Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa)

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Obtainment
  3.   3.  Uses
    1.   3.1  Edible
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Common Name Strawberry
Latin Name Fragaria × ananassa
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1.  Description

Susceptible to pests, diseases, etc.

2.  Obtainment

Common. A hybrid species that is cultivated worldwide for its fruit, Strawberries are still quite common. The Virginia Strawberry is half of the hybrid most well known in garden strawberries -- this wild species is native to Nova Scotia.

3.  Uses

3.1  Edible

In addition to being consumed fresh, strawberries can be frozen, made into preserves, as well as dried and used in things. They are not harmful for canines and provide fiber for them.

4.  More

5.  'Souls

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