Variegiated Jackal (''Canis aureus soudanicus'')

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Jackal Subspecies Map. See also: world species map.

1.  Common Names

Variegated Jackal, Sudanese Jackal

2.  'Souls Range

Sudan and Somaliland.

3.  Appearance

It is smaller and more lightly built than the Egyptian jackal, standing 38 cm (15 in) at the shoulder, and 102 cm (40 in) in length. The variegated jackal is very lightly built, with long limbs and a runner's body -- it is not dissimilar to a greyhound in build. Its ears are typically larger than the wolf-like Egyptian Jackal.

aureus soudanicus, from sansara@Flickr

4.  Other Characteristics

4.1  Habitat

Its main habitat consists of rocky regions: the subspecies has been encountered in elevations of up to 5000 feet in the highlands in eastern Africa.

4.2  Survival

Although this subspecies is very hardy, it experiences some competition from other jackal subspecies and large African predators; it has been slower to adapt human technologies than many of its neighbors, and thus it has not prospered to the extent of some. However, as this subspecies occupies a rather unique niche that few other jackals wish to pursue as their territory, they are not frequently bothered.

4.3  Luperci

It is somewhat commmon to find pockets of non-Luperci canines amongst these jackals, or at the very least, canines who live in a completely feral manner and do not shift, despite being Luperci. Humanized lifestyles are rare in the more isolated regions of this canine's range.

5.  More Images

Variegated Jackal, guudgrf@Flickr Variegated Jackal, guudgrf@Flickr Variegated Jackal, by-ken@Flickr

6.  Citations