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Werewolf Mistfell Vale Elkenfrey
  • Gender: Demiboy
  • Image Credit: Disney's Tangled

PM — Gunner Wilds

  • PM communication is preferred for anything that requires a more descriptive back & forth. Big plots, long-term plots, etc..
  • Please don't PM (or anything else besides Discord) if you're looking for a quick response. Use my Discord instead!

Discord — wulf#5552

  • Discord is strongly preferred for pretty much everything else.
  • I am frequently invisible. Go ahead and send me a message at anytime, I'm probably there and willing to chat, even if the grey dot says otherwise!

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  2.   2.  RP Info
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Heyooo. I'm Jacob, but everybody usually calls me Jake. You can refer to me with he/they/or it . Like many people who consider themselves roleplayers and artists, I think of myself as a pretty creative person. As for my values going into writing, I know there are some out there that enjoy the technical and analytic aspects of it. For me, personally, I usually will prefer fun over those things, even if it's dumb fun. My approach to writing can sometimes be melodramatic or idealistic in varying tones, and I live for character interaction. This kinda reflects my personality, too. Honesty is very important to me, but so is optimism and peace. I have some beliefs and interest in spiritualism, astrology, and tarot. I love character complexity in all aspects, actually, though I'm sure a lot of people are with me on that one! On religious/spiritual characters specifically, I know this isn't for everyone, and I tend to be chill on topics like this, so don't worry if you'd rather leave those kind of things out of our threads!

In regards to 'Souls, this isn't my first rodeo! I don't really trust my memory, which is why I demand thread pokes below, but I do remember at one point I played one or two characters in Inferni briefly, probably in the earlier 2010's. Though even if I did remember which characters exactly that I played (it's probably one of the ones with a very short actual playtime), not only was I likely a terrible roleplayer back then, I also prrroooobably wasn't actually allowed to be on 'Souls because I was so young... So let's not talk about the past, okay? Don't shame me ;_;. ... Now, I am a Certified Adult™ with a bit more of an idea of how to stay productive in my creative interests, so I'm happy to be back! See you around!

1.  Characters

1.1  Active



Gunner Wilds
♂ Hybrid

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1.2  Inactive

Retired Characters

Future Characters



2.  RP Info

2.1  Plot & Thread Requests

  • I'm open for plotting any time through Discord or PM depending on what kind of plot you have in mind.
  • I prefer flexible thread dating. In my 'canon', none of my threads have a specific date, they just follow a certain 'general' timeline.

2.2  Assumptions

  • I'm alright with all of the following: OOC endings, pre-thread assumptions, long-term assumptions, etc. Just shoot me a message!
  • Check my characters' wikis for OOC assumption guidelines. If you're looking for a full conversation between our characters, might be better for us to just thread it out!

2.3  Replies and Speeds

  • I am open to plan sprees, though I may be busy at the time, just ask and we can work something out!
  • Typically, if I haven't replied within a week, I need to be poked.
  • I'ma say that again because I know it's rare: Please poke me if I take too long to reply to a thread!
  • If a thread needs fast & short replies, let me know.

2.4  Archival

  • I'm open to grave-digging (even on crusty threads) and I am also okay with slow-moving threads (I consider slow-moving to be one post every one week and a half or more). Just please communicate clearly with me about it.
  • I may mark a started thread as AW if you don't post your first reply within two weeks. Again, please contact me if for whatever reason you can't reply to our thread, or need it marked as DND.

2.5  Other Preferences

  • I write between ~200-500+ words.
  • Powerplay is usually always acceptable, check with me on Discord.
  • Please do not use graphic tables, as a general rule a lot of them are hard for me to read :(
  • I am fine with mature threads and plots. For sexual threads, I usually prefer to fade to black. I am not interested in roleplaying rape plots.
  • I will play Preybot and LASKY.
  • Depending on how long I've had a character, I may be open to character death plots for them.

3.  Wiki Info

  • I like to contribute to the wiki!
  • If I ever make edits to a page that is not supposed to be edited, it's not intentional! Please feel free to undo the changes and contact me so I know not to edit it again. I will admit, I can be more of a "ask for forgiveness rather than permission" kinda wikier, so feel free to tell me off if I step on your toes PBT.
  • Talk to me about projects and stubs! Need an editing buddy to go on a wiki journey with you? DM me over Discord with what you have in mind :)
  • Any of my created wikis can be freely edited for minor details, additional information, and typo fixes.
  • Please do not delete any information on my created wikis without permission! Unless it is clearly wrong or nonsensical. But in that case I'd rather you contact me first to set me straight!
  • You can create stub pages for my characters or NPCs if I have not created one yet.

3.1  Guestbook