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    2.   6.2  Inactive
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    4.   6.4  Unavailable
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I'm typically a pretty laid-back adopter. I enjoy hearing whatever ideas someone has. I've finally decided to make up a page to add a few characters up. There are more than what is listed available as I'm always having new ideas. I also don't mind being approached about certain ideas for relations to my currently played characters (such as members from other branches of the Hallow tree)

For each listed character 3 consecutive months of membership (with said character) AND 50 posts nets a commissioned art piece for the adopted character.

1.  Contract Terms

  • Contract: Strict: This adoptable has some strict terms. I may want certain things out of them. Players may be approved if they have inactivity issues in the distant past.
  • Contract: Moderate: I'm going to be moderately picky over whom I allow to pick up this character.
  • Contract: Relaxed: This adoptable has some pretty open terms. I'm not going to be very selective in who I allow to play this adoptable.

2.  Current Adoptables

Svanr Reyrr
Seeker of Stjarna Helsi

  • Personality: Supervisor, Mastermind, Trickster
  • DOB: 09 April 2013
  • Species: Wolf
  • Pack: Loner Off-board
  • Contract: Relaxed

Skelmir Blodsvorr
Sponsoree of Stjarna Helsi

  • Personality: Loyal, Fighter
  • DOB: 13 April 2013
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Contract: Moderate

Alys Rietveld
"Sister" of Isa Rietveld

  • Personality: Quiet, Faithful, Seamstress
  • DOB: 21 May 2015
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Contract: Moderate

Brother of Arsinoe

  • Personality: Survivor
  • DOB: 05 Jan 2015
  • Species: Coyote
  • Pack: Loner
  • Contract: Relaxed

3.  Adoption Information

3.1  Pre-Adoption Changes


For characters without development (e.g., they have not appeared at 'Souls yet):

You are free to discuss pre-adoption changes to their history, backstory, appearance, etc. I'm typically open to such changes: however you find it most fun to play them, have at! I understand that character development just happens sometimes, but if it's your plan from the get-go to take a character a different direction than I envisioned, let me know beforehand.


For characters with development (e.g., they've appeared at 'Souls already):

Changes may not be possible, especially regarding their appearance and backstory, if they've spoken of their history in-game. In general, I prefer not to allow changes to characters with active roleplay history. Retconning is generally a no-no, and it may change things even if you're looking to alter off-board history of an on-board character with prior roleplay.

3.2  Post-Adoption Changes

  • You do not need my permission to do things with an adoptable. Develop your character how you want.
  • Some specific characters may have more stringent terms than this -- double check on your particular adoptable's information to make sure!
  • For no characters am I looking to control every little aspect of our characters' interactions. For some characters I may have stricter requirements about what I want out of them plot and thread-wise.

4.  Re-Adoption


In cases where a player doesn't stick around very long, I'm liable to find a new player. Generally, if you've adopted a character from me and you've dropped them or disappeared, please don't be terribly surprised if I find a new player.

Specific Terms

I may choose to re-adopt the character if you have:

  • been removed in an activity sweep and have not answered my contact after 2 weeks
  • dropped them for a long period of time (6+ months since character was dropped)
  • dropped them with only brief play (0 - 6 months, 0 - 100 posts, etc.)
  • dropped them with inadequate play (unfinished threads and plots, errors in interpreting pre-set character history or personality, etc.)
  • disappeared from or otherwise permanently departed 'Souls (2 years or more)
  • been permanently banned from 'Souls
  • broken a specific term of the adoption contract (e.g., if I stipulated Janos Russo must join Salsola and you take him to New Dawn instead)

Your Stuff

  • All baubles (art, titles, icons, etc.) originally given with the adoptable return with the character.
  • Gift art and gift graphics are typically considered reclaimable with the adoptable. If you bear a particular attachment to a table or something, let me know; I am flexible. :)
  • Commissioned and bought art is considered your property. New players must request your permission to use such items, even in the case of art customized to that particular character.
  • Titles and icons...
    • ... earned via game points, contests, etc. are considered your property; however, you must request removal/transfer in a timely manner after dropping the adoptable or they become property of the new player.
    • ... purchased via the 'Souls store are considered your property and may be removed/transferred to your own character at any time.

5.  Interested?


Contact me by one of the two provided methods regarding adoptions. Please include:

  • Your preferred nickname:
  • Character:
  • Why the character interests you: No need to be overly wordy here -- a simple explanation will do!
  • A RP sample: A sampling to see who you would play the character
  • Any plots or ideas you've gotten for the character: OPTIONAL!
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the contract terms on my adoption page as well as the individual contract terms for this character?:

5.1  Forewarning

I greatly appreciate adopters who are patient, strong and active roleplayers, etc. I may not adopt to players who:

  • Constantly pick up, drop, and switch characters.
  • Who constantly ask for adoptables, then fail to join with the adoptable.
  • Show severe streaks of inactivity, constant absenteeism, etc.
  • Are not going to join with the adoptable as soon as possible.
  • Have adopted from me before, only to have the situation go awry in some way.

Don't be intimidated -- it's just a warning. If you're interested, ask anyway -- the worst that will happen is a no, after all! I'm not really that picky and tend to do a first come, first serve sort of thing.

6.  Past Adoptables

6.1  Played

6.2  Inactive

  • (Kiki)(:cell width=33%:)

6.3  Decommissioned

6.4  Unavailable

  • Nada

6.5  Dead

7.  Junk

  • This stuff is for my own use on my adoptable characters' Wiki pages, forum profiles, etc.
  • If you have adoptables and you want to steal these shells for your own use, please feel free.

7.1  Promotion





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