Amanda The Third

Amanda The Third




  • Hey there! If you need me for something, look at contact options below and shoot me a message!

PM — Akantha

  • PM communication is preferred for commission details or important matters!
  • PMs are disabled on all my auxiliary characters; please PM my primary account only.
  • PMs regarding Sapient matters should always be sent to the Sapient OOC account.

AOL IM — lovepandles

  • AIM communication is strongly preferred for plots, general chat, etc.
  • Don't be afraid to IM me even if I appear offline. At best, I'm invisible; at worst, I'll get your message later.

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1.  Posting Info

1.1  Reply Times:

  • Replies vary from an hour to a week and a half, depending on different factors.
  • Please poke me if I take longer than a week to reply if i am not on the absentee list!
  • I prioritize older threads when catching up, but I also prioritize rank and plot threads; if a thread is important, let me know.

1.2  Ending Threads:

  • I am normally not opposed to OOC endings. Whether it be for clean-up or whatever; pm me to discuss.
  • I remove inactive threads from my post log after three weeks. Please message me if you want to revive a thread or think that you'll have to take longer to post.

1.3  Requesting Threads:

  • Please request threads via AIM - i am terrible to contact over PM @_@
  • Even if I'm not really accepting new threads, I will try to make room for important family threads.
  • I will not do Preybot threads; sorry.
  • I do not do LASKY threads, aside from when testing my own new characters out.

2.  Active Characters




  • None

3.  Inactive Characters

4.  Guestbook

  • Hi Amanda I made you a guestbook because I specifically wanted to say HI SOULTWIN YOU ARE TOO WONDERFUL TO NOT HAVE A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE CAN EXPRESS THEIR UNDYING LOVE mmkay so here you are *pets you* *pets your brain* u r my muse - San
  • Amanda is best thing and wants all my bois. She has lovely characters and writes pretty werds that make my heart happy. -Stormie