Wolf Size and Color Guide

This page details the size range and common colors for several sub-species of wolf. Note that this does not include information on other canines. Also included are their original ranges, a link to that species on the RP Guide if it exists there, and the scientific name of the species. Let's get started!

In most cases, wolves from northern ranges are larger than wolves from southern areas. Males tend to be larger than females. For these measurements, height is measured from the ground to the top point of the shoulders and length is measured from nose to tail-tip.

More exact measurements as well as relative Secui and Optime sizes can be found on the RP Guide but the author has noted that for the most part, Secui form tends to be about twice as heavy and six to eight inches taller than Lupus form, and Optime tends to be between twenty and thirty-five pounds heavier than Secui and about three feet taller.

Small - 50-70lbs (23-32kg) • 26-28in (66-71cm) high • 4.5-5ft (137-152cm) long
Medium - 70-100lbs (32-50kg) • 28-31in (71-91cm) high • 5-5.5ft (152-166cm) long
Large - 110-150lbs (50-68kg) • 31-34in (79-86cm) high • 5.5-6ft (166-182cm) long

Color Key

Please note that these are general; your character does not have to be this exact color.

  • White
  • Light Grey
  • Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Cream
  • Light Brown
  • Brown
  • Cinnamon
  • Black




  • Buffalo Wolf
  • Canis lupus nubilis
  • Southern Manitoba/Saskatchewan to Texas
  • Red Wolf
  • Canis rufus rufus
  • Southeastern United States


  • Arctic Wolf
  • Canis lupus arctos
  • Canadian arctic islands


The majority of this information was taken from the character creation guide at Wild Wolf Society prior to its close in March 2013 and as such is credited to Houkie. The icons used for colors are courtesy of Despi.