Algerian Jackal (''Canis aureus algirensis'')

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Jackal Subspecies Map
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1.  Common Names

Algerian Jackal

2.  'Souls Range

Northwest Africa: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

3.  Appearance

Canis aureus algirensis, from Travels with Heila

This is a small subspecies of the Golden Jackal; it is equal in size to a red fox, typically weighing around 7.9 to 17 pounds (3.6 - 7.6 kg). It has golden fur, typically with a white stain on its throat and three dusky rings along its tail. It is darker than the Common Golden Jackal and typically less yellow.

3.1  Other Characteristics


Although Algerian Jackals are the smallest subspecies of Jackal, wolves are not native to their home range, and only after the Luperci virus took hold did wolves come from Europe into this area. Even after this point, Algerian Jackals were not especially affected by this, as they themselves had already acquired much of the human technology and ability the European immigrant Luperci brought with them, and so they were able to effectively fight possible negative influences this might have had on them. Algerian Jackals control the important Mediterranean city of Algiers.

4.  Citations


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