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Hiya! My name is Ann! I am a long-time 'Soulster (four years strong!) and one-third of the lovely Casa di Cavalieri leadership team! I live in square little Colorado, USA, and am just emerging from the carefree cocoon of childhood at the age of 18. I will be flying out this August to attend a fall semester at Brigham Young University-Hawaii and will be studying Marine Biology! Yes, I am hella pumped, and you have the right to be green with envy, muahaha. This summer I'm working 35ish hours a week at my part-time job at a sandwich shop to save up money for that chapter of my life, however, so I can't be on 'Souls 24/7 as tragic as it is :'(

I joined 'Souls back in 2012 with Lyris, and plan to keep playing her until she accumulates all the crust! I own the Stryder line and am co-creator of the Grimm, and will undoubtedly create more unnecessary shiny places and families in the future because that's how it goes! .u. I love love love writing and plotting, so never ever be afraid to poke me with your juicy fabulous ideas, because I don't bite and plan to hang around for a while yet!
You will find a bunch more probably unnecessary information below! Thank you for reading!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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    • Even if I appear to be closed for threads, ask and maybe we can work out something for the future!
    • I will do LASKY and Preybot threads! Message me for deets ;D


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