO). Wondering where they all were? Check it out; they'll be taken down shortly! QUOTE (List of locations)

1. Absentee Thread (upper left, above the title) 2. Arkham Lykoi's profile (after the last Catacombs) 3. Game Stats (bottom left, first post) 4. FAQ (first post, top of table of contents) 5. Procedures (right after the 'dropping & switching chars' header) 6. Community & Spotlight Souls (right before intro paragraph) 7. CdM Ranks (after last paragraph of "about the ranks") 8. 'Souls Promotion (under Open Characters>Other) 9. Chat>Chat Rules (after first paragraph) 10. CD Announcements (right before the word 'announcements')

1.2  New RP Guide... Guides

We've rolled out two new guides for members -- the Body Modification guide for players wishing to adorn their characters with piercings, tattoos, etc. While the Tattoo and Fur Dyeing information was already on the Appearance page, we've expanded on a lot of other subjects -- scarification, branding, piercings -- and we hope you'll take a look to make sure your character's modifications are realistic!

We've also finished the Speech Guide, which details how low and high speech work in 'Souls. We encourage all members to take a read over this, as it's all very new information that should help you in understanding how high/low speech works and what is realistic in playing these interactions out with your characters.

1.3  New Mentors!

We'd like to congratulate Bobbi (Sage River Lykoi and Kesho Maisha of Inferni) and Sunny (Skye Collins of Cercatori d'Arte, Element of the Creatures, and Fia Knight-Marino of Crimson Dreams) for being accepted as Mentors -- both of them volunteered for the position, and we know they'll make wonderful additions to the Mentorship program! If you need help improving upon your writing, check out the Mentorship program today! Secondary Characters

Although already reflected in the board announcements, we would like to reinforce our quick reminder about auxiliary characters: once you have been a member of 'Souls for 1.5 months (6 weeks) and have made 45 IC posts, you are automatically eligible for a second character. We would also like to ask all members — new and old — to revisit our Rules and Procedures. They haven't been updated, but it's good to get a refresher every so often!

1.4  Community & Spotlight Souls

Congratulations to Sylvey, winner of Spotlight Soul for March 2011 as Selene D'Angelo in Anathema and Sunny, winner of Community Soul for March 2011! For more information, check out the Community/Spotlight Soul thread!

1.5  MOAR 'Souls?

Want even more updates about 'Souls? Check out our Twitter! We often promote open threads and characters, contests, as well as other very small/minor changes. If you're feeling out of the loop, check us out over here.