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Hello and welcome to my wiki page. I just want to start out and say I <3 you all.

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1.  Info

Hi, I'm Natalie, aka Nat. I currently play Aldora Knight and Baelish D'Angelo, but started out at 'Souls as Ruby. I love this place and keep on coming back, it has been a part of my personal history since I was 11 years old. I'm 29 now by the way, happily married and living in Texas.

2.  Artz!

I make shinies, buy some please! XD

3.  Contact

PM Aldora Knight

4.  Souls Characters

I've actively played ten different characters in my 'Souls lifetime and I have to admit that even with Ruby being my first and a founder, Zalen has actually been my most active character so far until I murderized him. I currently play his granddaughter, Aldora.

4.1  Active

4.2  Inactive

4.3  Dead

5.  OOC History

Where to begin. I have to copy what Sie said and say I've been here since the beginning of fucking time, lol. I was one of the three founders of Bleeding Souls in 2001, a crazy idea that Sie, Moony and I came up with. For a while I lead the pack Silent Dawn until eventually durping out. Even when I dropped out of the 'Soulsverse, I would always come back to check and also talk to Sie to see how things were going. But now I'm back, hopefully for a long stay rather then a month or two stay like the other times I've returned.

When I came back in June of 2011 I was surprised to see how well 'Souls was still doing. I brought myself back into the fold by giving away a metric SHIT TON of art. Then I decided to make a character, Zalen, the first male character I'd ever tried playing. Sufficed to say it was a great time playing him. After about a month I brought in another character, Zera'im, followed by Helotes Lykoi.

In the winter of 2011 I got the crazy idea to try and lead a pack again and created New Dawn. I was happy to once again be a leader within the 'Soulsverse. After a while real life caught up with me and I dropped all my characters, killing off Zalen and sending Helotes into the void.

I returned again in the Spring of 2016 briefly with Ovidiu, only to drop him due to no muse. I returned fully in December 2016 with Aldora Knight, and with her became an OOC leader of Casa di Cavalieri. Then in Summer 2017, Nuki and I created a new generations of Damaichus and I brought in Buttercup Damaichu. I played her for a time before trading her out for a new adopted character, Baelish D'Angelo.

6.  Guestbook

Because Sie has one, I MUST ALSO O-O

  • SPAME. <3 Kitty
  • I LOVE YOU! <3 Kels
  • why in da faq I haven't signed this yet. :| sie December 29, 2012, at 04:20 PM EST
  • You know you rock right? - Lullaby
  • NAT! You sexy beast, you. ♥ My favorite leader and person and stuff. Love you, gurl! ~Sky
  • Hmmm, I stalk this and did not know that you had a guest book. I feel like a bad husband ;.; - J
  • *covers you in glitter* weeeeeee! - kite
  • I miss Helotes and Vesper D; ILU THO STAY AWESOME - Raze
  • <3 <3 Naaaaaaaat!!!!!! You repeatedly slay me with yo awesomenessss ~ Silverfrost

7.  OOC Catacombs

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