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  • I love discussing potential plots and other shenanigans, and just getting to know other 'Soulsters! Please do contact me, if you're debating it. : >

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  • PM with general questions about assumptions, power playing, etc.
  • You may PM any of my accounts, but do know that I'll be quicker to reply on my primary account
  • Please give your PM a descriptive subject.

AOL IM — Yzz

  • AIM is not preferred, but if you'd like to discuss something, PM me and I'll log on


Roleplay Information

Plots & Threads

  • I use flexible thread dating but I do try to stay organized. Let me know if there's a date that works better for you!
  • I am fine beginning threads or not - it's really up to you. It may depend on how busy I am with school.


  • Fine with LASKY
  • Fine with mature content and gore, as long as it's all discussed first. I do prefer fewer details rather than more, in terms of mature content.


I am okay with some OOC assumptions. Check my individual characters' pages for specifics you can assume without asking. Anything else, please PM me first.


I don't care how fast you reply, but note the archival information. My speed while up at school is quite slow - up to a week and a half, likely. I'll try to respond to a thread as soon as possible, but let me know if a thread is high priority for you and I'll do my best!


  • I may let you know it's your turn after about two weeks, if you've only replied once. I assume you may have forgotten to log the thread, which is fine!
  • If I haven't replied at all, let me know after about two weeks! I'll let you know what's going on.
  • I am fine with all lengths of posts, so do whatever you're most comfortable with. Mine will range wildly, depending on the thread and how much time I have.


  • I am rarely opposed to OOC endings, and may ask for them myself from time to time.
  • If I start a private thread, if you haven't replied after two weeks, I mark it AW.
  • I archive our thread and consider it dead if it's been three 3 weeks without a reply
  • I am not keen on grave-digging archived threads, unless it was important.

Souls Characters


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  • I would love to actually play all these characters, but that's unlikely because I'm very busy. I'm hoping they'll make it on the board somehow - as adoptables, NPCs, or otherwise.




  • YOU GET ALL MY LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Raze
  • My first acquaintance on Souls. Yzz is awesome! - Daniel