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  • How Old: Ancienne
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PM — Brocade Valentine

  • PM communication is strongly preferred for plots and anything you want me to remember.
    • It may take me a few days or longer to reply to a PM I've read. Thank you for your patience <3
    • Reminder PMs are encouraged!

Discord — Amanda8196

  • This is my primary chat client.
  • I am kinda scatterbrained so reminder pings on DMs are very welcome.





This is a WIP because WIKI-ING IS HARD - Huge thank you so San for letting me steal her coding <3

Hi! I have been a member of Souls on and off for the past 4 or 5 years - and I am always happy to plot away! If you need someone to help you achieve a corank, or to brainstorm in regards to a specific story arc, I am your girl!

I am currently a Leader of New Caledonia and also am a Maintenance Aide!

Posting information

  • My reply times are varied but typically slow. When I do post I tend to do so in 'blocks' spitting out a bunch of posts over a short period of time. Due to my work schedule I mostly post Friday-Sunday.
  • I will write light violence and light sexual themes. Please note I will not write mature themed threads with under age (under 18) members. Sorry!
  • I generally accept minor powerplay. My preference is that you go ahead and write the PP, and I will PM if anything is out of order.
  • For deaths or major injuries or major conflicts, I prefer that you discuss with me beforehand.

'Souls History

  • I was a sub-leader of Sapient in 2015.
  • (San note: Amanda, you were definitely a moderator at some point!)
  • (San note: You should mention how you're also a maintenance aide lmao)


Brocade Valentine

  • Salsola Director
  • cNPC: Torin de le Poer

Odalis Amaranthe

  • Salsola Indentured Servant
  • cNPC: None

Symre Rask


  • New Caledonia High King
  • cNPC: Vodeva

Future Characters

NPC (y/a/cNPC)

Off Board NPC Onubans





  • Hi Amanda I made you a guestbook because I specifically wanted to say HI SOULTWIN YOU ARE TOO WONDERFUL TO NOT HAVE A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE CAN EXPRESS THEIR UNDYING LOVE mmkay so here you are *pets you* *pets your brain* u r my muse - San
  • Amanda is best thing and wants all my bois. She has lovely characters and writes pretty werds that make my heart happy. -Stormie
  • gingerly smooches this page -Despi
  • -licks all over everything- Gen
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