2020 Board Announcements

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  1.   1.  January
  2.   2.  February
  3.   3.  March
  4.   4.  April
  5.   5.  May
  6.   6.  June
  7.   7.  July
  8.   8.  August
  9.   9.  September
  10. 10.  October
  11. 11.  November
  12. 12.  December

1.  January

2.  February

3.  March

  • 1 March: Spring is coming to put an end to all this terrible weather! How nice! Congrats to our Spotlight Soul, Kalypso Savoy and Soldier of Love, Shannah!

4.  April

  • 1 April: We made it to April! You can read over the Newspost to check out what new, strange things are popping up here at 'Souls. Those strange flowers look awfully familiar, and some equally strange travelers have shown up with a dangerous warning. Congratulations to our Spotlight Soul, Daniel and Community Soul, Salena!

5.  May

6.  June

  • 1 June: As the days go on and summer approaches, the longer days bring warmer weather and strange events to 'Souls. Congratulations to our Spotlight Soul, Calrian, and our multiple Community Soul winners, Miranda and the Spring Spree Contributors!

7.  July

  • 1 July: Happy Cananda Day! We've got a big newspost this month covering some rule updates and our upcoming migration. This month also sees the return of our X-Mas in July event! A big congratulations to Mistfell Vale, who has been named as our Spotlight Soul(s), and to our Community Soul, Kiri!

8.  August

9.  September

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10.  October

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11.  November

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12.  December

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