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The Thistle Kingdom (Territory)

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The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.

» Longterm aNPCs may eventually be moved here.
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Salsola Rank Portal
  • Mouse-over things liberally — there are tool tips abounds to help you remember what's what!
  • Open Characters are listed as such — they're adoptable and in need of a player! You can obtain 75 game points in Salsola by adopting one. Typically, you can find information about an adoptable by visiting their profile link.
  • NPCs are notated by italics. Pack NPCs (pNPC) maybe roleplayed with. See pNPC RP Info for more information.
  • - Indicates a current co-rank occupant, hover to see what co-rank is held.
  • - Indicates a mateship, hover to see to who.
The Crone
The Serfs
Heulwen Chatham (cNPC) --- ---

Co-Ranks (Jobs)
  • Jobs InformationClaim a Job
  • Hover over names for Job description
  • Italicized title with ⬪ indicates the Job is a Fluid Job – otherwise known as a highly specialized job. These are unable to be usurped and are limited to one (1) character.
  • Italicized name indicates a cNPC
Ancella Artisto Chiromante
Odalis Iverness Morgana
Cocinero Condivisore Corriere
--- Odalis ---
Creatore Curandero Custode
--- Argive ---
Historiador Linguista Profumiere
Idrieus --- ---
Reclutador Sarto Scenografo
--- Lyra ---
Segno Tutore Visagisto
Grievous, Egregore --- Angora
Elphaba, Morgana, Eden, Azalea, Velour, Mogis, Deirdra, Angora
Assassino Cavalleria Cecchino
Kamari, Egregore Whisper Tattersall
Collettore Diablo Difensore
--- Arius ---
Informatore Istruttore Milite
O'Riley, Kamari, Azalea, Mirko --- Krios, Brocade, Casimir, Tattersall, Wrath
Selvaggio Vedetto Veleno
--- Brocade, Kamari, Krios, Morrow, Grisha Argive
Artesano Birraio Boticario
Innokentiy, Angora, Yuki Lexus Lexus
Cartografo Cazador Conserje
Grisha O'Riley Lyra
Falconiere Incendiario Ladro
Yuki Arius ---
Libro Guardiano Macellaio Mandriano
Idrieus --- ---
Mercante Mietitore Nostromo
--- Deirdra ---
Pescador Spazzino Vaquero
--- --- Whisper

See our Pack Game wiki for more information.
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Game Scores
Aidan Blacksun 10
Anders Holt 165
Arius de le Ulrich 25
Angora Valentine 155
Argive Hemlock 973
Azalea Eternity 1,060
Brocade Valentine 362
Casimir Soul 154
Clementine Salcedo 593
Deirdra de le Ulrich 80
Eden de le Ulrich 94
Egregore Prizmov 18
Elphaba Revlis 316
Grisha Darkleaf 137
Idrieus Eternity 379
Indigo Eternity 15
Innokentiy Prizmov 227
Iverness de le Ulrich 61
Kamari Kaiser 2,517
Krios Revlis 769
Lexus Whitlock 0
Lyra Salcedo 22
Mogis Meloy 10
Monet Firestone 100
Odalis 2
O’Riley Eternity 32
Rosemary Winsor 50
Sabriel Kali 98
Salvia Eternity 0
Silas del Morte 17
Syrus de le Ulrich 82
Tattersall Valentine 0
Whisper Eternity 67
Wrath 287

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