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me, featuring my dad's hand
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PM — Saga D'Angelo

  • Please direct all PMs to my primary account. Auxiliary accounts are only logged into when replying to threads and any PMs sent to those accounts are subject to reply whenever I get around to logging into those accounts.


  • I joined 'Souls way back in 2011 with J'adore Austral and I've pretty much been here ever since aside from an almost year-longish hiatus between April 2017 and January 2018 when I rejoined with Saga D'Angelo!
  • I'm currently the OOC leader of Mistfell Vale and have been since 1st November 2018! Before that, I was an OOC helper and Saga was also one of the pack's founding members way back in February 2018!
  • I'm a university student studying German and French in the hopes of becoming a translator or interpreter!
  • I live in the UK so be wary of the potential time difference! Check here to compare times!
Seth for cat tax!

» Discord: Vida#6386
» My Adoptables




  • Replies: I usually reply fairly quickly, under a week at least, unless I'm away! I usually go through replies from oldest to newest, but I will prioritise threads if you need me to or if I personally need the thread for co-ranks, thread prompts, etc. My replies can be anywhere between 200 and 500 words.
  • Inactivity: If I haven't replied in two or so weeks and I'm still poking my head in chat and am otherwise active and not away from my computer for whatever reason, feel free to poke me via PM or DM! Even if I haven't forgotten, I'll be able to tell you why I haven't got around to it yet and you can tell me if you'd like me to prioritise the thread for whatever reason.
  • Closing Threads: I usually let the auto-archiver deal with dying threads :o lazy Vida But if it's an important thread I'll usually tack a DND tag on it to give more time for a potential response! Otherwise, I'm fine with either ending threads IC or OOC, just ask!
  • Plotting: I'm usually always available for plots, though it really does depend on whether or not they're suitable for my characters! For example, for someone like Saga, I prefer serious plots, while for someone like Mads I'll happily take on more relaxed and/or humorous plots!
  • Threads: If I don't have a thread request up feel free to contact me about threads, I usually have room for more even if I don't explicitly advertise it!
  • Lasky: I don't Lasky often because I like to prioritise canon/non-Lasky threads and uni, but if you really want a Lasky thread I'm open to discussing it.
  • Mature Content: I'm totally fine with anything mature!
  • Powerplay: Minor PP is fine, especially for moving a thread along. Anything beyond that, contact me just to make sure, but I'm usually fairly open and flexible!




by Raze

Saga D'Angelo

  • Mistfell Vale
  • ♀ Wolfdog
Mads Ibsen

Mads Ibsen

Ankh D'Aabt

Ankh D'Aabt







  • Baptiste
  • None


  • Saga D'Angelo
    • The seed icon, is from that goddamn Death Flower icon hunt/riddle thing the 'SA tortured us with. Me, Kite, Kitty, Lin and Despi all got given them for the mental suffering we were subjected to trying to solve it. Myst won the contest overall by picking up clues from our very public breakdowns discussions ;) Now we're forever haunted by that dark, dark time...
    • The bear icon, is a purchased prize from Mistfell Vale's pack game! It's the House Wolverthorne which is the house that Saga belongs to within the pack!
    • The fallen leaves icon, is a prize from the Halloween raffle Mistfell Vale held in October 2018!
    • Her custom title, reading URSA MAJOR, is also a prize from the Halloween raffle. It was chosen to reflect Saga's position as the Starkhelm of Wolverthorne and the loyalty she has to Mistfell Vale.
  • Mads Ibsen
    • The skull icon, with its hover, was a prize from a Lasky contest. It was originally on Nex de le Poer's account, but as moved to Mads since Nex had been long inactive.
    • The globe icon, was a goodbye prize from Sapient when it disbanded. The hover over 'CPH -> ???' came from the fact that Mads is originally from Copenhagen and CPH is the IATA code for the airport serving the city, the arrow signifies travel or change and the question marks signify that once Sapient had disbanded neither I nor Mads knew where he was going to end up!
  • Ankh D'Aabt
    • His future custom title will read pale man, as a reference to the movie Pan's Labyrinth and the fact I use it as an epithet for him.


  • the seeds will forever haunt my nightmares. also lub u - Kite
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