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Mate to Languedoc Dreamer, Artist, Writer SoSuWriMo Champion 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019, 2020 Witch, Pagan, Shaman, Healer Starmaker, Creator Poke'Master since 1996

  • I am very meticulous about my wiki pages and ask that others respect that my characters should not be edited or added to other wikis without my explicit permission. I do routine updates on my characters pretty regularly, but always ask before you do something regarding any of my characters PLEASE, and THANKS! (Feel free to sign my Guestbook though!)
  • For an easy way to contact me, check the messengers below please!

PM — Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi

  • PM communication is preferred for important matters including but not limited to plots, Adoptions, Commissions, etc!
  • PMs aren't disabled on auxiliary accounts BUT PMs will be answered on auxiliary accounts at my leisure.

Discord — @<SPACEDAWG>#1710

  • Discord communication is strongly preferred for plots, general chat, etc.
  • Don't be afraid to IM me even if I appear offline. At best, I'm being a ninja; I'll always get back to you later if I am truly not around at any time.

OC information

  • Character to the left is my Fursona, Jmonster. He is a Goat-Lion monster hybrid. He likes tacos. A lot. Visit his profile for more info about him! Other Characters on my page are also sonas or Non-Souls OCs. You can also read about them on my Other characters that currently are on my page are Tatsuya (CheetahxHyena hybrid), Saturn-Dosei (Corgi), and PomSuga(Kohisuta).

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Ein & Jmonster By MajorPiece@FA!

Hey there, My name is Jacoby Patis, but you can call be J or Jmonster! I do tend to go by a lot of names, including but not limited to any of my character's names(especially Panda) and any version of "Jacoby" you can make up! For instance, I have been called "SubJmon", Jmon, Jaboobie, JP, JPanda, etc (you get the point). But my preferred nicknames are Jmonster, J, and JPanda. In my free time, I mess around on the wiki, stream my stupid drawings, and doodles stoopid puppies and sometimes kitties. I'm biologically a male but I identify as genderless, so please refer to me using male pronouns(he, him, his), or you also can use genderless pronouns(they, them, their) as well(just a note would be that I have and am known to also respond to female pronouns even though I prefer not to be called female!) I'm also a super homo, and have been with my current luffily for almost 5 years now (yay, manthing!). I am furry trash.

A little bit more about me is that I work at a video game store(Gamestop), so I always have am up to date on the current game releases, and up for talking about video games! Some of my favorite video games are the Assassin's Creed franchise, Kingdom Hearts, and Borderlands. While I do work at a video game store, my true passion would be creating character concepts, writing/story-building(that's why I linger around 'Souls!), and tattoo design! As of recently, I have been pursuing a career in Animal Care Services, in which I have been working two day jobs as a Cashier at Gamestop and a Doggy Day Care Assistant at a local Doggy Day Care. Previously, I used to work in the largest Animal Shelter in South Florida, in which I would take care of neonate kittens and sometimes work with the sick doggos and kitties in the Isolation ward.

I tend to also be an art whore, so please, trade art with me always. I'm also almost always open for Art commissions of most types, though I specialize in animals/anthros, but can also do humans, logos, and photo-manipulation. I also can loosely code html/css, even though it's more like "hey let me frankenstein templates together to do my bidding" whoops.

Typically I'm pretty chill, and flexible about most things including plots, characters, and schedules. I understand that shit happens and we can't help it. I do have a small list of pet peeves, as does everyone, and they are chronic liars, manipulators, and those who don't keep their word. I also do not like to be rushed, and I don't do well with those who think they have authority over me when they don't. Keep these things in mind when you communicate with me please. I also have a sailor's mouth, so I guess be careful when you talk to me? (I mean I do try not to, but I'm sorry if I forget censor myself, we are human no?)

I also have major depression and a great case of PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), so with that being said, sometimes I mope around, randomly get sad, or upset, and sometimes may or may not be up for communicating with anyone. If I am having a hard day, it's typical that I won't respond until days later, but don't feel like it is about you, because it's likely just that I have been sitting in bed sleeping or just being depressed. I usually don't like talking about why I am sad, nor do I like talking about what happened to give me PTSD, so please don't ask.

I like anime(Deathnote, Rurouni Kenshin, Food Wars, Tokyo Ghoul, and The Promised Neverland are among my favorites), tacos, and my favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones and American Horror Story (with some Criminal Minds in there somewhere). I unnecessarily love satan jokes. The way to my heart is with strawberry milkshakes, and tacos. These two things also cure my bad moods all too well.

I also have pets! I have a Snake(Ezio), a Pembroke Welsh Corgi(Tomasu), a German Shepherd (Mason aka Dogmeat) and one cat(Kit Kat). I love talking about them so just ask for pics and I'll totally spam you with all the stupid annoying cute shit they do. :D I used to have another cat named Octopus, whom ran away when I moved into my new apartment in late 2018, and I used to have another corgi named Ein but she passed away in early October of 2018.

Always Remember: An androgynous asexual always eats apples.

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Reply Times:

  • Replies vary from an hour to a week and a half, depending on different factors.
  • Please poke me if I take longer than two weeks to reply if I am not on the absentee list!
  • I prioritize older threads when catching up, but I also prioritize rank and plot threads; if a thread is important, let me know.

Ending Threads:

  • I am normally not opposed to OOC endings. Whether it be for clean-up or whatever; pm me to discuss.
  • I remove inactive threads from my post log after four weeks. Please message me if you want to revive a thread or think that you'll have to take longer to post.

Requesting Threads:

  • Please request threads via Discord – though I can accept PMs if that is what you would prefer.
  • Even if I'm not really accepting new threads, I will try to make room for important family threads.
  • I will not do Preybot threads; sorry. I am just no good at the preybot and would prefer if I was not requested to use it.
  • I RP LASKY with ALL of my Characters! Please, whether its for past development or silly ideas, I am glad to do AUs, past encounters, etc! I love LASKY threads!!

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  1. If your character is in the same pack as my characters (and therefore their NPCs), feel free to reference these characters as being seen around the packlands, etc. in your posts.
  2. If you'd like actual interaction with these characters, please send me a PM first!
  3. Special notes are added about each of the characters here, as well -- please pay attention to them, and make sure you are adhering to that character's temperament, etc.

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Souls History


  • October: rejoined with Daisuke and had a grand ol' time.


  • January: Attempts SSWM'10
  • Febuary: wins SSWM'10


  • January: Attempts SSWM'11
  • Febuary: wins SSWM'11


  • January: Attempts SSWM'12
  • Febuary: Fails SSWM'12?


  • January: Attempts SSWM'13
  • Febuary: wins SSWM'13


  • January: Attempts SSWM'14
  • Febuary: wins SSWM'14
  • September: Packed up my shit and left. Mostly for OOC reasons.



  • January: Attempts SSWM'16
  • February: Fails SSWM'16


  • January: Attempts SSWM'17, and smashes SSWM'17 in the face with a hammer


Saturn Dosei By Maid.@FA!


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