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Hi wiki lurker, this resource is in the baby stages and is not ready for approval. It was created by Jacob for personal use at the moment. :3

It's meant to be a more 'case by case' assessment of Luperci capabilities, to accompany the more general guides listed below. It'll probably contain a lot of links to already answered stuff, but also some personally researched things. This will likely also focus more on crafting and obtaining certain items, niche concepts but concepts that a lot of players want to know the how to. And it'll include how Luperci might be able to achieve certain things while still keeping within realism boundaries. There's probably a better overall name for this, but the idea is that it will (hopefully) save future members some valuable time, as current members can document their more specific realism research here!

If you have anything to add or know of another place where things like this are already compiled in the Wiki, message me on Discord!

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1.  Title of Subarticle

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2.  Crafting

2.1  General Guidelines

  • Intricate designs and tiny details are usually not possible for Luperci to make, nor would they want to spend time making them.
  • Luperci hands are less dexterous than human hands are. Tasks that require extreme precision may not be possible, or if it is possible, it is done with less favorable end results.

2.2  Tailoring


Requires medium skill, Common raw materials, Few materials,

Non-restrictive, No practical use, Light

  • Overall: Possible, likely for self-expression only
  • Materials: Yarn or linen, bead* *Optional Materials
  • In real life, tassels have been made by humans since ancient times.
  • The knots required to make a 'proper' tassel are simple, though Luperci may have an easier time tying thicker materials than what is traditional of modern tassels (which sometimes use embroidery thread).

3.  Answered on Tumblr

This could be a potential place to compile realism questions answered on the 'Souls RPG Tumblr, with added keywords for people to CTRL+F. May be scrapped, depending on if it would be redundant, as the Tumblr already contains a taglist.


Keywords: Thumbs, lost limbs, claws, anatomy

4.  Member Tips

Members: Feel free to add your own tips, however brief, here! Remember, you can sign your tip with four tildes (~)

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5.  More Information and Resources