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  1.   1.  Technology
    1.   1.1  OpenSource/Freeware Programs
    2.   1.2  Spyware Cleaners & Pop-Up Blockers
    3.   1.3  Browsers
  2.   2.  Real Life
    1.   2.1  Homework
    2.   2.2  WAHHH ADULTHOOD?

1.  Technology

1.1  OpenSource/Freeware Programs

1.2  Spyware Cleaners & Pop-Up Blockers

1.3  Browsers

Mozilla Firefox / Mozilla

Awesome Add-Ons

  • Adblock Plus -- Great for your sanity, seriously. Never see an advertisement again.
  • MeasureIt -- Great for designers
  • ColorZilla -- Great for designers
  • FireFTP
  • Gmail Notifier
  • NoScript -- Make your Firefox even safer.
  • FireBug -- See and edit code on your site, table - make a CSS skin, without having to actually edit what you already have. Amazing preview options.
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery -- Never lose a post again! Great if you type your posts into the browser window!
  • Stylish -- Use a custom CSS stylesheet. This is helpful if the website you're viewing is unreadable for their "stylistic" reasons.

Google Chrome

Awesome Add-Ons

Other Browsers

2.  Real Life

Yeah, I guess everyone has to go back there at some point, huh?

2.1  Homework


  • GetHuman.com -- Customer service shortcuts for many popular companies. Awesome if you want to skip through twenty minutes of talking to a robot.
  • Readability -- Because some of us blind old farts can't read the post tables you whipper-snappers use anymore!
  • Freecycle.org -- Refined dumpster diving.
  • poor_skills -- Because a lot of us are broke college students. 8D
  • Retail Me Not -- You should probably check here before you buy anything on the Internet to see if there be a coupon! O: