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  • Primary: Fennore
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Georgia
  • Favorite color: Purple !!

hello! i am veldt, previously known as Spacey when i played as Aspirin, and i have returned. i also literally have no idea how to wiki and am intimidated so i will keep this brief. my favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, and Nine Inch Nails, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is my favorite movie of all time, and i think hedgehogs are super cute. currently i am a university student so this helps me destress!

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  • I get notifications for Discord and check it pretty often, so if you want to plot or talk, hit me up there! Otherwise reaching me by PM is fine, it just might take me a bit longer to respond. ;>
  • Discord: veldt#0197
  • PM: Fennore

  • Mature Content:
    • I will roleplay light sexual content, but if it progresses further I do ask that we fade to black. I'm just not very comfy writing explicitly sexual things at all, sorry!
    • However, as far as violence and gore are concerned, count me in — that stuff is fine with me, so long as we have a clear-cut purpose for it! Senseless bloodshed, maybe not so much.
    • Anything plots that involve drugs or alcohol are A-OK with me.
  • I can/will roleplay LASKY for character development, plot purposes, etc.
    • More experimental LASKYS (read: non-canon) might take a bit more for me to get on board with, haha.
  • Minor powerplay is totally cool, but if it's anything more than that I'd love a heads-up. :D
    • Similarly, if I ever make assumptions about your character's actions/words/etc. and you're not down with it, let me know! Usually I don't assume anything egregious without consulting my thread partner first. <3
  • I'm okay with archiving threads early and making OOC assumptions about how a thread went down!
    • I would rather nnnnot gravedig threads unless it is essential to both of us involved that we get a conclusive, concrete finish.




♀ Wolf
Aear of New Caledonia
NPCs: Macha, Amon, Thalion

Alejandra Sanctus
♀ Wolfdog
Indentured Servant of Salsola
NPCs: (coming soon!)

Phoenix Whitesage
♂ Coyote-Dominant Hybrid
Hawkesond of Mistfell Vale
NPCs: Tohopka

Khalifa D'Angelo
♂ Wolf-Dominant Hybrid
NPCs: Aella