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this is owl by owl's parents



2 October 1995


Oregon, USA

Contact Information


PM Snapdragon











Hello everyone, I go primarily by Owl, but have several nicknames(OwlTowel, Hooters, etc.) I was introduced by Wisp, and joined as Coeus, then ended up dropping him only a little bit later. I rejoined again with Helios Kowl with Kite, but we ended up dropping out again. I joined again in May 2013 with Nero Napier and took a bit of break during the 2015 summer, every needs some rest from time to time! Now I'm back with Snapdragon Lykoi, October 2015. I then dropped again due to school work and I've come back just recently as of December 2016.

I have a lot of pets at home including four ferrets, a bearded dragon, uromastyx, and two crested geckos. In my apartment though, I have my Curly Haired Tarantula Terran, my betta fish, Icarus, and my stepson, A.K.A. my roomate's cat, Wizard. I love to read and have a bad tendency to procrastinate on everything, including homework, posts, and starting up TV series. I am a big fan of Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, Westworld, and Parts Unknown. I would love to be your friend and talk to you on aim(my email)!

I am currently a junior in college and a proud really queer 20 year old. Sometimes school gets in the way, so please forgive any slow replies!

1.  Characters

At one time, I had 12 active characters. Those were the days! Then, I crashed. :) Don't be me kids, know your limits!

1.1  Active

1.2  Inactive



Nero Napier

Taro Kurosoul

Olivia Tarasova

Snapdragon Lykoi

Delphinium D'Angelo

Theon Russo

George Tibalt

  • cNPC:

Thoirní Síondaite


Sienna "Rusty" Hollow

Marne Sadira

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  • cNPC:


2.  RP Information

2.1  Contact

  • I have no preference when it comes to means of contacting me about plots, threads, etc. I'm pretty much open to anything! I also accept PM's on all of my character accounts and I'm normally online with at least my phone, so I receive notifications on the go.
  • My screen-name on Skype is Susannah L. but on AIM it's Owl L.
    • Please tell me who you are when you send me a message so I don't have to sit there in utter confusion for a couple minutes.
    • If I'm not on Skype or AIM, shoot me a PM because it'll come straight to my phone.

2.2  Posting Info

Reply Times

  • My reply times vary from a day to a few days, longer if I'm on vacation. Poke (or kick) me if it's been more than seven days since my last reply, please, because it means I'm procrastinating too much.
  • I normally respond to oldest threads first, although I also make threads with more than one people my priority, and also threads on characters with less posts will get more attention as well!

Ending Threads

  • OOC endings are normally fine with me, especially if the thread is getting crusty.
  • I consider threads that haven't been replied to for more than four weeks/a month dead and will normally get them archived. I'll attempt to bring 'em back by request!

Requesting Threads

  • I'm always open to more threads and would love to do one with your character! Shoot me a message if you'd like to do a thread because I'm not going to say no. :)
  • I won't do Lasky threads, but may do preybot.

3.  Guestbook

  • Kite was here sparkling all over everything. Opp -Kite
  • Owl is super talented and really friendly! <3 -Lin
  • Owl is my bby<33 - Ann
  • The elusive wild Jmon was spotted lurking here on April 3, 2014 @ 12:21PM EST.
  • OWL! I love her and all 3 million of her characters <333 -San