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Pronouns: They/Them
Location: Colorado, USA
Birthday: 8 Nov 1993
Joined: 25 Mar 2012
Del Ceneren Salsolan Infernian Courtier Sapien The Cartel Drygrass Posse

Primary: Nazario del Bosque (Forum)
Discord: Hraesvelgr#9537

I prefer Discord for all general chatting! Plotting, questions, etc. - it's easiest to reach me there for any of your Despi-related needs (or otherwise!)

Twitter: @teethandteeth

Reply Speed: Moderate -- tentatively open for threads
Families: Huxley, Tejada, Braithwaite, Courtright, Ardoix
Areas: Del Cenere Gang, Khurdan Salkhi

Community Soul: Apr 2012, Jun 2019 Spotlight Soul: Nazario Oct 2017 Soldier of Love: Oct 2017

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Nazario del Bosque

♂ Coywolf, Rey Salvaje

Santiago Tejada

♂ Coyote, Las Brasas

Julius Valentine

♂ Coyote Hybrid, Merchant Apprentice

Ash Del Mar

♂ Coyote, The Unkindled

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Keturah Lykoi

♀ Hybrid, Bambino

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  • i superglue the baby back to his BIG size - Pablo
    • baby enjoy toy mommy buy for you - Pablo
    • how your backyard barbeque go, the Smiths?- Pablo
  • Whoops J was caught here touching your page (and he doesn't regret a thing) on May 26th 2017 @ 4:41pm EST
  • The non-regret actions continue as I make my presence known! <3 you Despi - Salena
  • You are a MACHIIINE! 10/10 would take you to Tahiti to farm mangoes. Also Aurelion -waggles fingers- <3 Stormie
  • howdy pardner ;) - Raze