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Community Soul: April 2012, June 2019Spotlight Soul: Nazario Oct 2017Soldier of Love: Oct 2017
  • Gender: Whatever ⚥
  • Location: Colorado
  • Birthday: 8 November 1993
  • Joined: 25 March 2012
  • Primary: Nazario del Bosque
  • Discord: Hraesvelgr#9537
  • I lead that posse of rowdy dorks, Del Cenere Gang! If you have any general questions or need any help (pack, or board-wise!) please don't hesitate to reach out to me.
  • I am generally very open and eager to chat with people! If you have anything you need or questions - especially if you need help on board with something, I aim to be approachable!
  • PM communication is preferred for more official type correspondence (i.e.: commission information and the like!) just so I can refer back to all information at a later date.
  • If PMing me in regards to something more official, please do use a detailed/straightforward message line in regards to it! Otherwise, feel free to put the line as whatever you'd like <3
  • Discord is strongly preferred for chatting, quick questions, reminders, and plotting. I love Discord. I'm always on Discord.
  • In group chats, I tend to mute the channels. If you need my attention, please mention/tag me so I can peek at it!


Advanced Cowboy Simulator Salsa Verde Inferni Forever


Bad Decision Roulette Howdy Pardner

after the sixth straight hour on photoshop

Despi is a local goblin and generally board vermin, who smells lots, and is a design addict. Despi is also horrible at coding, and cries at people for help. I also go by Teeth and abuse the (eyes) emoji.

Sometimes I draw! Sometimes I write! Sometimes I stare at stuff! It's an exciting life! I work from home now as an loosely labeled 'ar-teest' and am all about that aesthetic, booooiiiiii. I collect tiny twinkly lights, bones, dried flowers, cool rocks - you name it. The key to lookin' like ya got your life together is by putting all your crap in jars, as it turns out.

I also like to play too many videogames - Dark Souls, Zelda, weird indie garbage, you know, the usual. On some weekends, I do crazy Mad Max-esque stuff with a bunch of buddies! With cars! And fire sometimes! And lots of sharp objects and looking like hooligans it's all super good fun! I also prefer they/them pronouns, but honestly I will not object to whatever you use <3

I'm horribly awkward at all times, online and offline, but I like to try and be helpful and approachable, so feel free to go ahead and hit me up. I'm just a massive dufus who's trying their best ;w;

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Nazario del Bosque
♂ Coywolf Del Cenere Gang, Rey Salvaje

  • cNPC: Briarblack
  • Riselka (horse)
  • Malchior (peafowl)

Santiago Tejada

  • Del Cenere Gang, Las Brasas
  • ♂ Coyote
  • NPCs:
    • cNPC: --
    • Dutch (horse)
    • Bruni (horse)

Julius Valentine

Solomon James

  • Loners
  • ♂ Wolf
  • NPCs:
    • cNPC: --
    • Wynona (horse)
    • Friday (horse)

Aurelion Valentine

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Future Row 1


Plot & Thread Requests

  • I love threads. Ask me about threads - very rarely I'll say no c: Unless I'm too busy of course, but honestly, when am I too busy to write? <3
  • Plots are love, plots are life. Hit me up on Discord and we'll brainstorm up POTENTIALS and I will likely get OVERENTHUSIASTIC and start TALKING IN ALL CAPS <3
  • If you want to frame threads around specific dates, that's great! Just lemme know <3 I'm happy to work stuff out!


  • Discuss with me if you want anything as far as OOC thread endings, sometimes ya just gotta hop on somethin' new and you can't wait for the old one to end! If you want any specifics to assume about characters or interactions, please let me know, I'm generally pretty easy about things.
  • I am okay with minor pp, i.e.: mild touches/nonviolence, things that fit within a certain context in order to keep things moving and feeling organic. If there's anything more intensive, please discuss them with me! I'm usually not averse to minor shoves or very mild injury via pp, so long as you ask :3c

Replies and Speeds

  • Oh goodness, my replies vary by a lot, however, with my ONGOING EFFORTS, I bracket in two-week periods, and will try to reply within that timeframe! If you notice your thread has gone untouched, please gently poke me to reply!
  • I love to spree. I love when people ask to spree. I am usually open and willing to spree, if you'd like to coordinate, do boop me on Discord!
  • Need help getting that co-rank? Boop me so I prioritize it! We can get that whipped up, lickety split!


  • If threads fall inactive after about a month, month and a half, I may end up archiving them.
  • If a thread gets archived and you don't want me to go exume it from it's resting place, we can discuss an OOC ending if you'd prefer c:
  • I will grave-dig for old threads that have fallen inactive, if asked :0

Other Preferences

  • I like text tables, or y'know... Not over-embellished tables ;v; Most are fine if high contrast, but I do have kinda crappy eyes, I'm sorry!
  • I'm cool with mature threads c: I'm just awkward. Please discuss thread stuff with me! :0
  • My posts can vary between LONG RAMBLING to short little snippits, I don't mind what I recieve. c:
  • I will play Preybot!
  • I will play LASKY! Especially canon LASKY!
    • In fact I do have characters who are strictly LASKY!
      • In fact if you wanna plot or design some off-board characters for LASKY, I'd be happy to do that too!


Art Disclaimer

  • My artistic process is very hit or miss, and I'm deeply sorry for that, so times can vary intensely between my pieces ;v; I often have to psych myself up on occasion to pump out art because sometimes the creative juices just aren't flowing!
  • If you are expecting a piece, ESPECIALLY a commissioned piece, feel free to bump me for an update and I will tell you where I am at process wise. Sometimes the poke is enough to go ahead and get my lazy butt in gear.
  • My work is usually signed. On 'Souls, you do not have to credit me for your piece, but if you use it off board, please do credit me! <3


  • I will invoice you once I'm gearing up to get started on your commission! Please give me your email address at the time of commission-slot-claiming <3
  • I do require full payment before I get started on the piece! If you need to space out payments, let me know so I can account for that on the invoice.
  • I go overboard with progress pictures, but that is mostly to ensure quality of my artwork. If you see something in your piece that you are not happy with, please let me know!
  • Be as specific as possible with what you want in your picture! If you leave anything vague, I will take this as an opportunity to flex creative and artistic freedom
  • Please note that I do paint on one layer, for the most part. While I can usually fix small edits, please try to limit how much you ask me to repaint - after about three large edits, I may ask for more compensation, depending on the time consumption! ;w;

Requests and Trades

  • I typically do not take requests or art trades unless my commission queue is completed
  • Sometimes I'll make exceptions just to break up the monotony, but please note that that is not often!
  • Do not let this discourage you from asking, though. I will try to keep you in mind for when I get the time!
  • Requests are technically free art, please do not expect anything like Picasso. ;-; I'll try to get something nice for you, and try to make it pretty, but ultimately, I'm not typically open to editing over the top for something I'm doing for funsies ;u;
  • Trades, however, are kind of treated like an exchange of goods!
    • While I tend to use more creative freedom with Trades, I do tend to go overboard and make things ~fancy~, so you can expect anything from my regular doodles to something weird and painterly.
  • Requests for colored templates or anything for new players will tend to take precedence for other art/requests c:


  • i superglue the baby back to his BIG size - Pablo
    • baby enjoy toy mommy buy for you - Pablo
    • how your backyard barbeque go, the Smiths?- Pablo
  • Whoops J was caught here touching your page (and he doesn't regret a thing) on May 26th 2017 @ 4:41pm EST
  • The non-regret actions continue as I make my presence known! <3 you Despi - Salena
  • You are a MACHIIINE! 10/10 would take you to Tahiti to farm mangoes. Also Aurelion -waggles fingers- <3 Stormie
  • howdy pardner ;) - Raze