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Hi, I'm Kite! I've been around 'Souls on and off for I don't know how long at this point. My first character (that I played for a decently long time) was Chloé Moineau, and before that I briefly played Mayflower Kowl.

Currently, I am a freshman in a community college and intended to transfer to a state college next year.

I'm always down to chat, so feel free to message me on discord if you want!

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  • dis wip

2.  Roleplay Information

Reply Times

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Ending Threads

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  • Please PM me about ending threads, because I will be less likely to forget!
  • Please do not archive any threads without notifying me first -- I will get really confused. Thanks!
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Requesting Threads

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  • I am almost always open to new threads.
    • I may not be open to new threads if one of my characters has a lot of active threads.
  • I tend to avoid doing LASKY threads unless you are test-driving a character that is closely related to one of mine.

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