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The Queendom of Salsola

The above linked page is an overview of the whole of the Thistle Kingdom.

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The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.
Longterm aNPC Salsolan characters end up here.

Familial Houses

Read more about Salsola's hereditary Houses and their importance as IC flavor. Find out if your character is a member of an esteemed House today!

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Opening summary, to include significance, construction, project leader, building placement, and building layout

Though the War Room is often associated with the Shield and the Kingdom’s fighter-types, it currently houses many of the Kingdom’s spoils, from wars to skirmishes and smaller conflicts, to great or rare hunts, to other notable moments within the Kingdom’s history. Trophies must have a significant meaning to the Kingdom, not just a single individual. For example, the sword of the leader of a group that harassed Salsola as a whole would be acceptable; the sword of a single, random, trespassing Loner would not be.


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1.  Inventory

Items and Use

  • All members are encouraged to give items over to Salsola as a whole. Contributing communal-use items is seen as a gain for Salsola, and can result in positive opportunities for your character.
  • Salsola adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  • Please update the item quantity if you contribute to it. Alternatively, add a new entry if what you’re donating is not already listed! If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

1.1  Trophies & Marks

Image Item Item Description & Significance


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Painted Wolf Skull
  • A wolf skull that is in relatively good condition and is painted.
  • Significance:


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  • Description
  • Significance:
    • ---

1.2  Weaponry

Item Amount Tags Item Description & Notes


Bracers x05 pairs [RE!]
  • Bracers, made from leather with cord ties or simple buckle fastens; meant to protect one’s forearm
Collars x01 [RE!]
  • Collars, thick in width, made from leather with cord ties or simple buckle fastens; meant to protect one’s neck.
Gauntlets x01 pairs [RE!]
  • Gauntlets, made from leather with simple buckle fastens; meant to protect one’s knuckles, hand, wrist, and lower forearm
Pauldrons x01 pairs [RE!]
  • Pauldrons, made from leather with simple buckle fastens; meant to protect one’s arm pit, shoulder, and shoulder joint. Some may also cover portions of the back or chest.
Tassets x01 [RE!]
  • Tassets, made from sections of hide, leather, or metal, secured to one’s waist via a belt; meant to protect one’s hips and groin

Bladed Weapons

Axes, battle x01 [RE!]
  • Traditional axes, made with a metal head and wooden handle; best wielded with two hands to maximize striking power, however, can also be done with one
Axes, battle (two-handed) x01 [RE!]
  • Long-handled axes, made with a metal head and wooden handle; larger handle and requires two hands to properly wield
Axes, throwing x01 pairs [RE!]
  • Paired axes, made with a metal head and wooden handle; smaller and shorter handle, lighter in weight, and balanced for throwing purposes
Daggers x05 [RE!]
  • Daggers, made from antler, bone, or metal.
  • Additional notes:
    • Similar to a knife, however, the tip of a dagger ends in a point, and is best used as a stabbing weapon
Knives x05 [RE!]
  • Knives, made from antler, bone, or metal.
  • Additional notes:
    • Similar to a dagger, however, knives typically have one cutting edge, have a rounded edge that comes to a point, and is primarily used for cutting and slicing, though, can be used for stabbing
Swords x05 [RE!]
  • Swords, made of metal.

Blunt (melee) Weapons

Clubs x01 [RE!]
  • Clubs, generally made of thick, strong wood with the striking end being larger than the handle end. Some may have additional add-ons, such as stones or spikes.

Polearms & Staffs

Spears x05 [RE!]
  • Spears, made with an antler, bone, metal, or stone spearhead and wooden shaft
Staffs x02 [RE!]
  • Staffs, made of thick hardwood (ex. oak, maple, ash, pine) of varying lengths

Ranged Weapons

Arrows Large supply [NT!]
  • Arrows, wood shaft with arrowheads made from antler, bone, stone, or, more rarely, metal
Bows, hunting x04 [RE!]
  • Hunting bows, made from ash, hickory, or birch wood
  • Additional notes:
    • Hunting bows allow for a quicker draw, easier storage, and more versatile usage in tight quarters. They can be easily used from horseback with the proper training. They are not as powerful as longbows, and do not shoot as far.
Bows, long x02 [RE!]
  • Longbows, made from oak, hickory, maple, or elm wood
  • Additional notes:
    • Longbows require more strength to draw, and are slower than a hunting bow. What they lack in speed and versatility, however, they make up for in power and distance.
Slings x01 [RE!]
  • Slings, made with a small cradle/pouch in the middle of two lengths of cord
  • Additional notes:
    • Capable of multiple different projectiles, though, stones are often best suited and more readily available


Shields x03 [RE!]
  • Shields, made of thick wood, wood with metal finishes, or metal

1.3  Supplies

Note: As these supplies are generally intended to remain at and be used by the War Room, they are not available for trade. For a more expansive inventory of tradable items, see Salsola's Storage page.

Item Amount Item Description & Notes


Flint stones Small supply
  • Used for starting fires
Oil Small supply
  • Used for maintenance on wood weaponry (significantly, bows)
Torches Small supply
  • Constructed of a thick stick with one end wrapped with a pitch-soaked rag
Whetstones Small supply
  • Used for sharpening blades
  • Lubricate with water before beginning sharpening process


Blankets Medium supply
  • Various blankets made of sheep wool, goat cashmere wool, or animal pelts; used for warmth and comfort for those staying in the barracks
Bowls Small supply
  • Wooden bowls used for meals for those staying in the barracks
Dried meat Large supply
  • Used as quick and easy-access food in absence of raw or cooked meat or food being immediately available
Parchment & Charcoal Medium supply
  • Used for notes or messages
Pots Small supply
  • Metal pots used for cooking for those staying in the barracks
Wax stamp x02
  • Generic, blank stamp made from metal
  • Used for sealing messages
Wax sticks Small supply
  • Used for sealing messages
  • Heat over flame, apply stamp (generic or personal) to hot wax, and allow to dry to seal

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