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Ohai thar, lovelies! I'm Sky!

I joined 'souls back in 2010, not long after my birthday in November. My first ever character was Sky Rhiannon, who still serves as my persona to this day, as well as my most beloved character. Sky started off as myself, implanted into the world of 'souls on a whim and by the end of 2010, we'd both changed immensely. I owe a great deal of my roleplaying and coding experience to you amazing people. Without the community, I would've been just another web surfer looking for a temporary site to dump my ideas on before moving on to the next one. In some ways, I still do this, but since I joined 'souls back in '10, I've never really left. I always come back. This place has stolen my very soul.

And my heart. I've seen a lot of ups and downs in my time on 'souls, from the drama with Matteo Trovato and his Loyalty Plots, to the heart-clenching tale of Gunnar Donte LeStrange and his short life with Casa di Cavalieri. I've had my share of ups and downs out of character as well- I've made a ton of wonderful friends and unfortunately, some rivals and, dare I say, 'enemies'. I've made a whole second life for myself on this fantastic site and I don't plan on ending it any time soon, so despite how some of you may feel, you're stuck with me.

Shout out to my homies!

Haley - My 'Souls Mommy, forever and ever! After our plot with Valinta and Sky, and later Gunnar, I feel it's about time I said it. Girl, you're completely insane and totally delusional but I love you with all my heart. Let's stay friends until we're old and gray, m'kay?

Shawchert - Like a big sister to me, Shawbutt! You're a mother and a friend. When I had shit times, you helped me get over them. I love you, girl. Keep being an amazing mother to your little one and never stop being the awesome person you are and always have been!

Nat - Damn you and your art, you silly thing. You're an inspiration for a lot of my drawings and as an artist, I'm a huge fan. As a friend, though, I couldn't have asked for a better person to tag along with.

Sie - The lady who made it all happen. You've put up with my BS for almost three years now. I come to you with my worst and you keep on being the amazingly patient and fair woman behind it all, right down to the very last tag. Thank you for making 'souls and thank you for putting up with me. I'm learning to be better because you made it all possible.

Aly - This chick's insane. She's an amazing artist and an awesome friend. You took over playing my Lena and that's enough to show that I like you! You're friendly and helpful and super efficient and quick at what you do. Keep up the amazing work!

Vannah - Oh man, almost forgot someone totally important and awesome! Nearly a disaster! Vannah plays Taliesin and our time together was short, but sweet, as Sky and Tal grew to be mates and later, divorced parents of three. Now, Vannah's my go-to girl when it comes to interesting plots, 'cause I can always trust that she'll be up for even the craziest of schemes. x3 Love you, girl!

Roleplaying Characters






Adoptable Characters

If you are interested in adopting any of these characters, please feel free to send me a Private Message or Email!

See also: Sky's Adoptables for information

  • Camilla Trovato, Matteo's younger sister and Ink's aunt. Currently roaming around 'souls as a Loner.
  • Dusk Katruk, Sky's older sister. Currently roaming around 'souls as a Loner.
  • Fox Katruk, Sky's younger half-sister and Jackal's twin. Currently roaming around with Jackal as a Loner.
  • Jackal Katruk, Sky's younger half-brother and Fox's twin. Currently roaming around with Fox as a Loner.
  • Vaughan Katruk, the father of Sky, Dusk, Jackal and Fox and oldest living Katruk. Currently roaming as a Loner.


Leave some comments here, my lovelies!

  • Oh Sky! You so silly. <3 - Nat
  • I'm not delusional. You're just a big dumbhead. Killing my Gunnar ;-; - Haley
  • Nothing for me? Sigh, and here I though Sky/Tal threads were the best EVA! - Vannah
  • Sky is an awesome writer and an awesome artist! So talented~ ;) -Miyu