CS February 2013 SS Cody:June 2014, Basilio: November 2016 Luperci Student, Artist, Writer SoSuWriMo Champion 2013

  • Location: Elkhart, IN
  • Birthday: 10 Nov 1992
  • Primary: Julia

Artwork is not mine. Commission done by Nat.

PM — Fang Espinoza

  • I prefer contact through PM for important matters like character discussion and plotting so I can keep track of it.
  • PMs are disabled on all my auxiliary characters; please PM my primary account only.
  • If you do not have aim but another form of contact like skype or facebook, I am comfortable with talking on either.

E-MAIL, AIM, and Discord

  • E-MAIL: Forgedsteel2u@gmail.com
Sometimes, there is a need to get in touch with someone through email address rather than PM, Aim, Facebook or Skype. I am comfortable with Soulsters' messaging me at my email as long as the subject requires it. (such as a paypal transaction for commissions)
  • AIM: mewtwo377
AIM is preferred for general chat, reminders, etc. I leave my aim online at all times, unless I have company at my home. Feel free to leave a message and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to. If I don't reply in a timely manner, feel free to nudge me through PM.
  • Discord: Dread (Ronnie)#4807


Hi! My name is Dread. You may know me also as Ron, Ronnie or Forged or just as Basi's player from Inferni. :) I am a pretty friendly individual who can often be found on Aim and, sometimes, in the Souls chat. Since I practically have no life, I spend most of my time writing and when I'm not writing, I'm watching videos, playing video games or just laying around.

I sort of use 'Souls as an outlet for myself since in real life, I am very socially awkward and I find it hard to relate to people. My awkwardness still bleeds into my words despite that but I am usually able to control it. :) It's easier for me when I can sit there for a moment and think about it before I reply to it. I'd much rather consider someone's emotions before I reply to something.

I'm pretty much addicted to emojis and emoticons. Almost everything I type is filled with them except for posts but even the ooc I type in some have them. (It's a horrid habit when you're having a serious conversation with someone. ;-;) In late 2015, toward the end of October, I was offered the position of OOC Manager for Inferni and I jumped on it because I've always wanted to help lead a pack and eventually help start one of my own. I have no plans to as of right now, as far as making a pack goes, but maybe one day in the way distant future. :)

I like really intense plots, sometimes with dark characters that have a complex personality and history. It's easier for me to play emotionally traumatizing plots (which can be a bit weird) and I have trouble writing romance unless there is some sort of emotional drama going on at the same time.

Some of my non-souls hobbies include going to the movies, some arts and crafts, science experiments with different chemicals :o, raising and watching pets, and giving advice. Some things I really want to start doing as a hobby is art, photography and movie making/editing and video game streaming.

Moonbreaker Family

Pack Pride

Inferni Salsola Cour des Miracles


Dread's Adoptions


Reply Times

  • I may take less than a week or up to two weeks to reply to threads. I will try to announce when outside circumstances are making me slower!
  • Gentle, polite reminders or "pokes" to reply to or start a thread are okay after a week has passed.
  • Contact me if you need me to prioritize a thread (e.g., rank or plot threads).
  • I am sometimes open for sprees and prefer to coordinate sprees over AIM. It doesn't hurt to ask me to spree a thread, ever!

Ending Threads

  • I am rarely opposed to OOC endings, pre-thread assumptions, long-term assumptions, etc. Discuss this with me!
  • If I'm posting a little too slow for you, feel free to let me know that you'd like to wrap up the thread in this way!
  • I prefer to start wrapping up threads if they are more than two months old.
  • If I start a private thread and you haven't made a first reply after three weeks, I will mark it AW.
  • I am not keen on grave-digging archived threads unless they are relatively fresh and/or important to a plot or rank.
  • If I notice a thread of ours has gone a month without a reply, I will ask if you'd like it to be marked DND so that it isn't deleted before we continue with it. Unless it is a plot intensive thread.

Plot and Requesting Threads + Other

  • Feel free to ask for threads any time. The only time I turn someone down is when I have brackets going and I don't have enough posts to go around.
  • I'm happy to discuss plots through any medium, though I prefer fast-paced brainstorming and hashing out details over AIM, and concrete plans and links over PM.
  • I use flexible thread dating -- you don't have to check with me to date a thread!
  • I write shorter posts (~300-350 words) on average. I have no preference on what I receive.
  • Minor powerplay to move a thread along (walking to follow someone, nonviolent touches, etc., within the grounds of realism and reason) is always acceptable. Other forms of powerplay may be allowed on a case by case basis. If you're unsure, contact me!.
  • I am fine with mature threads and plots. However, for sexually explicit threads, I sometimes prefer fade to black. Additionally, I am not interested in rape plots.
  • I will play LASKY, usually canon threads with NPCs. However, I am notoriously bad about remembering LASKY threads and might need poked.

M Y ∙ C H A R A C T E R S

Active Characters

Seigneur of CdM
♂ Wolfdog

O T H E R ∙ C H A R A C T E R S

Future Characters





  1. If your character is in the same pack as my characters (and therefore their NPCs), feel free to reference these characters as being seen around the packlands, etc. in your posts.
  2. If you'd like actual interaction with these characters, please send me a PM first!
  3. Special notes are added about each of the characters here, as well -- please pay attention to them, and make sure you are adhering to that character's temperament, etc.


Fang Espinoza

Calla Valentine


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