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This page contains information about characters that Tammi has up for adoption.

I have a few characters I am interested in adopting out. For most of them, anything written is available for change with discussion unless otherwise noted. Areas that are the least flexible are the history, especially if the character has been played before. For characters that have not yet been played, everything can be changed with discussion.

1.  Current Adoptables

1.1  Moderate

Moderate characters require some adherence to established canon, but these aspects may be altered to suit the players' needs if they prefer to take the character in another direction. These characters have plot opportunities but also offer some flexibility because they have not yet been played or have had minimal play and therefore can be shaped through threads.

Amoux Aston

Art by Despi

Aether Creed

Art by Despi

Latch Key

1.2  Relaxed

Relaxed characters are good starter characters to adopt if you want some connections and plots, but ultimately want a lot of autonomy when developing your character. Loose characters will have some established canon which can be altered or changed with discussion. Note that if a character has a plot, the core plot will be trickier to change, but other aspects, such as how the plot has affected the character, are open to the adopter's interpretation.

Iron Rephaim

  • Son of Dusk Rephaim and brother of Sliver Stitch
  • Slow-moving heavy hitter. A real basic bro. Big and bulky.
  • Would likely try to cause trouble with members of the Massacre family due to an ancient feud between the Addiction and Massacre families.
  • Pack choice up to the adopter, Del Cenere Gang encouraged
  • Family: Addiction

2.  Create-your-own Adoptables

If you are interested in playing a character, but don't see one here that really tickles your fancy, let me know! We may be able to drum something up. Current open-ended opportunities for relaxed characters include:

3.  Conditions for Adoption

For all of my characters, they can be changed or altered with discussion. Once we have discussed and agreed upon something, I expect the adopter to follow through: i.e., if you ask to change a character's personality so that they are kind, but witty and instead play them as a raging sociopath, this wouldn't be what we agreed upon! That being said, I am not opposed to someone playing a member of the Massacre family as raging sociopaths ;)

4.  Re-Adoption

Before adopting from me, we will discuss the terms. I'm often very flexible with my characters since I like seeing how other roleplayers interpret the characters and enjoy having my characters interact with them. That being said, I may choose to reclaim a character under a few conditions. If you speak with me and indicate that you're leaving 'Souls, but intend to return, I will likey NOT reclaim the character -- unless you fail to return or contact me by the agreed-upon date!

I reserve the right to re-claim a character if:

  • You fall inactive and are removed in an inactivity sweep,
  • You drop the character, or
  • You make substantial alterations to the character's canon personality abruptly and in a manner that seems out of character for that character.

That being said, I will do my best to contact you if you fall inactive. If I receive no reply from an email, I will reclaim the character.

5.  Interested?

Think you're up for the task? Get in contact with me! Introduce yourself and let me know why you're interested in adopting the character and what your ideas are! You can PM me, email me () -- but note that PM is the best methods of contact.

6.  Past Adoptions


NPCs or Future

Decommissioned or Offboard


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