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  • I'm a member of the 'Souls Assemblage, and am always happy to help anyone who needs it! :)
  • I'm a super forgetful person, so if I don't reply to a PM in a few days, please feel free to poke me about it. <3

Contact Methods

  • PM: Brandy is my primary - please direct PMs to her account!
  • Discord: Fishbone#9392
  • E-mail:

Contact Info

  • I'm on the forum daily, so PMing me is a quick way to contact me!
  • I'm always on Discord. Feel free to chat! :)
  • I check my e-mail daily, but prefer it as a last resort, or for people who don't have a 'Souls account. Please try to PM me first!


  • Gender: Female
  • Joined: 30 June 2010
  • Location: Florida / New York
  • Fav. Animal: Snail
  • Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff!

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Hi, there! I'm Sunny! I'm currently a senior in college, and I love to read, write and roleplay. I started to roleplay on 'Souls in 2010, and have loved it ever since!

I like video games, bicycles, snails, cartoons, anime (biking anime!!), and computers and other general technology. Basically, I'm a big nerd. I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from RPI, so if you want to talk about web development, software engineering, or programming in general, I'm always up for it. :) I also love to chat with people, so if you want to talk, just IM me (sunnybunny7698) or shoot me a PM.

I'm always up for plots with my characters! I'm also an admin, so if you are confused about anything, or have any questions, just ask!

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Check out my character adoptions!

2.  RP Information

Reply Times:

  • Feel free to PM me if I take longer than a week to reply, or if I forget to start a thread!
  • I generally prioritize important rank and plot threads. :)

OOC Assumptions:

  • OOC endings to threads are always fine.
  • I'm also okay with OOC assuming a conversation or encounter between characters!

Requesting Threads:

  • Feel free to request threads through Private Message or IM; I don't mind!
  • Even if I'm not taking new threads, I will make room for important plots.

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3.  Guestbook

  • Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything that's wonderful (i could not resist) - Kitty
  • what I feel when we're together! Brighter than a lucky penny, when you're near the rain cloud disappears- (whut i like that song) ~ Miyu
  • Sunny is awesome and friendly and helpful and smarter than me *cries* (<3) ~ Raze
    • PFF yeah right i couldn't even get the link on your guestbook right /fail <333
  • Sunny, that art pallet thing you drew for your pack will always look like a potato to me. :) - Dialga
  • Sunny is super cool beans! :D- Shawchert
  • Hi right back! - Levi
    • IT WAS I
  • WHAT HAVE YOU BEGUN??? - Cheshire
  • Hewo. - Bones
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