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  • Hiya hello! I've been on Souls off and on since late 2013, but I keep popping back around. I love discussing plots and hearing juicy tidbits about other characters and plots, so hit me up if you feel like talking at someone! I'm laid back and down to chat pretty much anytime.

PM — Saut Asylum

  • PM with general questions about assumptions, power playing, etc. I'm bad about checking Discord, so prod me and I'll hop on for longer conversations.

Discord — Yzz#9896

  • I tend to be more shy on Discord/group chats, but kick me and I'll hop in so we can chat!


Roleplay Information

Plots & Threads

  • I use flexible thread dating but I do try to stay organized. Let me know if there's a date that works better for you!
  • I am fine beginning threads or not - it's really up to you. It may depend on how busy I am with school.
  • My posts tend to be around 300 words, or a little shorter than that. Post your own preference, though!
  • I prefer to get through threads quickly - within a couple of weeks is perfect. Dunno how realistic this is, so just let me know if you're in a busy period or need to let a thread go on a bit longer, that's always fine with me, too.


  • Fine with LASKY
  • Fine with some mature content and gore, as long as it's all discussed first. I do prefer fewer details rather than more, in terms of mature content.
  • Discuss injuries and such with me beforehand. In general I'm fine with minor power play or assumptions! I'll let you know if something doesn't work, for some reason.

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  • YOU GET ALL MY LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Raze
  • My first acquaintance on Souls. Yzz is awesome! - Daniel