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I am secretly a velociraptor. I type with my fancy toe claws.

Hi! I'm Kite. I like to overhaul my wiki page a lot. I have also had a lot of characters! I've been a member of 'Souls on-and-off since around 2012. I was first introduced to 'Souls by Shann and I joined with Ann and Owl! My first character was Mayflower Kowl (fun fact -- Mayflower and her brother's last names are just Owl and I's names mashed together).

I am currently a seventeen-year-old high school student. I play the clarinet, but I'm better than Squidward Tentacles. I also do hurtles and srpings in track, and I jump over all my problems. I like to code stuff, read, draw, and write (obviously). My favorite author is Michael Crichton and I am slightly obsessed with Jurassic Park.

I love general chatting and plotting, so feel free to PM me or message me on AIM.

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Camellia Amaranthe




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  • Hahaha

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  • dis wip

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  • I tend to avoid doing LASKY threads unless you are test-driving a character that is closely related to one of mine.

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