2014 Board Announcements

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  1.   1.  January
  2.   2.  February
  3.   3.  March
  4.   4.  April
  5.   5.  May
  6.   6.  June
  7.   7.  July
  8.   8.  August
  9.   9.  September
  10. 10.  October
  11. 11.  November
  12. 12.  December

1.  January

  • 2 January: Have a newspost! Important notes about OOC pack joiners and the activity sweep are included, have a look. Congrats to Sylvey and Vidar for Community and Spotlight Soul!
  • 15 January: Did anyone want to buy some cool 'Souls zipper bags? 'Cause now through the 23rd, you can!
  • 31 January: Some issues this morning (now resolved) resulted in a 4hr extension on SoSuWriMo-- so hustle!

2.  February

3.  March

4.  April

5.  May

  • 1 May: Happy May Day! Plenty of meat to this month's newspost, so give it a read! Congrats also to Ascher and Owl, our Spotlight and Community Souls for May!

6.  June

  • 4 June: June already? o_o Have a newspost, complete with our Spotlight and Community Souls, Cody and Shade, respectively! Also, hey! A contest!

7.  July

8.  August

  • 1 August: It's newspost time again! Congrats to our awesome Community and Spotlight Souls, Alli and Lief!
  • 13 August: Have yourself a midmonth newspost! Quite a few changes we think you'll like! o:
  • 31 August: Enjoy a little newspost! It's short, but we've released three forum skins! Congrats to Mara and Maciel for this month's Community and Spotlight Souls!

9.  September

  • None this month!

10.  October

11.  November

  • 1 November: The Create-a-Contest contest is ready for voting! Which do you most want to participate in? Also, congratulations to Aowen (Shaw) and Honey (Diarmid), our Spotlight and Community Souls this month! There will be no regular newspost this month, but our thirteenth birthday's just around the corner..!
  • 18 November: Happy THIRTEENTH Birthday, 'Souls! Have a newspost, complete with THREE different contests!

12.  December