Raze's Character Adoptions

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  2.   2.  Contract Terms
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Want to adopt a character with actively played family or connections? Looking for a character with a fleshed-out backstory and plot ideas -- or just a freeform character with some pretty art? There's hopefully something here for everyone! :D

Please thoroughly read over my Adoption Information if you are interested in one of my adoptables, and make sure you take a look at their contract terms and individual constraints. If you see a character you like, contact me by PM!

Thanks a lot to Sie for this template! <3

1.  Current Adoptables




Contract Notes


Tletica Lykoi

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Coyote
  • Date of Birth: August 2015
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Contract: Neutral

Fire-Worshipping Eterne-Cenizan Archer

Her father's tiacapan (firstborn), Tletica has roots in southern Eterne and Ceniza Valley -- and practices the shamanism of both places when she is not scouting or practicing archery. Her loyalty to Inferni during the Inferni-Salsola War came at a terrible cost: the accidental death of her brother, Atlan.

Relations: Ceniza Valley, Eterne, Lykoi, Inferni, Clover

  • Companion NPC; has previous play and relationships.
  • Pre-adoption changes ARE NOT acceptable.
    • Details can be fleshed out if not contradictory.
  • DOES have additional constraints on adoption:
    • Must remain in Inferni for at least 6 months.
  • Active plotting opportunities!

Lyric Harper

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Date of Birth: 2014
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Contract: Neutral

Serious-Minded Mistwalker

The serious-minded daughter of Posey Prior and a productive member of Mistfell Vale. Lyric used to spend all of her time babysitting Posey, but now that they have a pack to support them, she has taken to her new duties well. She is very close with Posey, but wants to form relationships with her new packmates -- even if most of them are pretty batty.

Relations: Posey Prior, Prior, Mistfell Vale

  • Companion NPC; has previous play and relationships.
  • Pre-adoption changes ARE NOT acceptable.
    • Details can be fleshed out if not contradictory.
  • DOES have additional constraints on adoption:
    • Must remain in MV.
  • Active plotting opportunities!
  • --

Candela Espinoza

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Coydog
  • Date of Birth: February 2014
  • Onboard?: No
  • Contract: Relaxed

Spiky Cenizan Falconer

Falconer from Ceniza Valley, cousin to Fang Espinoza, who has quite a few opinions -- and she's always right, of course! Argumentative and mischievous, Candela seeks glory largely because she's afraid to fail. She is also secretly into divination. Heeding an omen she read in the smoke, Candela left Inferni shortly before its disastrous war, but misses the clan and wants to return.

Relations: Ceniza Valley, Fang Espinoza, Inferni

  • Has previous play and relationships.
  • Pre-adoption changes ARE NOT acceptable.
    • Details can be fleshed out if not contradictory.
  • DOES have additional constraints on adoption:
    • Must rejoin Inferni and stay for at least 3 months.

Percival Bradley

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Dog
  • Date of Birth: December 2015
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Contract: Relaxed

Cour des Miracles Urchin

Orphaned runaway whose brother Marcus was killed by vengeful traders. Percival was rescued by Courtiers and became the ward of Seneschal Skoll Haskel. He is an adult with self-confidence now (his voice no longer cracks!) but has yet to choose a rank path to follow.

Relations: Skoll Haskel, Silvano Sadira, Shiloh Dawnbringer, Cour des Miracles

  • Companion NPC; has previous play and relationships.
  • Pre-adoption changes ARE NOT acceptable.
    • Details can be fleshed out if not contradictory.
  • DOES have additional constraints on adoption:
    • Must remain in CdM for at least 6 months.
  • Active plotting opportunities!


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Coywolf
  • Date of Birth: May 2016
  • Onboard?: No
  • Contract: Relaxed

Loyal Coywolf Moineau Son

Son of Sparrow, born in a peaceful tribal community in Manitoba. Ashagi was raised on stories of his father's culture as well as the exploits of his famous aunt Vesper. When his sister Briarblack struck out on her own at seven months, Ashagi remained behind in Poplar River.

Relations: Sparrow, Ashagi, Vesper, Moineau, Inferni

  • Pre-adoption changes ARE NOT acceptable.
    • Details can be fleshed out if not contradictory.
  • DOES NOT have additional constraints on adoption.

1.1  Still Looking?

Many of my previously available adoptables are "retired" because their on-board connections are no longer active (e.g., Naila and Benjamin Kartal, whose siblings are no longer played). These characters may still be available for adoption with a more lax contract than standard! Feel free to inquire about them. :)

Additionally, I might be open to players creating a member of one of my families, or creating a "past connection" with an existing character! Old enemies, former flames, and even secret offspring (pfft) might be permissible depending on the character; less established characters or those who were born or spent significant time off-board are more likely to have opportunities for past connections. If you would like to collaborate on creating a character with a history, let me know -- these characters will be your own and cannot be reclaimed.

2.  Contract Terms

Do take note of the contracts terms! I'm pickier about some characters than others; for example, a character not integral to my roleplay or plots is pretty much open season, whereas I might be considerably more selective in considering the player of a character's on-site child.


  • Adoptable has many established relationships and connections on board, a specific plot, and/or was previously played.
  • Adoptable has some strict terms and constraints; I may want certain things out of them (e.g., threads with connected characters, solid activity, good communication).
    • Likely required to join and remain in a specific pack.
    • May have stipulations on puppies/breeding rights.
    • May be required to participate in a specific plot.
  • Adoptable will be reclaimed if dropped and certain conditions are not met.
  • Player must have good activity, good communication and comprehension, etc., with no recent issues.
    • May require a RP sample.


  • Adoptable may have established relationships and connections on board and/or was previously played.
  • Adoptable has terms open for discussion, with some possible constraints; I may want certain things out of them (e.g. threads with connected characters, decent activity).
    • Likely required to join a specific pack, but may be permitted to leave with discussion or after a certain time span.
    • May have stipulations on puppies/breeding rights.
  • Adoptable may be reclaimed if dropped and certain conditions are not met.
  • Player must have good activity, good communication and comprehension, etc.
    • May require a RP sample.


  • Adoptable may have some connections on board, but which may not be established.
  • Adoptable has some pretty open terms, with few or no constraints, and opportunities for a new player to adjust details if not previously played.
  • Adoptable may be reclaimed if dropped with very short play.
  • Player should have good communication and comprehension, etc.; past inactivity or issues may be permissible.

Contracts can be altered with discussion, so let me know if you have any questions or concerns about a character's requirements or stipulations! I like to think that I'm pretty open-minded and fair, so if you're worried about a certain aspect of a character's contract, I'd be glad to explain my reasoning or discuss potential changes.

  • Low activity? Does that mean you can reclaim my character if I don't make 10 posts every single month?
    Low activity as grounds for reclaim generally involves frequent appearance on activity sweeps without explanation or improvement. For instance, I won't take an adoptable from you if you made 3 posts one month -- but if you showed up on the activity sweep five times consecutively, I'll probably discuss reclaiming the adoptable. :(
  • Breeding contracts? Does that mean you can steal the puppies I made?
    Stipulations on puppies/breeding rights are to prevent inactive puppies or abuse. They generally only require that the adoptable is reasonably established and that plans for puppies are discussed with me. I hold no claim over puppies born to an adoptable! However, say a character has puppies and is dropped because you have no muse, and the puppies' other parent is inactive -- those puppies will just awkwardly float around. I'd prefer to prevent this by ensuring that the adopter keeps their character active or at least wants to find players for the puppies so they aren't "lost." Additionally, I want to make sure the puppies are born as part of a plot rather than for the purpose of producing connected characters sans stipulations.
  • What conditions must be met so my adoptable isn't reclaimed if I want to NPC or decommission them?
    See Readoption for general terms. I will not reclaim most adoptables if they have been well-developed and played for a decent amount of time (100+ posts, 6+ months), but stricter adoptables integral to my characters' relationships might be reclaimed even past that point, especially if an ongoing plot is not finished. That said, I like to think that I'm pretty fair about this, so just discuss it with me!

3.  Adoption Information

3.1  Pre-Adoption Changes

For characters without development (e.g., they have not appeared at 'Souls yet):

  • You are free to discuss pre-adoption changes to their history, appearance, etc. I'm typically open to such changes: however you find it most fun to play them, have at! I understand that character development just happens sometimes, but if it's your plan from the get-go to take a character a different direction than I envisioned, let me know beforehand.
  • E.g., if you're applying for one of my "darker" characters and you plan to take them in a more light-hearted direction from their outset, including edits to their history to make them less dark -- you should tell me about it when you apply!

For characters with development (e.g., they've appeared at 'Souls already):

  • Changes may not be possible, especially regarding their appearance and backstory, if they've spoken of their history in-game. In general, I prefer not to allow changes to characters with active roleplay history.
  • Similarly, if you're applying for an on-board NPC, it's generally not possible to make changes to them, as they're on-board and an "active" character (not in the sense that they have a player, but they're actively partaking in the game).
  • If details have not been fleshed out in roleplay, the adopter is free to decide -- e.g., if a character's sexuality or beliefs on a certain topic were never brought up in-roleplay, you are generally free to decide this!

3.2  Post-Adoption Changes

  • Generally, you do not need my permission to do things with an adoptable. Develop the character how you want!
  • Some specific characters may have more stringent terms than this, such as requiring them to join or stay with a specific pack -- double check on your particular adoptable's information to make sure!
  • For no characters am I looking to control every little aspect of our characters' interactions. For some characters I may have stricter requirements about what I want out of them plot and thread-wise; I might require a thread for our characters to meet, or for a plot to be carried out, etc., but I'm okay with anything they do outside of that.
  • Please ask me first if you want to kill off a character! :c If you're simply bored of them, then I might re-adopt them out instead -- but if it's an unimportant character, or one you've played a good long time and wish to be retired, then I would be open to it.

4.  Re-Adoption


I work hard to make my adoptables shiny -- some of them come with a lot of junk! I also try to put thought into their appearances and biographies. So, in cases where a player doesn't stick around very long, I'm liable to find a new player. Generally, if you've adopted a character from me and you've dropped them or disappeared, please don't be terribly surprised if I find a new player.

Specific Terms

I may choose to reclaim the character if you have:

  • dropped them for a long period of time (6+ months since character was dropped)
  • dropped them with only brief play (0 - 5 months, 0 - 100 posts, etc.)
  • dropped them with inadequate play (unfinished threads and plots, errors in interpreting pre-set character history or personality, etc.)
  • been permanently banned from 'Souls
  • broken the adoption contact, e.g. violated a character's required stipulations
  • been deceptive in an attempt to obtain the adoptable, e.g. hiding identity
  • failed to join with the adoptable in a timely manner

Your Stuff

  • All baubles (art, titles, icons, etc.) originally given with the adoptable return with the character.
  • Gift art and gift graphics are typically considered reclaimable with the adoptable. If you bear a particular attachment to a table or something, let me know; I am flexible.
  • Commissioned and bought art is considered your property. New players must request your permission to use such items, even in the case of art customized to that particular character.
  • Titles and icons...
    • ... earned via game points, contests, etc. are considered your property; however, you must request removal/transfer in a timely manner after dropping the adoptable or they become property of the new player.
    • ... purchased via the 'Souls store are considered your property and may be removed/transferred to your own character at any time.

5.  Interested?

You must use the form if you are serious about adopting a character. I cannot adopt a character out to you unless you have used the form to indicate that you agree to my adoption terms. Private message me only if you are interested; do not chat/IM me regarding adoptions. Even if you express unofficial interest in a character over chat, I still might adopt them out to another player!


  • Character: What character do you want to adopt?
  • Your interpretation of the character: Tell me how you might intend to play their personality, their motives, etc.
  • Any plots or ideas you've gotten for the character: Tell me what ideas you might have regarding the character's family, conflicts, packs, etc. What do you intend to do with them?
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the contract terms on my adoption page as well as the individual contract terms for this character?:

Fields do not have word requirements -- however, I am much more likely to adopt a player out to someone who shows enthusiasm, forethought, and commitment. If you have only barebones ideas but would like to discuss ideas, existing connections, etc. -- let me know!

Some characters may require an additional writing sample or LASKY thread which will be discussed -- usually to set the relationship between certain characters, such as a currently attached cNPC, or gauge whether you fully understand the character.

5.1  Forewarning

I greatly appreciate adopters who are patient, consistent and considerate, strong and active roleplayers, etc. I may not adopt to players who:

  • Constantly pick up, drop, and switch characters.
  • Constantly ask for adoptables, then fail to join with the adoptable.
  • Show severe streaks of inactivity, constant absenteeism, etc.
  • Have adopted from me before, only to have the situation go awry in some way.
  • Have a history of OOC or IC issues (e.g., rule-breaking, discourteous behavior, dropped plots).
  • Struggle with board concepts, rules, policies, etc., or are obviously very new to roleplay.

I reserve the right to say "no" for any reason, even if it is not listed above. That said -- don't be intimidated! Please ask if you are interested. :)

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