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I am a pretty open adopter; happy to let you change personalities, appearance and add to back stories to make you a more invested and active player.

Current Adoptables

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  • Traits: Happy-go-lucky, stalwart, adventerous, swashbuckler
  • Species: Lupo Italiano
  • Date of Birth: 29 March 2015 (1.5 Years Old)
  • Gender: Male ♂
  • Pack: Loner (Will join Krokar with Cesare)
  • On-Board Relations: Cesare dei Cattanei
  • Plots Available: Yes
  • Contract: Moderate



  • No character-count requirement, general 'Souls activity rules apply.
  • More guidelines coming in the future...


  • Anywhere from your secondary to quinary character. Some exceptions may be made if you have more than five characters and you have proven activity and dependability when adopting other characters.
  • This character will have a couple on-board connections and relationships and will be involved in plots. You have the freedom to establish yourself in other plots as long as you follow through with plots created with on-board connections.
  • Pre-adoption changes are acceptable as there will be gaps and affordances for the player to add their own additions to the character's appearance, personality, and history. Large, sweeping changes should be run past me first. Post-adoptions changes are allowed if they are reasonable and make sense for the character and their progression.
  • Once approved you must join with your character within a month. You will have to re-apply if you do not meet this deadline, unless exceptions are made.
  • To adopt a Moderate character a roleplay example of the character will be required (or two roleplay examples from other characters) and any of the additions or changes you would like made to the characters personality, appearance and history (this can be in list form and hashed out over time).


  • Must be your primary or secondary character. Some exceptions may be made if you have proven activity and dependability when adopting other characters.
  • More guidelines coming in the future...

Adoption Terms

I prefer adopters who are already familiar with 'Souls and currently, or in the past, have played active and well thought out characters. I am open to adopting to someone new to the site if they have a basic understanding of the 'Soulsverse and have previous roleplaying experience. Please keep in touch with me regarding absences or activity, your character likely has plots and ties to mine and I want to be sure I don't take your character back for re-adoption accidentally/prematurely. If you are struggling with activity I would be happy to help you with some sprees or ideas for plots.

I will not adopt to players who:

  • Drop and pick up characters often (i.e. every 3-6 months)
  • Fail to meet contract expectations
  • Who radically alter a character without discussion


  • If you drop a character or go inactive without notice they will be reclaimed after one week, and then will be re-adopted three weeks later if I cannot get a hold of you.
  • If you are permanently banned from 'Souls I will reclaim a character and instantly put them back up for adoption.
  • If you break a term of the contract and we are unable to come to a resolution I will reclaim the character and put them up for adoption again after a two week period.
  • Failure to join with the character within the deadline given may result in the character getting put back up for adoption. If you give me notice and a good idea of when you would be able to join I may make an exception.
  • If you are going on prolonged absence or you have developed the character to a point where it does not make sense to re-adopt he will be NPC'd or remain inactive and is open to being picked up by you again.

Pre-Adoption & Post-Adoption Changes

These are dependent on whether the character is under a Lenient, Moderate or Strict contract and can be referenced under those headings. I am generally pretty open to changes, just get in touch with me and ask if you are unsure about the changes you are making. Post-adoption changes are to be expected as growth and development occur naturally over time. If any of your changes seem unreasonable or questionable I will be sure to contact you and let you know.

Adopters Rights

  • All art that comes with the adoptable is returned with the character if it is reclaimed.
  • Commissioned work, titles, icons that you have paid for with either points or money belong to you and new adopters must request your permission to use them.
  • You must request to have titles and icons transferred or removed in a timely manner. If they were purchased by points and you do not move them by the time the character is re-adopted it will become property of the new player. If you paid for titles and icons using the 'Souls store they are considered your property and can be transferred or removed at anytime, although it is preferred that you do so before the character is re-adopted.
  • If you play your character for a long period of time and have to drop or go on a long absence, then you have the right to re-claim the character at a later time or place it under NPC status if you wish.
  • Any changes made to the Wiki will be removed if you forfeit the character. If any of your contributions are kept you will be credited.

Ready to adopt?

Contact me through PM with the following:

Your Name/Nickname: What can I call you?
Characters Name: Who do you want to adopt?
Why are you interested in playing this character?: A simple explanation is fine!
List of previous/current characters: If none, that is okay, list where you have roleplayed before instead.
Roleplay/Writing Examples: The amount of examples are specified by the contract the character falls under.
Do you have any changes or plots you have in mind for the character?:

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