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  • If you feel like PM isn't good enough email me!

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Hello there, and welcome to my house. Hang your hat, stay a while! Maybe even throw in a comment about how great I am in the guestbook? No? :/ I hath been rejected.

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  1.   1.  About
  2.   2.  A blank space to ponder
  3.   3.  Writing
  4.   4.  Posting
  5.   5.  Reply Times:
  6.   6.  Ending Threads:
  7.   7.  Requesting Threads:
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1.  About

  • OOC name: Daniel
  • Location: Ontario, Canada (a place called "the dirty 'Shwa"
  • Joined: April, 3, 2016
  • Primary Character: Virue
  • Music preference: Rock mostly
  • Favourite band: The Tragically Hip
  • Likes: sports, creating things, pasta, music, poetry and having no friends (jk)

Since I'm older, and definitely soooo much more mature (ha), I decided to rewrite this section. Name's Daniel, how's it going? I'm not your typical guy. I'm what you'd call weird. In truth, I'm short, awkward and fairly quiet. But when I write, I'm loud, super freaking loud. If that makes sense. I'm a self-proclaimed poet, and a crappy student (university level). I love hockey, art, music, and getting sidetracked. But if you want to have a chat, or there's something you need (like a friend, or a thread), you know where to get ahold of me!

2.  A blank space to ponder

Are you thinking about this blank space? Does it intrigue you? Are you still reading this? Good.

3.  Writing

My writing is a work in progress, and is constantly under revision. It will be subject to change regularly, and might seem odd at times. I use literary devices often now, so hopefully that's executed properly. Writing is my favourite thing to do, and is a growing passion of mine. I would also like to thank you if you have threaded with, or are threading with me, as it's a huge help in practicing my writing. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and am sure there will always be room to improve.

I am also a fairly skilled poet as others seem to constantly point out whenever someone new shows up xD. I am known to incorporate advanced language, conceits and deep life lessons into my poetry.

4.  Posting

5.  Reply Times:

  • I try to be quickish with my reply times, but real life happens to be a thing from time to time. I'll probably get back to you within a week at my peak, and longer if I'm busy.
  • I answer to older threads first, to "usher" them along
  • If you feel I'm not replying fast enough, #1 send me a DM/PM. If I don't answer, I'm probably taking a break either that or something happened to me. Like miiuurrrdeeeeer.

6.  Ending Threads:

  • I don't prefer OOC endings. Although, if need be, message me to discuss such situations.
  • If you know you won't be able to finish a thread, please don't reply to my posts! If you can't continue participating in a thread you chose to respond to, I may be a little saddened, so there's that.

7.  Requesting Threads:

  • Message me to discuss any private threads
  • I would love to do a private thread with anyone! All you need to do is ask!! Plotting too!

7.1  Active Characters






Serana Leishman

  • Member of Anathema
  • ♀ hybrid
  • NPC: none

7.2  Inactive Characters

  • None

Future Characters

  • None right now ;)


  • None


  • None


  • None

7.3  Guestbook

  • hey! on the right page this time! :) -Sunny
  • Keep an eye on this kid, he will surpass us all with poetic and emotional writing!! ~ Raze
  • Have some pretties <3 ~ Sammiie